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Slaying the dragon…not

I’m definitely feeling like a fairie that’s lost its magic. Not much dragon slaying happening. Of course, I’m not sure fairies slay dragons, but perhaps you catch my drift.

The ABC book spread out on the table, feet jammies hanging on the bannister. Bucket of baby quilt material sitting on the chair. Many deadlines looming.

I’ve got a dragon sized project (Colton’s ABC book) with the deadline so quickly approaching at the end of the month. Another significant one (double around the world scrap quilt) that is due even sooner, and it’s hit a snag that I need to sort out by next Wednesday. I’ve got a relatively easy project (Annabelle’s feet jammies) except for one aspect, and I’m ground to a halt that. Even hit “the ask a friend option,” and after her advice, I ended out ripping the zipper out again. I’m 😠 and said a few choices words . I’ve gotten derailed on the quiet decluttering. I’ve failed to sit at the computer and do any of my volunteer research and writings.

Perhaps the problem is not enough short-term items on the to-do list. It’s like I haven’t crossed a thing off besides muffins and cookies and clean bathroom in eons. And then I get slogged down. Lost all my fairie dust, and now it feels like winter is galloping by. The sunshine is returning, and before you know, the snow will be melted, and I will be working on outside projects while soaking up some vitamin D (more on that much much later)

And, in amongst all the textile things, I ended up deleting a post. Full of good words strung together but disconnected. And somehow, I lost interest in figuring out how to make it work and hit delete. Because, like I don’t need another not done thing looking at me.

But then I realized, once this lovely card arrived and reminded me, that all the threads will connect. Maybe they won’t happen as timely as I would like, but they will happen. They will be gifted or displayed, and life will move on to other challenges.

Isn’t my WOTY year card bright and cheerful?

Perhaps the magic touch won’t come back, but sheer determination will win out. It’s got me this far, so watch out dragons.

Slayed any dragons lately?



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

21 thoughts on “Slaying the dragon…not

  1. Did you get the ABC book done? You should have given me a shout on that – as a literacy educator I happen to know quite a lot about ABC books – I used to have a large collection which I donated to UNB when I retired. (I also had a lot of wordless picture books and number books, and predictable books. All given away and I kind of regret that.


  2. Wow, that looks like quite the project Bernie. Mine are all digital these days, photo presentations, cards, art and blog posts. Trying to sort everything into the right place is a great brain challenge and so rewarding when the receiver appreciates it. Hope you meet/met your deadline and that no actual dragons died in the process. 🐲🐲Allan


    1. The dragons are alive and the project will make the deadline/birthday. These tangible photos are, I feel, super important for the kids as they learn a lot from them. Phases of it were daunting but I am going to be pleased overall.

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  3. Best of luck completing your projects. It certainly sounds like you have a lot on the go. Sometimes I’ll take a big project and break it up into smaller milestones so I can at least cross some stuff off my list (and it just feels more manageable that way).


    1. I actually did that with the ABC photo album. It helped somewhat. I finished the quilt this am — it’s far from perfect but I think the issues won’t be seen from a galloping horse (but probably from the bedside they might). So one down and a few more to go.


  4. Aaah but you’ve had one quick win – pressed send on this post – others will follow & before you know it your dragons will be gasping on the ground.

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    1. And I will look back and wonder how the heck it happened! People always complain about how long winter is, and I never have quite enough project time. Here’s the gasping dragons. Thanks for the reminder that a post is a win!

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  5. Bernie, You sure have a few projects on the go. I’m happy to be sloth-like atm 🙂 Getting my weekly blog post and linkup published on time is an ‘achievement’.


  6. As a self-described Dragon I take offense at the idea of slaying a dragon. Gracious, such language! However as a person whose desk is piled high with papers and clipboards and assorted stuff I take your point. Sometimes I have a burn it all down moment [and as a Dragon I could do that], but then I regain my equilibrium.


    1. Oops. I guess I wasn’t politically correct in slaying a dragon… it just seemed like a good analogy for monster projects. I definitely don’t want to have a flash and burn it all. I just want it all to flow smoothly. Fairie dust needed.

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  7. Since work has seriously slowed down I have gotten a ton of dragons done!! Maybe we need to schedule a craft day to work on yours!


    1. It is and all with time lines. What the heck, hey? And the quilt – a few moments of not enough thinking and a LOT of ripping. The jammies – well they can wait.

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  8. I prefer to slay my dragons before they are 30 feet tall, has 3 heads, breathe fire, and live in a dark dirty cave. This way I can free myself up to help others slay their larger dragons! Take care xx


    1. Darn it! That’s what I forgot- one slays a dragon before they get 3 heads and 30 feet tall. Oh well I’m gonna up my magic and get it done with support from friends like you Aiva. Thanks for reading and engaging. Take care. Bernie


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