Marvellous Mother’s Day 

I’m a smidgeon late posting and reflecting on my first Mother’s Day as a grandmother. I’m usually asked, by our kids, what I would like as a gift. I requested biking gloves from the child who frequents bike stores. I requested an afternoon with the baby from the one that could make my wish a reality. 

Momma likes brunch out so on her first Mother’s Day that was our gift to her. I wanted to mark the occasion with something special for our daughter who has made the transition into motherhood very well. She’s found the love but also established some great foundation items. 

Baby A was a perfect little angel while we were out. In the first pic of the day she seems to have daddy wrapped around her hand! 

We then split up and Baby A came with us for groceries and a quick stop at the home improvement store. She’s so content in her car seat that it seems quite unreal actually, especially when she is usually covered up like you see in this photo. 

The afternoon went far too quickly. A few wet diapers, two feeds and some play time. Our walk was nixed by a nasty wind and no head covering for her. We took turns having one on one time with her. Here she is having tummy time and hanging out with some old toys and some of her own items. It’s all fine till she rolls over and seems to scare herself! Supper was a causal but tasty family meal with the six of us watching hockey while eating. My wonderful hubby had smoked a pork loin which was delicious. I hadn’t realized I was to do veggies, what with it being Mother’s Day,  so when he gave me the five minute warning for the side dishes I had to scramble for sure. Spencer was assisting me and had a mishap with the salt shaker again. Not the first time but at least it was edible! Another good story in his long line of funny food stories! 

We then proceeded to have a quick 3 hand game of dirty queens. Baby A was partnered with Uncle Spencer and Daddy. In the photo below she seems to be suggesting what card he play. Spencer has a sly look on his face and it’s probably because he’s teaching her some of great gramma’s tricks which might not be a good thing! To do credit to his grandmother he pulled a flop out of his hat or from somewhere and with that managed to beat Lexi and I (who had a lovely lead going into the final hand) by 20 points. So here is the final picture of Baby A having won her first ever card game. Their fairly early departure meant that, once my lunch was made, we had some evening remaining. Now I’m not much for TV as I can’t stand the commercials but I will watch DVD’s. It’s taken us about 6 years of occasional watching to get to the final season of Downton Abbey. This show combines good actors, a fabulous location, amazing costumes and a period of history that had so much change. 

 This period of our life has changed as we’ve transitioned into early retirement/change of employment years and being grand parents. The joy of family and free time on this Mother’s Day made it marvellous. 

Hope all the moms in my world also found joy and love in their Mother’s Day. Hope all their kids realized how lucky they are to have parents that would go that extra mile for them as all of us would. 


St Francis 

I have a colleague that usually  leaves a thought provoking note on his paperwork at the end of the day. 

Today’s message spoke to me. So in case you can’t read Dr. writing it says 

The measure of love is to love without measure. 

                ~~St. Francis~~

Then today this package arrived in the mail. It’s from a friend of ours who lives far away. We don’t see her often but she reached out with some grandparent gifts! Which is all about love. 

This is love without measure.