Bundle of Joy with back pain. 

The next bundle of joy arrived last week but it came with a significant amount of back pain. Plus the worst of that may not be over yet. There will be significant more energy expended on this particular bundle in the weeks to come. After that, unlike children, it will then become low maintainance. 

We went south to pick up this bundle. Turns out it was quite near where we picked up our original big bundle of work. This is definitely less work than that!

Lucked into a house salvage situation and so went to strip baseboard out of an attic. Never painted. No bird shit or birds. The cleanest attic of an old abandoned house I’ve ever been in. It was a pleasure and the price was decent as well.

We brought it home with nails. Not the most convenient nor our usual style but the wind was cold and I was chilled to the bone.

The house appears unchanged on the outside but it’s sadly beaten up on the inside. The basement has heaved so intensely that the walls and the floor on the main level are  wicked crooked. The main floor also suffered from some ugly 1970’s type renos. The attic was the most untouched and so we felt blessed to get unpainted baseboard. They sent as high as the ones on our main floor but match the attics ones in size.

They will look stellar around the soon to be finished floor. We needed 102 feet and with every piece we managed 122 so have a couple of spares for “issues”. Now to just pull a Scottie and make it so but alas it won’t happen instantly like it does on Star Trek. I feel quite certain that I will have bursitis of my elbow when I post the after photos.


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