Apparently I have been a bit remiss as a new grandparent in the blogging world. Those that know me well wonder why there seems to be so little posted about Baby A.

I am two things. First off I am totally thrilled and over the moon to be a “Nan” or “Gran” or “Gramma”. I don’t care what she calls me as long as my kisses and hugs surround her. So far she and I are off to a great start on that front. I stop in for cuddles and baths and the odd feeding. I am, occasionally, helpful to momma and dad which is really why grandparents are supposed to show up. But mostly I’m there so Baby A and I can bond.

Second off I am trying to respect both Baby A’s and her mother’s request for privacy. Now that was the case in the first week but since then I’ve felt reluctant to parade tons of photos through all my feeds. Maybe I’m not sharing well or maybe I’m trying to find that elusive balance.

I know that I Broke those rules  most days when I blog. I also find that when I share a lot in this public forum that my friends always seem to know my new stories. I won’t give up blogging though as I love putting pen to paper (as it was once and I don’t think that the saying has evolved yet) and recording my thoughts and feelings. Having said that I don’t like going too overboard. I follow a blog where the writer is a nurse, farmer’s wife and mother. She does a ton of advocacy for children’s health and for agriculture as a whole but she also blogs every child’s every milestone. Another blog I follow usually has her children modeling their clothes (that she sews them) with backs to the camera. My son’s friend posted a pregnancy photo but then no news long past the due date. I finally had to ask if the baby had been born and if everything was ok. Apparently their child won’t be appearing on social media at all. One of my young colleagues said she doesn’t care that she’s turning Facebook into Babybook as she’s so in love and wants to share. 

So you see what I’m trying to achieve. First off she’s not totally “mine” to share and secondly I want some balance in both the blog and their privacy. Tonight though my daughter publicly shared their newborn photos which I’m choosing to share a few here on the blog (with her permission). It’s a tough job narrowing down the great photos to chose from! 

Bernie (aka Nan)

2 thoughts on “Remiss

  1. MamboJam March 17, 2017 / 2:45 pm

    oh my! Crazy cute! Such beautiful photos!


  2. Georgina March 7, 2017 / 2:28 pm

    those pictures are beautiful!


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