Cape Spear

We’ve now been to the most eastern spot in North America. Trust me that it was a lot warmer when we were on the most western tip of Europe! Portugal in the spring isn’t quite like Newfoundland in the same season! Continue reading


I can’t find that illusive opening paragraph that draws the reader in so perhaps I’ll just let the pictures do the talking. Continue reading

June Beauty

I’m very fond of January which isn’t a statement most people make but perhaps June is my favorite. I’m all about the sunlight and June just can’t be topped for that. It’s like the light goes on and on and on! I’m like a school age child and never want to go to bed because it is still light out. 

These next two are from a walk that we finished after 10 one evening this week. The moon has been stellar this week, the twilight lingers on and on and then the morning sun starts peeking out so early. 

The plus to all that sun is that everything is growing like crazy! We could certainly use some serious rain but even so it’s all very green except for the trees. They are just plain ugly. Fortunately the worst of the caterpillars seems to be over. 

But the flowers and plants are a looking worth a few photos. I’m not sure what a couple of them are but the colours and textures are wonderful! The last one has only been growing for a few months but we will enjoy watching this little beauty pop up. 



Cracking up 

This could be a post about how funny certain days of the week are at work. Or it could be a post about how Rick Mercer cracks me up. 

In reality it is a post about climate change and the effects I notice. Like how it’s mid February and the ice on the big pond, not just the little ones, is heaving and breaking up. Less than 2 weeks ago it was so brittle cold and now it’s so warm that the little snow we had has gone. Like it’s April not February. It’s melting in the trees and the coulée. 

Technically it’s still winter so it should be blue skies, cold and he ground white as can be. -10 is ideal but -30 is ok. Did I mention there should be snow? Our sbow shoes sit on the dirt by the back door.

It stresses the trees out in a huge way to have these mega warm days.  Without the snow cover crop, pasture and hay land will be dry come spring. Three snow falls is not enough. Meanwhile Halifax and the east coast continues to dig out from a crazy volume of snow. Vancouver has probably had more snow than us this year. 

The skating pond is totally unsafe now. The thaw meant that the bench is now frozen about 6″ into the water. Won’t be going anywhere till it thaws again and we have rubber boots on.

In the meantime I shake my head at idiots who believe climate change isn’t real. For heavens sake they were talking about it back in England at the Royal Exhibit in 1851. It’s real. Ask anyone who has lived in the same location for 50 years and they will tell you how the weather has changed. Makes me wonder what the prairies will look like in another 100 years. Will the dust bowl of the 1930’s return. 

All I want is for some snow and  sunshine to return this winter.