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Definitely Not a Code Brown!

Inside joke for hospital workers is to take the WHMIS code brown (which stands for “in facility hazardous spill”) and make it mean something else. Any guesses?

Brown has never been my favourite colour. I figure it’s like the canvas behind the bright hues that catch my eye. But it can be the central figure; especially with all the different hues in the natural world.

There are some stellar architectural details that can also be found in various shades of brown. Most of these are based in wood but some are stone or brick. Of course I have a love hate relationship with masonry but as long as I am not the one with the stones and the mortar I am ok at loving the colours and shapes it provides.

Today’s walk was not a long one unless you are 3 and have short legs in deep snow banks. But there was time in the “forest” as they call the grove of trees just below our house. And all of a sudden I was struck by how many leaves the trees held onto and how they read brown against the very grey trunks. So these photos manage to hit the target for the #walkingsquares challenge.

There are some things that are brown that I love. It won’t come as any surprise to most that I could easily find the following pictures in my file. I never met a chocolate that I didn’t love. Well not true as I don’t love white chocolate but that’s ok as it’s not brown and this week’s #Sundaystills challenge, hosted by Terri, is all about brown.

I have a few other loves that are brown or brownish. The four legged critters who live with us run towards that colour. I guess the yellow lab(s) are a bit off tangent but the background is definitely brown. The golden retriever(s) definitely hit the right tones. My other four legged loves are the cattle that summer in our pasture. They are so good for my mental health (although I hate stepping in their code browns) which I know seems weird but I am, after all, a farm girl at heart. I’ve transferred my love of them to our grandson; he’s enamoured with cows and not the list bit afraid of these huge creatures.

This post is not quite as originally designed. The save button, despite the fact that it said it saved, did not work and so I had to start over from the first paragraph. BUT I am determined to post it today so it’s not quite as “perfect” or as picture forward as I had hoped but brown is the star of today’s show despite the issues.



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

21 thoughts on “Definitely Not a Code Brown!

  1. For someone who says she doesn’t like brown, you found a lot of browns you do like, including chocolate (one of my favourites). Your photos and text reaffirm the saying, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Thanks for sharing.


    1. Ah lots of browns out there so it’s easy to find just harder to like! Except for chocolate hey! Thanks for reading and commenting – good to hear from your Margaret. Bernie


  2. Brown isn’t my favourite colour either, but I am a fan of all things chocolate! I appreciate you showing us the beauty in some of the brown things found in nature, food and architecture.


  3. The photo of the door with the ‘letter’ slot is stunning. What a beautiful door. Your photo of the heart shaped baking pan reminds me that I used to have one… and I don’t know if I gave it away or it’s still here somewhere. As for the color brown I used to despise it but over the years it has charmed me with its natural vibe.


    1. That door is in my favourite mountain town Fernie. They have loads of old buildings and really care about them. Yeah brown, as I said, has never been my favourite except for chocolate! I have a great brownie recipe for your heart shaped pan!! Bernie

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    1. Ah you like the dog ones hey. I love those and the cattle one. I have so so many pictures of the cattle. I am glad I managed to get it posted last Sunday and then I went AWOL reading a book! Bernie

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  4. While I wouldn’t say that brown is my favourite colour, there’s a certain appeal to it. Maybe it is because brown is one of the most earthy colours and being someone who spends a lot of time in nature, I’ve grown to love it.


    1. Not sure if my comment back to you went. I seem to be having all sorts of issues but I just keep plugging away. I was disappointed to lose it all but pulled some of it back together. And yes chocolate makes the colour brown so lovely. I am a confirmed chocoholic. Thanks for hosting and for taking the time to read. Bernie

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      1. Nah Terri — attending chocoholics anonymous would mean we were giving up chocolate and that’s not happening for me!! Sorry for the late response — I totally lost myself in a book this week! Bernie

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