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Cape Spear

We’ve now been to the most eastern spot in North America. Trust me that it was a lot warmer when we were on the most western tip of Europe! Portugal in the spring isn’t quite like Newfoundland in the same season!

We found Parks Canada red chairs today but we had to work for them. Considering we had snow and a wind straight from the North Atlantic Ocean it’s a wonder we made it but that sunshine at 1 degree made it all doable. Seriously if it had been 1 degree with rain we wouldn’t have made either of those walks with that wind. But yes we are as cold as we look in both these photos. And yes we realize we need to work on the “selfie” game!

Cape Spears is still a working light house. An older one remains intact and is open during the “season”. It’s been over 400 years that ships have needed beacons to guide them into harbour and away from danger zones. That’s just so old compared to the settlement on the prairies.

Another main function of Cape Spear was as a defensive zone during both the world wars. The guns were hidden in bunkers and some sections remain although obviously not intact.

As the crow flies it’s probably not that far to St. John’s but the weather wasn’t conducive to spending much time on the east coast trail. We’d love to come back some time and spend some time hiking along the coast line. It was so incredibly windy that the waves were just crashing. The swells must have been over 10 feet.

We had taken the scenic route out through Petty Harbour and Maddox Cove. The fishing boats were all in and very colourful alongside the fishing shack but we thought the second site was quite unique.

All in all a very enjoyable side trip and worth the time.



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