Inspirational Riders

Last night’s rain preempted a gravel bike ride, that would have pushed me hard, with two friends who have inspired me. They have been, in turn, inspired by two friends.

Let me set the scene for you. It’s full of people with inspiration, courage, energy, sadness and hope.

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Nature’s window dressing

Lucky me to frolic along in the magnificent weather enjoying the window dressing nature puts on as I sauntered across the bridge into down town. It’s not just the land of living skies but of a kaleidoscope of colours that are ever changing. The contrast between the blue of today’s sky and the fall finery along the river was intense. Added to that were a few flowering beauties, a statue and an old house. On the way back I took an unusual route through the University of Saskatchewan and wove my way through a central bowl full of students soaking up the sunshine. It was a very pleasant hour and was a great way to rediscover some Saskatoon land marks.
Without further words here are some pictures to illustrate my story.