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A piece of shoe lace…?

What does a piece of shoe lace have in common with some leftover fabric? Funny you should ask😉. As random as it seems, there is a connection, and I can tell you what it is.

A text from my daughter requesting helmet bags sent me searching for enough of an appropriate fabric. Not as hard as I thought as I had some leftover ticking from making quilt bags. Perfect, as it’s very durable. Then the odds and sods sewing drawer had two bobble ends  (ah, like, I have no idea what the heck those things are actually called!). It also had a long piece of old shoe lace and a piece of a leather shoe lace, zero idea where it was from. I save things like that for the day they come in handy, and that was today. 

A few minutes later, I had created ski helmet bags, literally something from nothing. She hadn’t meant for me to drop everything and do it, but it felt like a fun quick project.

And when the fog won’t lift and I am feeling the weight of the clouds, I need all the “feel goods” I can get. I’m also in the midst of two long creative projects. I’m in the middle of two very very long paperwork projects. They will all be worth it in the long haul, but I am not ticking any boxes off quickly and so the quick above felt good.

Which is also what I got when I went “shopping” the other day. Although I got a LOT of fabric, I paid nothing except a heartfelt thank you.

Now, most quilters don’t give their stash away. They somehow naively believe they can sew it all. But sometimes it doesn’t happen that way (honestly most of the time), and so G (of the yearly WOTY card fame) ended up with boxes and boxes of fabric from her friend D. I mentioned that I had to get some fabric for the new little Cruikshank quilt, and she was like, “Come shopping at my house.” Her husband was like, “Bring the truck and was disappointed I didn’t take more!” So we dove into boxes, sort of sorting as we went. I found some starting pieces. In showing her the quilt pattern and detailing the showcase fabric I was looking for as a main, she invited me upstairs into her sewing stash room. She pulled out the drawer and drew out two absolutely 💯 perfect pieces of fabric. Then we found a couple more solids, and I was over the moon. I had helped her de stash and found 11 of the 15 fabrics I need. The bonus point was the feel-good we both got. Her for giving and me for receiving.

There won’t be any finish it Friday posts for a while because in my world, it’s one project at a time, and the big project is ongoing…and ongoing…

So there you have it, whether you wanted it or not, the story of single shoe laces and pieces of random fabric. Plus it’s got a catchy title and first paragraph so that’s another column in the tick boxes.



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

16 thoughts on “A piece of shoe lace…?

  1. Oh the joys of the odds and sods drawer! I share the love of random discoveries and sometimes “clutter” can spark joy! Love the bags. Sewing is a talent I never acquired in even the teeniest way, so I applaud your talent!


    1. I have commenced a silent decluttering in February so the Engineer doesn’t find out! Not all random discoveries are worthy of keeping but I do love when I can reuse things. I didn’t grow up sewing (true story — my mother made my high school sewing projects) but took it up later as a young adult. I love being creative and this is one of my favourite mediums. Bernie


  2. Having one big project to focus on can be a blessing, especially during the dark days of winter. I cannot sew a thing, but I adore looking at the fabric. All of it, ticking stripe, calico, checks, bring it on.

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    1. Stay tuned then as I will be posting about them as they are complete. Well not the paper work ones but the fabric ones. Thanks for reading and engaging. I must get back to make a comment on the identity one — I spent a LONG time reading all the comments. Late to the game and as you often say, the comments are stellar. Bernie

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  3. It is amazing what you find when you start looking through the odds and sods drawers Bernie. I tripped across the file for the sale of our old house and purchase of our new one last week. That happened 31 1/2 years ago and was a snapshot from another time. Happy Sunday. Allan


    1. I cleaned out so many files of paper the other day. I am working hard on getting rid of some of the unnecessary stuff but then a shoe lace comes in handy? It’s a quandary isn’t it… to purge or not to purge. Bernie

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    1. Turns out I am not the only one who likes quick satisfying projects! I am still making headway daily on the BIG ones but they are big for a reason and take time. And a huge YES to the wonderful fabric kinds. I am so looking forward to starting that project for little baby Cruikshank! Good to hear from you Janis. Hoping that the weather in your area is not affecting you in a huge way. Bernie

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  4. Hi, Bernie – This is a super catchy title – and a very fun project. I love getting things done that I can tick off fairly quickly…especially when there is another big project (or two) looming. Good luck with the latter. Please keep us posted.


    1. Ah catchy titles and opening sentences — so important hey Donna. Thanks for reading. Yes quick projects are the cats meow when in the middle of long projects. I am currently just finishing up one of the paper work ones and so glad to be done it!! Will of course post about all projects seems it’s my blog and I can ramble whatever direction I head! Take care. Bernie

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    1. It will be durable for helmets. Funny that adult helmets come with bags but kids ones don’t.
      Thanks for reading and engaging Lillie. Bernie


    1. Oh gosh spoken perfectly! I am so thankful and so excited about this project!! Will keep you posted on the next shopping trip with Lexi to pick up the 4 remaining fabrics. Thanks again. Bernie


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