Santa’s (aka grampa’s) Workshop

Here, in our land of Christmas magic, Santa’s workshop (aka Continue reading

Day 11 Gifts from the Heart

Today was reminiscent, to me, of our old gift exchange at work that always happened at our Christmas potluck lunch.

Last night I pushed myself for some creative time and made 6 items; poppycock, drink coasters, magic bags for aches and pains or a cold bed. It was very nice to let these colleagues that their struggles are noticed and that I care.

It’s quite obvious that my fellow author of the calendar did not leave her gift making until the last minute like I did. Her works of art are a serious commitment of time and talent. Trust me I tried this with her and mine didn’t look like this at all. I am sure her coworkers were thrilled to receive these gorgeous gifts.

I’m lucky to have one of these alcohol ink tiles in our dining room; a Janice (rhymes with Denise) original. i would say even more blessed to call her friend.


Late breaking update — I’ve got a little something pulled together for a group of colleagues who go the extra mile at Christmas time and become a stellar band for our party. With a little help from a generous friend we’ve baked them up a treat pack for their last practise. Gifts from the heart just give me warm fuzzies!

Something from Nothing, Year 2

There has finally been a bit of a break in the unseasonably cold snowy fall weather. The combines are going full force late into the evening and we completed a significant portion of our fall yard work on the weekend. Construction season ended too early but now we have time to focus on a few other items.

So armed with a chainsaw and a clipper we started gathering materials so I could decorate the planters that remain outside. It’s so nice to have some colours and textures in them during the non growing season.

I think my favourite view of it is the one below; partly because it’s through clean windows! It’s a long day to do the 128 window panes and 16 door panels but it’s so worth it. We are so blessed with our house space and our rural life that the work is just fair trade for that.

I love the flower pots and the cost was nil this year as the few hardscapes are from previous years. Even then the rule was that I won’t spend more than $25 for any item so it’s mostly salvage from various spots. I’m so pleased with the results of my something from nothing this year.

I have plans to add a cross and poppies in November and then dress it with lites and outside flowers for the Christmas season in December. I think it will look better than it does sometimes in the summer when I’m struggling to get the plants to grow.


Tartan terror

Hundreds of years ago the site of tartan may have induced terror in the English countryside. It had been striking terror in my head for over a month before I faced the “dragon”. Continue reading

Goldilocks (Again)

It’s hard to believe that, once again, I’ve pulled the Goldilocks trick. Like seriously I just did this in February with and here I am again at the same spot.

The saying in Continue reading

Just under the wire

Early last autumn I commenced making something that really had no major timeline (in the foreseeable future at that time) but had been a concept in my head for about 3 years.

I’d work a way a bit and then set it aside. Then one day it all went to hell in a Continue reading