Socks and Brushes with DN’s favs

I hate socks. That’s both the long and the short of this. 

On the weekend I was thinking about my friends blog while I was washing up a paintbrush. One of her latest posts can be found here  below. The link wouldn’t carry over like usual but I think you will find it underneath here. Turns out some of her favourite work tools are also mine; like the onion church one!

I’m re-learning my Canadian OR language, and asking for snaps and rakes and no longer having to remember to alter my accent when I say tourniquet or cefazolin. I still insist on calling it the Theatre a lot of the time. But I didn’t really realize how far away I’d been from home until they […]

via These are a Few of my Favourite Things — Have Bone-Saw, Will Travel

This lead me to thinking about another blog I follow and how that writer did a post about being a Disney ambassador. Reading between the lines it seems like it’s an endorsement trip and some of your stuff is complementary. That blog host regularly reviews things that she’s been sent for free. I often wonder what they would do if her opinion didn’t jive with their expectations.

Which lead me to thinking, all this while still washing the paint brush, about what a fabulous paint brush cleaner I was using. Then a few minutes later I was folding laundry and paired my favourite socks up.

I have always disliked socks. Least favourite piece of clothing. They never stay up and the quality of them is so inferior that holes seem to appear almost instantly. Not so with the Darn Tough socks. They are amazing. I asked for a pair last Christmas because I’m too cheap to pay $25 for a pair of socks. Yes really. But now I realize they are worth the money. It’s been 14 months and I wear only these socks so they’ve had lots of wash and lots of wear. They are standing up on my leg and holding up without holes. They are so darn tough I went and spent my own money on a second pair . I went all out with these ones and bought black. I’m not about to approach the company though as my blog is solely my opinions. AND sometimes I’m not all that politically correct.

But what about the paint brush cleaner you ask. I love painting but it’s long been known that I’d be environmentally unfriendly and throw out every brush if I wasn’t so cheap.

But this stuff is like amazing! My on line shopping daughter bought if for me for my stocking at Christmas after I coveted hers. It changed my painting life and means I no longer dread clean up. I have no idea what’s in it but it’s pretty impressive.

In a world with so many negatives I just wanted to post about these two products that make me happy.

That’s all.


PS. Check out more of the Have Bone Saw Will Travel Posts — she is funny and smart!!

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