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Happiness Day

Conversations in the vehicle are always interesting with children. Plus today it was important that little Man C not fall asleep on the way to Nan’s house for the regular Monday night sleepover.

Nan – today is happiness day and so we should think and talk about things that make us happy.

Annabelle- it’s also the first day of spring Nan.

Nan – it doesn’t look like spring does it? But the snow can make us happy like when we are skiing.

Colton – skiing makes me happy when I go fast.

Annabelle- me to.

Nan – sunshine and blue skies make me so happy. It’s a dull white day with clouds and snow-covered land blending into each other.

Annabelle- yes Nan we know that. I can almost hear the sigh😏 but I also know that someday, when I am gone, that the blue sky or the sunset will make them think of me.

Nan – what other kinds of things make you happy? At this moment, we are driving by a farm yard. I answer the question.

Nan – baby calves make me happy.

Annabelle  – and your favourite cow Nan. You like her.

Colton – why is she your favourite cow Nan?

I digress to tell them why this calf turned yearling, turned cow is my favourite.  Then I try again to prompt things from them.

Nan – Colton, what big things make you happy?

Annabelle – EQUIPMENT (denotes yelling!)

Colton – yes, equipment and bulldozers are my favourite.

Nan – Annabelle, what animal makes you happy?

Colton – HORSES (interesting how they answered for each other)

Annabelle – and I get a free lesson Nan from Auntie Maria.

Nan – what other things make you happy? How about reading. .

Colton – yes and phoning people.

Nan – phoning people? Like who.

Colton – Uncle Brad. We should go see the baby calves again.

Nan –  you know giving gifts to people makes me happy.

Annabelle – it’s because being kind is important.

Nan – it certainly is hon.

Colton – when I am older I hope I get a Lego bulldozer as a gift.

Then the conversation went off into what they thought of their dual birthday party on the weekend. And how Colton wanted to start it over again (please no!!) but Annabelle, Wesley and his big sister think that’s silly. And at about that point we turned into the driveway.

You know what makes me really happy? Spending time with my grandchildren and having a truly special relationship with them. It’s such a blessing and not a joy that everyone is lucky enough to have.

Bonus points. I remembered most of the conversation and wrote an account of it here. Although I should be sleeping already but I just wanted to record how I felt on this International Day of Happiness.



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

16 thoughts on “Happiness Day

    1. Ah Donna that’s just the nicest compliment! It’s definitely not verbaum and I have never written conversation before so kind of did the new version that I saw in The Lincoln Highway. I am glad it resonated with you and I am so glad I wrote it down. Perhaps someday they will read it and remember bits of it. Bernie


  1. Sunshine and blue skies make me happy too, Bernie 🙂 You have such a joyous opportunity to support the next generation. Be yourself, be firm but fair, and bond through tradition 🙂 Aiva xx


    1. And aren’t I lucky to have that joyous opportunity. No worries about being fair and firm, they are here enough they have chores and responsibilities but definitely we’ve grown a great bond. I hope to do the same with the new little one that my son and DIL are expecting any day now. Bernie

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    1. Do you remember the show with Art Linkletter about Kids say the darndest things? This morning there was talk of unicorn sparkle poop. I wish I had written more of their cuteness down. Bernie

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      1. Well I definitely can’t say I remember all the cute things and it seems more likely my granddaughter will. She’s one of those amazing memory people like my daughter and my brother. The things the two of them remember mind boggle me. I do need to write more stuff down. Like his little “tana” instead of “tada” and how he said/says ski do and side by side. Time goes by so fast when they are little. Bernie

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  2. These conversations are so special and you are wise to write them down. My son texts me the silliest things that my grand girls say and I copy/paste each of them down into a file. I love reading back on those.


    1. Bernie. I wish I wrote them down more often but this one begged to be published in a timely fashion. My daughter rarely sends me stuff like that but I see them so much that I have my own “stash” of cuteness. My cousin, another quilter, also has a file of cute stuff her grandkids said and did. They are now adults but like you she loves looking at it. Bernie

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  3. Funny how the ‘little’ things are not so little and make the biggest impact on our lives! Enjoy today! Hugs always!


    1. I love having them and the fun they bring to our lives and I love when I drop them off and go home to peace and quiet! Indeed the little things truly are the big things. Hugs back. Bernie


  4. I will always love the year during Covid when Etta and I spent every week reading together online, she in Seattle and me here in ToonTown. We had a chance to do more than just read. I loved it and miss that.


    1. It is special to have time together, even from a distance. Perhaps you could interest her in a summer read and a nice way to reconnect? Bernie


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