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Sunshine on my Mind

Infusing the sky with layers of colour

The celestial body then slowly slides into the clouds

The moon, now obscured by a fluffy whiteness

Disappears into oblivion and so begins another day

Solar batteries inside my head depleted

Then wonders of wonders the clouds burst

Blue skies sunshine and shadows prevailed

My heart rejoiced and a weight lifted

The sunshine sank lightly into my soul

As the sun sunk behind the hills it lingered on the tree tops

Sunshine always on my mind


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Photo Challenge Day šest

Thanks to blogger friend Allan over @ photoblography3 and a new reader Marie @ hopsskipsandjumps for this #10day10photo challenge.

The travel challenge involves posting one favourite travel picture for each day – That’s 10 days, 10 travel pictures, 10 nominations (doubt I can do that as I don’t really have 10 bloggers in my life that would be interested so think I will just tag 1 on my final day) and 0 explanations about the post.

I have included the info about yesterday’s location at the bottom of todays’ post with a bit of a story and have done this on the other posts as well. Although doing the kindness advent activity daily blog at the same time means I am spending way too much time on WordPress and my phone but it’s not like I am out socializing although stay tuned to the other blog post today about what will be keeping me very busy in the next while!


DAY VIJF – It’s interesting to note that Allan commented on how peaceful this pastoral scene was yet it was 100 years ago a scarred landscape. The village in the distance is Passendale in Belgium, a hill much fought over by Canadians in the First World War. I found it hard to reconcile the peaceful tranquility of the country side with the sheer volume of British Commonwealth Cemeteries. It’s a chilling sight to be biking along by a freshly tilled field and see an unexploded ordinance awaiting pickup.