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Maple Syrup Trail

It’s always the quandary. Wait for that perfect photo or just accept what I have? In the end the wall paper made my decision. Which seems weird but that is how it rolled. Or perhaps I should say that’s how it unrolled. 

3 years ago we bought an older trailer and set about redoing it. Mostly cosmetic stuff. We watched a few YouTube videos and The Engineer can figure out most anything so we set about the projects. In fact I was so excited about the project that I created its own blog, So if you’re bored and want the background story you can find it

If you aren’t bored and don’t want to follow the link the short version is I designed the quilt around the wallpaper we hung in the bedroom. Which went up relatively easy and in the winter it took itself down. In an ugly big clump that was not salvageable.  But I did not know this when I started sewing.

As quilters go I don’t have much of a “stash”  but I did buy a lot (for me) of  material during Canada’s sesquicentennial.  There was such a variety that year of Canadian themed material, which is very unusual, so I bought bits and pieces which is very unusual for me.  I truly had no plan for it until we got the trailer.

So late winter I found a pattern I liked and then modified it. I went out, with that specific wall paper, and bought the 2 materials that I needed to complete the quilt and set to work. It went together fairly easily but I must say that working with panels is not my favorite way to make a quilt. Some of those panel pictures were not square nor the same size and in quilting that all matters.

The process of creating a quilt

It turned out really well and I am so pleased with the piecing of it and the colours. As a treat to myself I took it to a long arm quilter to be sandwivhrd and quilted. I asked if she had any patterns with a maple leaf. She did and it is called maple syrup.  Hence the name of the quilt —  Maple Syrup Trail. So now this gorgeous quilt keeps us warm at night while we camp.

Imagine this with the perfect wallpaper…

As an aside I’ve decided that we should find each of the 16 locations on the panels and take a photo there. Then do a picture collage up for the opposite wall. Now we won’t do drive to them all in the camper but still it seems like a cool aspiration. We already have a couple photos in the very old archives. We were just discussing our trip to Buchart Gardens with our daughter. She was either 3 or 4 at the time and she recalls the fireworks that we attended there. So that’s 30 years! The Calgary Stampede one would likely predate that although I feel quite sort of certain we did go once with the kids as young teenagers if memory hasn’t failed me.

I do have one last item to complete on the quilt. I have not yet attached a label to it and as my cousin always reminds me that’s a vital aspect to quilting. I can always hope someday this will be considered a family heirloom, memories woven into the fabric of beach time, firepits and card games.



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

26 thoughts on “Maple Syrup Trail

  1. A quilt full of memories … beautiful!
    I was pulled in by the title of your post because we have been having a lot of maple syrup lately – a friend brought some back to Singapore and we’ve had it with not only pancakes & waffles, but with toast and butter as well.


    1. Ah maple syrup – it’s so good. If you have any left try it on vanilla ice cream. So good!! Thanks for the lovely compliment about the quilt and for stopping by. Bernie


      1. I used up our special syrup brought back from Montreal on a batch of granola (sooooo yummy!). But I do still have our regular MacDonalds brand which we do stock. I will have it with my yogurt this morning. To be tried with vanilla ice cream (thanks for the tip!)

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah that’s the rub Janis. This wall paper slid off the wall and collapsed into an ugly jumbo. Thanks for the compliment about the quilt. It’s really great when something turns out just as you imagined it. Bernie


    1. Ah thanks Deb. I might put it in the next quilt show here. Of course that’s assuming it stays clean enough. That’s the thing with camping…it’s fun not the cleanest place!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Looks beautiful Bernie! Somehow I missed the story about the wallpaper removing itself but it just adds to the memories! Enjoy your travels.🪩🇨🇦


    1. We only realized about the wallpaper a couple of weeks ago when Ron went to summarize the trailer. We did try to salvage some but no go. Now trying to decide if we look for the same stuff and glue it on or something different. Thanks for reading and stopping by with a lovely compliment about the quilt.


    1. Ah thanks! Not sure about you but I sure don’t do full sized quilts very often. A lot more work than a baby or lap size! So pleased with how it turned out. Bernie


    1. Susan. You are so right that often all we see are the issues that no one else notices. As creative people we need to build ourselves up not tear ourselves down. Thanks for the read and the lovely comment. Bernie


    1. Ah thanks Jane. It does indeed feel good and I was excited to share this post for the same reason! Admiration time. It’s not perfect for sure but I am so pleased with it. Bernie

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It seems like a significant amount more work than a lap quilt. The binding took me the morning to create and sew on. Good thing I had forced quiet time to get the hand stitching done.


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