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Make it a Marvelous Monday

The snow fell intensely and sight lines blurred. It’s like we are in our own little pocket of the world. But no matter because today is NOT Blue Monday. I refuse to buy into that negative culture image. Today the wind and the clouds covered the sun, today Covid kept more of us at home and isolated but this will end. The wind, the snow, the pandemic.

We will gather again. We will hug. We will eat and make merry. Like the storm brewing this will blow itself out. We just have to hang on tight and find the positives in the situation.

I do recognize that finding the positives is a lot harder for those that suffer from physical or mental health issues. It’s infinitely harder if income and livelihood are impacted by this ongoing crisis. Perhaps it is something else that sits heavy upon the shoulders. Take heart as today is not blue Monday and this too shall end.