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There have been tears this week. The pandemic has faded to the background as Canada had faced another terror.

The tragic event in Nova Scotia strikes all of us. Definitely not as it strikes those 22 families but it does hit home. We live in a country that feels safe and yet at this moment you realize it could be anywhere in Canada. It is conceivable for it to be in your own province even though it feels surreal when it happens.

For me this has hit close to my memory banks. It’s pulled back the onion skin layers that held my work life together and brought with it some flashbacks. At the time of these events I coped and yet, right now, the news and the photos can reduce me to tears. But I watch because I want to honour those that died. Not watching or reading is easy but it’s important that we pay attention.

This is obviously an early drawing as it only has 18 pairs of shoes. I couldn’t find the one I saw on the news tonight.

I felt Canada’s healing arms tonight though. I hope those in Nova Scotia could feel the love as well. It was pulled together to help highlight the importance of giving to Canada’s food banks.

It showed the silver lining of the pandemic here at home. That we can pull together. Unsung heroes were serenaded tonight. Talent from coast to coast to coast were pulled in to give a take from all parts of our great country.

Kudos to the 3 producers that pulled it together.

It’s taken me a week to rebalance and try to sort out my emotions. It’s taken some tears and hugs, a couple of long quiet walks. It’s taken a while for the words to flow again. The words won’t change what happened but they do, in my tiny way, pay tribute to those lives that were so impacted.



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

4 thoughts on “#StrongerTogether#TousEnsemble

  1. Thanks for sharing B. This is well said. So important to actually FEEL our emotions right now. And as always… so thankful for Canada.


    1. I have felt a huge variety of them and as you know guilt is the hardest one to let go of. Sadness for Nova Scotia was muchly evident last week for me. This week brings new challenges and emotions. Thanks for reading and stopping in to leave a comment. Hugs to you my dear front linest of front liners.♥️


  2. Well said Bernie. I was so impressed with the warmth and hope inspired by this show. Canada is an amazing country with a lot of talented, caring people and that really shone through last night. Stay well. Allan


    1. For me Allan it wasn’t just the great talent. It was that they highlighted stories of the average Canadian going above and beyond. Like the little 7 year old in Quebec. Or the teacher in the north. Or like with the nova Scotia crisis the guy who made 22 maple leafs and a Mountie and then added one little maple leaf for the unborn baby. These people pull our country together.
      I feel too safe and secure sitting out here in rural Saskatchewan. I feel like I should be volunteering to do something other than phone people and connect with them. But then I think – perhaps given my age group (barely though as I am 61 and very healthy) I should just do what they want and stay home. I guess it comes from being in a giving profession. I’ve always stepped up when there is a need but not so this time.
      Thanks for stopping in and commenting. Hope you two are staying well.

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