One Friend Can Change Your Whole Life


Sept 19, 1959 — I was 9 months old and my life changed forever that day.

There are several predispositions in your life that you can’t change like where you were born and to whom. I wouldn’t change those factors if I could as that’s what shaped the fabric of my soul.

One huge factor is my oldest and dearest friend. She is actually younger than I am so usually corrects me when I call her my oldest friend. How about my forever friend?

IMG_6274.JPGGosh we were cute!

I am occasionally surprised that we made it through childhood and adolescence as friends. We were both rather bossy although we prefer “determined” as a more fitting word. She was a born teacher. Her early math skills, I believe, lead to a lot of lopsided monopoly games! Although that might have been levelled out by the fact that I occasionally bent the rules when she wasn’t looking. We spent birthdays together and even shared houses when we were both sick. We were always in the same class, we curled together and were both in band (she could play and I went along), we wore our CGIT uniforms with pride. We didn’t actually get into many shenanigans together as teenagers as her beau David was older and wiser and so she behaved. She is the reason I made it to nursing as she taught me grade 12 chemistry — imagine being smart enough to teach your friend as you learned it yourself!

Our paths split when we left small town Sask to further our educations. But we never grew apart despite living apart since 1977. Our connection is “hard wired” and instantly reconnected by being together, texting, writing or calling.

Truly she is one of my best blessings and I’m so pleased to share our story here on her 55th birthday. Best wishes for today and for many more years. Cathy — One friend who changed my life.


— I had several more great pictures but just couldn’t upload them tonight for some reason that I can’t decipher. Ah tried one last time and bingo!!

IMG_6267-0.JPGWedding day smiles.

2 thoughts on “One Friend Can Change Your Whole Life

  1. Lorna Gardiner Tolley September 19, 2016 / 12:09 pm

    What a lovely tribute, Bernie! And I loved the picture of your “oldest” friend sitting on her Dad’s knee.


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