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No Floral Scent

#SundayStills challenge is a real challenge here where not much is blooming at this time of year. So I decided to do a bit of a retrospective floral show with a bit of a surprise twist at the end.

Crocuses have always been one of my favorite flowers. Here on the prairies they are the 1st sign of color and spring. As you can see they are also snow resistant.

I don’t have the greenest of thumb and I grow as many weeds as I do flowers but I can pull together a few photos from past years. It’s a smattering of home grown and travel flowers. I absolutely love the colours. That’s what is so hard at this time of year; the beautiful white snow is gone but the green is not here yet. The pale purple of the crocus is the lone bit of colour in our world so it was wonderful to check out Terri’s Floral themed Sunday Stills and all the other blog links. I enjoyed the “trip” without leaving my home but that is a whole different story.

The surprise twist is a piece of work I am calling “Mother’s Garden”. Last year around this time I accepted a commission (in the loosest sense of that word). My aunt died a couple of years ago. She was a master weaver and very well known in her province for her work. Her daughter and son have given me a box of assorted weaving to use in creating wall hangings for several family members. I have completed 4 of them and a baby quilt. This is the second last one and is for my cousin who now lives in her mother’s house and enjoys the garden that my aunt and uncle created over the years. My cousin and her husband also have a green thumb so that was the inspiration for this piece. It is a combo of her woven items and some thrifted dollie pieces. The purple flower in the top left hand corner was a white piece of her weaving that I died with saskatoons for a connection to their Saskatchewan roots. The flowers all need stems and leaves but it is definitely coming along. Again no scents here but it is a “floral” view just an unusual one.

I hope you enjoy my #Sundaystills no matter what stage your garden or spring/fall is at.

Take care.



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

17 thoughts on “No Floral Scent

  1. Hi Bernie, so good to see you joining in with your take on florals. I love your crocus shots and that weaving is superb! I always enjoy #SundayStills posts that are a bit of a different slant 🙂 I try to think outside the square too.


    1. It’s drab brown here Deb so I had to find something else to focus on. The crocuses are the only bright colours around so the floral in the weaving wall hanging brought in some colour. I have noted that you often think outside the box! Thanks for reading and commenting. It’s so nice to get that sense of community. Bernie

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  2. Those crocus pictures are pretty. I love them too. All the rest of your photos are beautiful too as is the piece your creating out of your aunts weaving. Beautiful and definitely something to treasure.


    1. Thanks Kirstin- nice to have you drop by to read and comment. I do feel like my cousin and her husband will treasurer this piece. Still lots to do on it but will post a pic of it finished. Take care. Bernie


    1. You’ve hit the nail on the head Ally Bean! I often have weeds that flower better than my flowers! And that last photo has a Shasta Daisy — weed or flower depends on who you talk with. Bernie

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    1. Ah thanks Donna. I still have a ways to go with it but liking what I have curated so far. I always seem to spin the Sunday Stills in a different slant. Thanks for reading and commenting. Off to read your new post now. Bernie


    1. Ah thanks Elaine. I am hopeful that my somewhat beginner embroidery skills don’t take away from the weaving pieces. Plus all that tiny crochet dollie stuff is so amazing. I believe my cousin and her husband will be very touched. Hoping to deliver it to them this summer and enjoy some time at the lake with them. Thanks for stopping by to comment. As you know it makes my day. Bernie


  3. I love the crocuses, Bernie, so hardy and beautiful once they make their presence known. This was my first year seeing the tiny purple crocus that are popping up around our area. Love all your florals from the past and I like your first image of the jarred florals, but your weaving is amazing! I would love to have a go at weaving. Yours will be family legacy pieces some day!


    1. Ah the jarred florals – our daughter has started a flower farm and that was from a picking last year. As to the weaving — not mine. That’s all my aunts works and I am just curating them together for a wall hanging. Pleased with how this one is turning out. Thanks for hosting and stopping by to read. Bernie

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  4. Always nice to see pops of colour Bernie, especially during spring drab. Looks like you have a lot of work ahead on the weaving. Hope you will show us the finished project. Have a great week. Allan


    1. Ah yes spring drab. I am sure you guys have it there as well. The native grass has a tiny hue of green but not our lawn. This is when I am often envious of those in warmer spots. Sure will show the final wall hanging – thanks for expressing an interest in it. Have a good day and thanks for stopping in to read. Bernie

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