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Summer Chaos

The pandemic races onwards, picking up a head of steam like a hurricane. The numbers here in Canada are low compared to some worldwide but they are climbing here so quickly. This is an incredibly worrisome trend. Although the lockdown has been lifted worldwide we all need to limit our movements and keep our bubbles small. I can tell you that there is a lot of it I just don’t get it. Unfortunately I know that I’m blogging to those who feel the same so it’s not going to change anything but I still have to say it. Stay home.

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Stay the _ _ _ _ HOME

It’s not that complex and it’s not even that hard. Well maybe it’s hard on some levels but at it’s simplest form it’s basic.

Stay the _ _ _ _ home.

We watched The National last night and I am sure that my blood pressure went up when they showed the pictures from the sea wall in Vancouver. The picture below doesn’t even touch how many people we saw walking, biking, hanging out and eating. It’s nuts for the province with one of the highest number of Covid 19 cases. I thought we were smarter than this but maybe I am naive and an optimist.

The example below shows why it’s so bloody important that we stay the _ _ _ _ home. Yet story after story after story of people (all across Canada) who come straight back from travel and are out in stores. Who would have ever thought that retail workers would be on the front line again and again. First getting trampled and yelled at because people are hoarding toilet paper and now with this ignorant behavior of those who don’t seem to care about anyone but themselves.


Stay the _ _ _ _ home. Funerals and weddings are being delayed. So even if it’s +9 and spring is in the air stay home. If you want to catch up with a friend use the phone and call them. Read bedtime stories over video calls if you are missing your grandchildren. Think how fortunate we are that these options exist. During the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic our ancestors didn’t have those luxuries.

So let’s stay home. Fill your time with whatever works for you. Stay connected with family and friends in whatever format works for you. But first and foremost Stay HOME. Please, for all of us.

End of rant. Wouldn’t it be great if this went viral and all of a sudden more people realized how serious this health threat is. Ah yes remember when I said I was an optimist… I’d be very surprised if my small readership wasn’t already ūüíĮ compliment.

Stand apart but stay connected.


PS this isn’t about social shaming it’s about being responsible and committed to the health of mankind