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Fresh Trails – Take 3 

Literally fresh trails in the snow. Conditions varied from  crusty from the wind to soft in the trees. The dog, of course, made his own trail. There were loads of rabbit and bird tracks. It’s fabulous that the super cold weather has broken. 


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Fresh trails -Take 1 

Fresh trails up ahead 

Uncharted territory 

Creative pathways 

Hidden holes and creeks 

Meandering progress still 

Confidently go

Gauge prosperity 

In all those special moments 

Not by an account 

Just go for the joy 

See beyond the obvious 

Find the dinosaur 

Fresh trails on take one 

New season coming here soon 

It’s all perspective 


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 Manifest 2017 

The year typically starts with resolutions; which people then forget or struggle to maintain. 

I’ve personally spent the last few years using a focus word. I used balance for two years as I couldn’t find any! Then I switched to moderation as I don’t tend to go half way on anything and always commit big time. 

I was chilling out on a work break the other day and used

 a social media quiz site. Heck it has as much luck of guessing what my year ahead will look like as I do! I’m assuming that it uses key words of posts to pick up traits etc.

So in the end I gave it three whirls. 

Now I ponder 2017 and what kind of aspirations and activities to plan for the year. Perhaps I should be confident in my creativity and that would allow me to prosper? Or I could be confident that I will prosperity and quit my job for creative time. Hm. 

Who saw what 2016 had in store? Not me so while we can plan ahead and make lists we just don’t know. 

I’ll probably skip moderation because sometimes you have to roll up your sleeves and “do it”. I’ll keep my focus on the items below and try to maintain some balance as I approach opportunities. 

  • Health
  • Family
  • Fitness 


Just read an article that my ER Doc buddy posted; kind of speaks to the resolutions and how to live a healthy lifestyle. Worth the read — the link is below. 

Choose one for 2017