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Short sweet February

Gone in the blink of an eye, just like Franklin’s fly pie, a reference probably lost on many. But still a good reflection of what the heck happened to the 28 days of February.

A sweet month with 3 family birthdays as little Man C shares his with his dad (as he did with his dad). We added in many sleepovers, a family games night, and some construction time at both offspring’s houses, which meant a lot of the month was spent. But in the best way. I will always remember winter birthdays during the pandemic and celebrating with a walk outside, maybe around the fire. So this still feels special. As I stated in Sweet snippets I feel so grateful that a huge portion of my time is taken up by grandchildren. That will change.

As per usual, there was time spent connecting around food. The family pizza night above where there was a hold back on dough because someone, heavy cough, screwed up the dough recipe. The lunch out catching up with a work friend. Dessert night, where we consume calories and friendships. Oops. That doesn’t sound right. We don’t eat our friendships. Dessert night, where we consume calories and camaraderie. That’s better. We’ve also connected with our soccer mates, and the Snickerdoodle thing is still causing laughter.

Ah, those chocolate caramel tarts
were the winners for me

Usually February is skiing month but alas that was January this year although we’ve decided it’s also March. We are returning so we can get some Ron and Bernie runs in versus Grampa and Nan runs. Forecast looks good for fresh snow and decent temperatures. So part of February was spent on the high a ski trip gives me and now part on the anticipation for the next one so I guess February was a mental ski month!

I did manage to fit in one short road trip south. It was quite balmy and there was very little snow. I chose a road less traveled, which was a nice change, and I am really enjoying the wonderful new vehicle. I’ve used the technology inside it to connect to a series of podcasts called Just One Thing. I have referenced that before and said more later, and I’m just gonna say the same thing again, more later.

Old barns on quiet rural roads,
South Hill Moose Jaw library mural

The trip also meant that the quilt top, batting, and backing was dropped off for the hand quilters to work their magic. I am letting go (sure I am) of the mistakes in it and will focus on how good the quilting makes it look. At this point, it’s hard to say if it will be back before they take their summer break but it’s off my list.

I’ve definitely been connecting to my creativity this month. I zipped up two little baby quilts and got one mailed off. Lots of scrap booking activity with the wee lad’s birthday book (which will be done on time even if I have to stay up all Monday night). It led me to decide to update his sister’s and make one for their dad for Christmas. 100% leaving that zipper on those feet jammies for a new month.

Which pretty much wrapped up my month except for the usual. You know the stuff you can’t avoid, like cleaning bathrooms or vacuuming. Also, the stuff that is a little higher on the list but is still repetitive, like baking bread, daily dog walks (usually with snow shoes), or doing weights. Even still, those ordinary everyday items can do add gratitude to my life. That I can indeed do those things.

So that’s what was on the calendar in February. Like I said, “in the blink of an eye.”


Just in case you want to learn about the fly pies here is Franklin Fibs .


I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

30 thoughts on “Short sweet February

  1. What a great recap of your month Bernie! I thoroughly enjoyed reading all about your activities which are so different to ours in February, mainly for the weather!! Thanks for joining in for #WBOYC, the Just One Thing podcast has been recommended by a few people now, so I’ll look into it.


    1. I am set to do a blog post about the Just One Thing Podcasts. My last trip to visit my mom I listened to ALL of them and have been implementing a few of them into daily routines. And yes our February’s are like chalk and cheese. Thanks for hosting.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for hosting Jo. I really like the challenge as it’s a chance to practise gratitude, mindfulness and my WOTY all together. As to the month — with both grandchildren having birthdays it means that February has become one of my favourite months. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. Bernie

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  2. “Even a turtle gets tired of eating fly pie!”

    Cute story with great illustrations. I wasn’t familiar with it. I’m glad your February was so fun. Birthdays can add a bit of punch to any month.


  3. Sounds like February was full of great memories with family, friends and food. This winter has not been good for skiing here in southern Ontario. We haven’t had much snow, and when it does snow it hasn’t stayed around for very long because of the warmer weather. Glad to hear that you’re able to squeeze in another skiing month for March.


    1. Yes it sounds like Ontario has had such varied weather this year. We’ve had some warmer periods and only 3 deep freeze patches so I think it’s been a stellar winter. Fresh snow again yesterday and so today will be a great snow shoe day. Last one before we head back to Fernie for 4 more days of skiing! February was a great month and as always I appreciate readers connecting. I am so behind in reading blogs– hope to read the last 3 you posted about your trip while on the road tomorrow. Bernie


      1. It’s been a wild winter so far. We didn’t get much snow in January, but have been hammered with a few snow storms the past few weeks. We even had some thundersnow last night. I didn’t even realize that was a term and that thunderstorms could happen in the winter while it’s snowing. It’s crazy. Enjoy your winter activities and safe travels. Best of luck getting caught up on everything.


  4. Bernie, Looks like you’ve had a sweet February. I feel the same about gratitude for not only the highlights but also those ordinary everyday items.


    1. Many people don’t think about how those ordinary moments make up the majority of our lives. February, with two special birthdays, has become a new favourite month! Thanks for stopping by. Take care. Bernie


    1. I am planning a whole blog post about his podcasts. Now I am curious about his other shows. February was great and I totally appreciated it as 1 year ago things were quite difficult. Thanks for commenting. Bernie


      1. Several years ago, I watched his series on the BBC about diet (which introduced me to intermittent fasting), exercise and gut health. I know he has done a lot of other ones (I just looked him up on Wiki and there are a ton!). I’m looking forward to your post about the podcasts.


      2. I drove 4 hours to see my mom and listened to the last of them but he publishes weekly so yesterday as I was making supper and muffins listened to 2 more! Might take me a while to wrap my head around to do this post. I am just starting with intermittent fasting and hope to see some results (I really need to lose some weight for a variety of reasons). His podccast was what pushed me into making this change. Bernie


  5. Hi, Bernie – I absolutely love the storybook, Franklin Fibs. It was one of my son’s favourites!
    It looks like you had a wonderful February. I love your gratitude for the big things and the small, ordinary ones. I agree that pandemic restraints, lockdown and devastation has been a great reminder to hug close all whom we love.
    Thank you for joining us for #whatsbeenonyourcalendar.


    1. I love the “whatsbeenonyourcalendar challenge and it seems to be one that I can handle in a timely fashion (unlike the reading one!).
      Ah Franklin is such a sweet series. One of my favourite kids ones actually. She also wrote a book called Big Sarah’s Little Boots that went missing off our shelf over the years and is not in print anymore. I loved that book!
      February was a sweet month. So many wonderful times. Bernie

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  6. Your Feb birthday scene sounds like our Novembers, with 3 in one month. Feb may be short but it looks like you squeezed a lot in. Have a great ski trip Bernie. Allan


    1. Yes 3 birthdays in 2 days is crazy and makes it hard to figure out who gets to chose the cake! February was a short but sweet month. Winter flies by – I have no idea why people think it drags. Off tomorrow to hit the slopes again, this time as Ron and Bernie not Grampa and Nan. Bernie

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