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Tanka Try

I went down a complete WordPress rabbit hole the other day. One blog post and the comments sent to another blogger to another to another. I read for quite some time. I came across a “new to me” form of poetry. It is actually a centuries old Japanese non rhyme syllable based word play.


Time Rise

I love sunrises
Pastel swirls around the sky
Clouds unfurl downward
Time ticks along irregardless
Up to us to use wisely


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Bone Weary

The clock said it had been only 12 hours but it had felt endless. A full shift of donning and doffing PPE, of monitors, codes and death.

Not just one death. That was always hard enough but to be followed so quickly by the second.

The drive home, dark and sullen, another calendar day surrendered to winter and the fight against Covid19.

I feel spent she thought as she walked up the sidewalk to her home. Sometimes the great bones of my life feel so heavy. I wish with all my heart that I could just walk through the door and collapse.

She eased her body into the steaming hot shower. Felt the cleansing force of the water drop the weight of work from her body.

Dried and dressed she put on her “Mom” face and opened her door for the nightly kisses ritual.

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144 word prompt with the sentence “Sometimes the great bones of my life feel so heavy”

27 + 18 + 17 + 40 +24 + 18 = 144 (I like double triple checked that ’cause math isn’t my strong suit). Very little editing as I realized once had to leave much to the imagination.

What initials does have after her name? Does she work in ER or OR or ICU? Does she know the names of her dead patients years later? Does she wish that she’d chosen another career? Does she regret missing full days in the life of her children to help others? Does she drink that glass of wine every night to help make things seem ok?

I had zero intention of writing this today as I am still writing the fourth section of Charlotte’s story. I guess this is what people call their “muse”. I read a post written by Louise at Dare Boldly using the word prompt and the 144 word limit; flash fiction prospery. The full link to the host site can be found here at I am still trying to figure out how to link myself to there to show that I participated. Oh technology why do we have this love hate relationship?

I went about my “business” for the day which actually just included being derailed by losing a piece of paper (the puppy’s health info sheet) and scouring (and cleaning as I went) the house looking for said piece of paper. The words kept coming back to my head and the concept was obvious to me.

I think often of my friends and colleagues as they go about their professional life during this difficult time. Those of us who are at home have it easy, those who go to work face challenges and those in health care give so much of their soul. This is my small homage to them and the many faces they wear.


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Telegram Delivery

New challenge telegram post can still send telegrams worldwide next day service who knew

Good “old” internet answers to the questions

Brevity not strong suit 10 words maximum impact not for me

Plus I really miss punctuation. I wanted to add stop after each sentence but see inset above about why that’s not necessary.

It’s it kind of crazy to think about the fact that even 40 years ago these were common place. Turns out they aren’t extinct like the dinosaur but my reading revealed that they are used now if you want a recieved signature for an important document. Next day service in a world where people lose their minds if they can’t get same day delivery of anything they order on line.

I had thought about telegrams on our anniversary. I was writing Muddied Waters and was looking through our wedding album when I came across the two below that we received.

Then today I was reading a post over at The Spectacled Bean found here at Let’s write friendlier blog posts. She’d found an old 1945 book about how to write a letter and the conversations via comments that ensued made me want to give this a try. Anyone else have a telegram story to share?

Perhaps a post card is more my style. Ah that might just be another post and a trip down memory lane ?


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Grasslands National Park

I am extremely excited to bring you the first GUEST BLOG POST about our National Parks. For me it’s like a triple win; a Saskatchewan park, the wide open prairies (my spiritual space) and written by an inspiring young woman who is a mover and a shaker. Someone I am lucky enough to call my friend and who, with only a tiny bit of encouragement dove into writing about her Parks Canada experience. Continue reading “Grasslands National Park”