Fresh trails -Take 1 

Fresh trails up ahead 

Uncharted territory 

Creative pathways 

Hidden holes and creeks 

Meandering progress still 

Confidently go

Gauge prosperity 

In all those special moments 

Not by an account 

Just go for the joy 

See beyond the obvious 

Find the dinosaur 

Fresh trails on take one 

New season coming here soon 

It’s all perspective 


Long Exposure 

It feels like months since I’ve seen the aurora borealis and I’ve missed them. I grew up watching them and have always been fascinated. 

I have a few haikus about them from the last year but I have no photos to accompany the post. I don’t understand our camera well enough to master the exposures required. It is a goal of mine when I retire to learn. 

They dance through the sky
Aurora borealis
Welcome back my friends

Inuit legend says they are the ancestors come to reconnect. I’ve seen them dance many times and in several colours  but have never heard them crack and whip as they are known to do. 

Northern lights bookcase 
Late night and early morning 
Fav phenomena 

I have been known to sit up way too late watching them. I’ve sat outside shivering just to feel closer to them but I’m also lucky enough to have several windows in our house that they can be seen from. 

Last nights brilliant moon 
Pales to incredible intense
Show of northern lights 

Marvels of nature 
Compete against human stage 
Sometimes we forgot 

Unfold in the sky
total delight to the eye 
Fav phenomenon