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Cat & Mouse meets Clear as Mud

Having spent the last few days in self isolation playing a reverse cat and mouse game where no ones wants to tag the other I am now in a new limbo. That of the “clear as mud” camp where no ones knows what to do with me … almost in a literal sense. Let me explain.

It gives me a better understanding of false news that’s for sure.

According to my provincial health authority (811 where I was first in line both calls — which I found interesting) I can stop self isolating after 5 days so yesterday morning I could resume my life. No restrictions. Seems easy right? Straightforward even….

But because I am a healthcare provider I can not return to work until I test negative. Which I get because one doesn’t want to compromise the patient’s health but I could test positive for a long time. And of course there are tons of office workers and management (I won’t Rant! anymore because I no longer work inside that system) that have zero patient contact so do they stay home? There is a staff inservice this afternoon about stuff I need to stay informed on but I can’t go. No patients around and fully masked and free to roam the malls but not the equipment hallway.

But (here I go again) the dentist will see me 48 hours after my symptoms are gone. Which I feel was today but how do they know. They assume a fair but of risk that the public will play fair.

The acupuncture doc has never stopped masking and neither have his patients. Cutting down the risk (assuming of course that everyone is not just using their masks for hours on end).

I was the lone mask wearer (I’m quite certain that’s not a word) at the grocery store. I also felt quite comfortable going out because the guideline say I can but the mask is an additional layer as is sanitizer asking we enter stores and our vehicles (good reminder about that from my cousin which echoes a news report with a doctor).

But (is this getting confusing yet?) the immuno comprised shed virus for longer than 10 days. The old guidelines for everyone were 14 days but science changed that although I know some who still wait that long. That’s not me so I should be good to go after my 5 days but it seems not everyone buys that you can resume life without a negative rapid test (on a PCR test positive results can occur 3+ months which is why you have immunity). Did you know they are now swabbing the inside of tbe cheek, the throat and 10 times in the nose — 10 times!! Never mind sciatica — tall about nasal ulcers!!

On the positive side my other half is negative on his 5 days post close contact with me. And I am now just a mild positive after 7 days. I tested merely for curiosity sake as it changes absolutely nothing.

Which really is kind of like this post. It changes nothing and really I just rambled on. Each province has its own guidelines, most people don’t follow them and it’s a free for all. Seems about right doesn’t it?

Finding gratitude in the prelude to winter which wasn’t bad up here as farther south in the province. The puppy still adores snow and I love how it brightens the world. Also huge thankfulness that our spare bed has such a good mattress – makes me want to stay there but apparently I’m missed so that’s a good thing. An even better thing would be a new mattress there. Ah the pros and cons list again… wish me luck. Meanwhile I really really need to stop blogging and procrastinating as I have 2 special Halloween costumes to make.



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

8 thoughts on “Cat & Mouse meets Clear as Mud

  1. The guidelines can be confusing, especially since they’ve been changed so many times. I still wear my mask in certain places, like on transit or when I go to the doctor or for a massage. Glad to hear that you’re feeling well. Best of luck with costume making. My mom used to make all of our costumes every year. The homemade ones are so much better than the stuff found in stores.


    1. The guidelines are confusing and like you I had been masking at grocery stores and crowded spots. But…. I let my guard down and bingo. Lucky me it wasn’t a hard bug to fight probably because I had the last newest shot. As to costumes — dislike thinking of them but I can make them. We host a fundraiser Halloween dance yearly and we either go as doctors in scrubs (borrowed and returned) or farmers in our Carrhartt’s. Not much imagination there…

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  2. Hi, Bernie – I agree that the rules surrounding COVID isolation are extremely confusing and inconsistent. When my husband (first) and I (4 days later) got COVID we were apartment camping in Las Vegas (1 bed, 1 table, 2 kitchen chairs, 2 knives, 2 forks, 2 plates….you get the idea). Being out of the country, away from home and away from our support group made it that much more confusing. In order to fly back home, we needed to had to wait 10 (or more days) after a positive molecular test. Also, because Richard had COVID first and I was trying not to catch it, I slept on my yoga mat for those first four days. I never (ever) want to go through that experience again.
    Wishing you a quick and smooth transition back to your normal life.

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    1. And even more confusing from one country to the next. Holy smokes. Your experience was loads tougher than mine plus you said you were really sick. Hard to eat well and you can’t go out. Man that all sucked. It was way easier to avoid my husband in my setting than yours. I’m totally recovered, hope you are as well. Bernie

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  3. Ahhh, Covid, the gift that keeps on giving. Many think the worst is over and thus take greater risks. We still mask indoors (we are the only ones), still sanitize and still do not eat in crowded restaurants. So far so good, but we need to be careful now as our new Premier (who does not have a seat in our legislature is about to destroy what is left of our healthcare system, while mandating that nobody can discriminate based on vaccine status and that there will never be a lockdown again for any reason. Hmmm, time to move to another province. Hope you get your negative test soon and can return to “normal” Bernie. Alaln


    1. I was hoping to continue to avoid catching it but can’t say I am surprised that I got it having attended a group gathering.
      As to Alberta — yikes. It is going to be interesting to see how it plays out. Perhaps she won’t get elected in her riding? That would be best case scenario but doubt it given the riding location. But where to move?

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