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Signal Hill and Cabot Trail

We stood steeped in history as we walked up Signal Hill. It is one of the most iconic sites in Canada and yet the years haven’t changed it.

The land itself is ancient, rough and appears barren. It belies the knowledge and skill of those explorers, of all nationalities, that they found their way here and settled. Newfoundland, established in 1497.

The hill stands sentinel over the harbour. There has been a light house across the opening for as long as there has been a fort on top of the hill. The fabric of the harbour and the types of ships has obviously changed but the view remains the same. In the forefront in the next hill are the big guns on Battery Road. This port has been front and centre in protecting Canada before they were even part of Canada.

As it’s a National Park that means Red Chairs! Now there was a small catch in that the two sets of them happened to be down a trail that sort of appeared closed. But we heard via the grapevine that it was just one little section that didn’t have stairs and so it was still doable. The climb down was easier than the climb up!

It was a LOT of stairs but at least the wind was at our back and we quit being so cold. Despite the sunshine it kept snowing these big flakes.

The most surprising part was that the tower was open. It was just the main floor, which is the gift shop, and wasn’t the stairs to the top part but it was open! So we actually found some gifts and a souvenir for ourselves. The details of this plaque blew me away. Commenced in Queen Victoria’s 60th year of her reign and on the 400th anniversary of John Cabot’s trip to Newfoundland. The year — 1897!

The outside of the building is in amazing shape and the stone is such a fabulous colour. It’s very well kept for a building finished in 1900.

A very worthwhile destination. The amount of hiking trails on the hill alone make us want to go back to explore more.



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