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In the Dog HOUSE

He went, with no ceremony, into the dog house where he belonged.

You see our demented/deranged/damn dog has decided that, after 11 years in our house, he’s a furniture dog. I can assure you we are most decidedly not furniture dog people so he has been met with a heavy/harsh/appropriate disciplinary action.

First occurrence he woke our granddaughter up at night when he pushed his way, through her closed but not firmly latched door, into the bedroom. I gave him the benefit of the doubt as he does love her so I thought maybe he just wanted to be close to her.

But then, not once but twice, the first person to the main floor in the am found him on the bed in that room. The dog who struggles to get into the passenger part of the truck is suddenly able to jump onto the bed. So, seems that door doesn’t latch well, we put a chair and the doll stroller on the bed. Which he proceeded to knock off so they were put more strategically on the bed.

Strange noise one night after we’ve gone to bed. I just couldn’t figure it out so quietly, as one can in a creaky old house, snuck downstairs. Yep he’s sitting up in the chair by the computer. It’s not a big chair and he wasn’t looking comfy but there he was, big as life, in a friggin chair.

So blocked into the porch that night. And he refused to stay put and jumped over the bench. Same said dog that somedays doesn’t want to go for a walk. He didn’t get disciplined for that transgression as I slept through it.

The end of a beautiful fall evening saw an early (to us) hit tub around 10:15. He came outside as per his usual. He met me at the back door to come inside seems the stairs are too hard for him to get up — really?

I then went up to bed, Ron did the hot tub stuff and came upstairs. I heard this commotion so went downstairs. He had come upstairs to find the dog on the couch. The dog who has mobility issues.

So now he he’s only allowed out into the main area when we are around. But last night he decided to get past the blockade at the swinging kitchen door. Not once, nope not even twice. The third time I’d had enough and sent him packing to the outdoors. Tonight Ron has brought in big stones to put in front of the door. He’s got to learn where he is and isn’t allowed.

We just don’t understand, why after 11 years he’s decided he needs to be on the furniture. He has a decent bed and his spot of preference in the house is on the hard wood floor in the kitchen. Is he truly getting demented? He’s not making us happy dog owners that’s for sure. Although on the positive side there have been no “accidents”.



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

8 thoughts on “In the Dog HOUSE

  1. Hi, Berne – I know that this is not fun for you — but I do love your dog’s spunk and determination.
    I know that he is not a Great Dane, but that breed is famous for lying on furniture because of joint issues. So my original thoughts were the same as Deb’s — although I know his behaviours don’t prove this theory consistently.
    You must admit, he did give you an awesome blog post!

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    1. His actions though – fav spot to lie in the day. Kitchen floor. His actions though – hard to do the stairs (yes his hips are getting old) but can jump onto the couch? Same muscle groups so his actions don’t support the theory. One would think he couldn’t even get up onto the couch or bed. Attention seeking – no as he does it when we aren’t around. The vet says sometimes old dogs do weird things.

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  2. Is this the old dog, new tricks thing or has he reverted to puppyhood? I am chuckling, picturing him sitting in the chair at the computer surfing the web. Hope is is a fast learner, as the cooler weather is approaching….Allan


    1. Not sure which it is but none of it is appreciated. The stones blocked the door but then he scratches and whined. This is getting old.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting Allan. Hope you have a good weekend.

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