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A week of squares

Finishing out the month on a string of #walkingsquares. The usual suspects are highlighted; dogs, sunsets, grandkids and rural life.

Fencepost Friday. It was a longer than normal workday. I felt exhausted when I drove down the driveway but the dogs said “let’s go” and 3 kms later I felt better. The sunset was the cake, the beer that followed tbe icing on it.

Sunny Saturday. Awoke to beautiful sunrise and the sunshine stayed all day long! Man I needed that. We walked together, crunching around the pasture. Not enough snow for snowshoes but too much for easy walking. Probably did about 1.5 km but trust me it felt farther. Captured the clouds rolling in at sunset.

Sweet Sunday was definitely that. Warm with no wind but sadly no picture of the walk time.  The Littles arrived at the same time as Uncle and his dogs so off we went. The four humans and the four dogs. No one had on the right footwear so we picked our way here and there. Little Man C walked around with his hands in his pockets and looked so adorable. Young C lost her hands in long sweater. They lkept us in stitches with their running commentary. But alas no pixels to capture this special short .5 km walk.

Moody Monday was indeed that. A trip to the city for assorted appointments was interspaced with a 1.8 km walk around a few blocks in the city with my friend Aimy. I’d hoped to capture a river picture but timing and road/sidewalk conditions meant we weren’t going to make it quite that far. I settled for a picture of the “crooked tree park”.  It was snowing like crazy and footing was a but treacherous but neither of us were worse the wear for our tumble of limbs when we both went down.

Tuesday — hm what word describes this day that starts with a T? Think I will settle for Talkative Tuesday as the outside time involved Young A and some farm chores (taking care of the Littles and the fritters while momma and dad get away for a few days). She was filling me in on the hens, eggs, the turkey and the horses. I was busy teaching her about how to tell if the puppies were getting along (a strong no). We went down to the shop and I pulled the old GT racer back (with her on it!) and then she played happily in the buckets of fresh snow for quite some time.  Again it wasn’t a great distance but we did walk in deep snow although it was quite lovely out at about -9.

Wicked Wednesday without a doubt. Holy snap it got cold quickly with a drop of about 10 degrees. The high today of -19 was also the low and no sun so one cluld pretend it was warmer. There was just the basic amount of time to do chores so again like a measly .5 km. Even Young A was ready to head in and she’s a hearty soul. For whatever reason Little Man C opted to stay inside and play with his trucks. He’s a mischievous type and I lwas longer outside than planned as we had vehicle issues as my other half left to go home.

That’s my #walkingsquares for the last few days of the month. Not the kind of distances I need for a true fitness program for sure but shorter distances for a multitude of reasons. It ebbs and flows in the winter for sure. I’ve also been indoor trainer biking, doing weights and have been steady on aqua fitness 2/week for the last 3 weeks. So all in all I’m moving.

A special thanks to Becky for hosting the #walkingsquares. It’s been my pleasure to participate and hope that my mixed offerings bring some pleasure to those that continue to stay connected with me here.



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

16 thoughts on “A week of squares

  1. Such a cute way to frame a blog post. I love your take on the days of the week and the photos to go with. Dogs playing in the snow, you can never have too many photos of that!


  2. Love your week of squares, Bernie. What province are you in? I think you mentioned SK. I think you did well walking-wise under cold and snowy conditions. Stay safe and well.


    1. Yes I am in Saskatchewan, just outside of Saskatoon. Walking now requires a serious layer of clothing as the Temps have plummeted and that wind…. 🥺. Thanks for reading about my week of squares and stopping in to comment Natalie. Bernie

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    1. And it keeps coming although now it has gotten significantly colder than normal so probably no snow for a while. Good to hear from you and thanks for appreciating my post. Bernie

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  3. What a gorgeous sunset and sunrise. We could sure use some sun these days. It’s been pretty overcast and gloomy outside. Thankfully it hasn’t been as cold as what you’re dealing with. Stay warm out there!!


    1. Yeah sun has been very sparse here as well Linda. November is my least favourite time of year for that reason. Temp has really dropped and it’s snowed a fair bit so now the sun should shine!!

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    1. Ah thanks Pam. It was a lovely chance to share some of my real life and my regular walking companions. Sure wish I had captured the Littles at some point in the 3 days but that’s the way it went. I just had to paint those pictures with words. Bernie

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the link in your wrap up blog. It truly was my pleasure to share my walks. It seems like such a simple thing but look at the connections and joy it brings to us all. Take care of yourself and keep walking. Bernie

      Liked by 1 person

      1. My pleasure for the link, I always like to connect everythone. Hopefully the next squares I will be able to achieve my usual multiple galleries


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