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Buoyed By Success

Buoyed by the success of my recent challenge I pushed forward. I had a full length sun dress that had needed shortening for a while. It wasn’t hard; it just hadn’t happened. So now it has and it’s hanging up waiting for a nice warm day.

This meant that there was an excess of material to be utilized. Ah yes — upcycled. Into something tiny because there was like 12″ of length but at least it was already hemmed.

Enter in a creative challenge. What to make and how to do it. Following my instincts I pushed forward and cut out a peasant dress. Utilized the pre existing hems and zipped the seams through the serger. The little cap sleeves are adorable but now need arm hole binding but not enough material left for a facing

Ah more upcycling. I have all of my mother in law’s sewing supplies and every once in a while they come in handy. Check out the prices!

It worked remarkably well. Zipped the neck casing shut and then struggled to get the elastic through. It took almost more time to do that than sew the little dress! Now I can only hope it fits the little one it’s intended for. It’s 12 -18 month size and she’s 4 months old so hopefully it will but it might be more like a tunic than a dress.

Rather hard to get a good photo of either one but that’s the best attempt.

Now onward to the jersey challenges. I was chased inside tonight by dust storms and nasty wind so will take advantage of this stolen time away from yard work.


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Arts & Crafts with Baby C

Armed with one round of experience in the Arts and Crafts Time we struck out again. It’s a time sensitive project that will, like a lot of our end results, be treasured for years. This though is not a building project but rather an arts and crafts creation.

Baby C is now 8 weeks old and so it was time to do his footprints. We had left over supplies from doing the Little A’s when she was a bambino. Her she is “helping” us organize them!

One never ends up with a happy baby with their feet squished in plaster but it’s worth a few minutes worth of tears!

Just over 2 years since we did her footprints. She seemed to be in a bit of disbelief that these were her little feet. Now they are these long slender feet that her momma inherited from her gramma.

The finished product makes my heart fill with joy whenever I glance upon it. So blessed and so grateful and very pleased that their parents were ok with me to share the photos.