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Marvelous Moody Monday

It’s snowing to beat the bands or some such saying. I was never too sure about that one! It is bright out despite the total cloud cover.

On days like today when the sun doesn’t shine I seek sunlight in other forms and one of my favourite is to find the light in past photos. These photos from our snow shoe last week certainly hit the mark. The sun was out, it was significantly cold for November and I saw late afternoon sundogs! It’s the top left photo — not as vivid on the photo as they were in real life. The top middle photo kind of frames one side of the sundog and makes it look like a rainbow.

Love me some blue skies and snow!

I missed the walk yesterday. We had the “littles” for Saturday evening and returned them home late afternoon. In the summer they often come for a walk with me but it’s way harder in the winter for feet and legs their size. They do on occasion come out to the pasture but often it’s later in the year when there is more snow and they can toboggan down the hill. Sort of like in Grampa Dan and Nicky. They did try yesterday but there are still a few patches that just don’t have enough of the right kind of snow.

But back to today. I read a post today about thankfulness and gratitude. These are so important and I think we can all forget occasionally what a blessing our lives are, eveb if supper overcooks. Yes it’s got rough edges. No one truly has a white picket fence and we all face issues. But focusing on the negative like no sunshine or too much rain (as if) or weighing too much or too little (another big as if there!) distracts us from the important stuff.

It’s time to Reconsider Twitter —Scrap Facebook—Can Instagram—they’re all just scams to steal your time, stoke your worst side, incite your anxiety. Instead, read a book, write a letter, watch a movie, walk outside, take soup to a friend, start baking bread, breathe deeply, pray more…

It’s time to be thankful. November is a hard month to be the poster child for thankfulness, but there are entire books written about the benefits of gratitude on our bodies, our minds, our attitudes.

Perhaps it’s easier now, with the heavy lifting done (career headed to retirement, children raised and less financial hurdles) to find gratitude and thankfulness. Although I recall a January a decade or so ago where I did a daily post of gratitude. I worked full time with call and pretty sure had one adult child living at home. So even in the daily grind it’s important to remember.

Again back to today. I’m a late afternoon walker. I think it comes from years of getting off work at 4. In the winter, especially, the light is so precious at that time of day and often there is a ray of sunlight just before the sun sets. There was not a stitch of sunshine but I did manage to catch the clouds clearing for a brief moment. That little pop of pink has zero editing done.

Cloud cover, fresh snow = today’s walkingsquares

The road walk was entertaining to say the least. 1 raven, 1 flock of snow bunting swirling around, 1 deer and 1 crazy puppy going for a chase and 1 very deaf old dog. He detours and I’ve given up calling as he truly can’t hear. But he knows his way home and I just have to trust that he will make his way. The pup she’s got amazing recall and even part way through her deer chase she came back.

So even if November seems like a hard dull long month I am going to find the bright spots. The ones that turn a scrapped holiday in Mexico (courtesy of an airline major major hick up) into special project times. The seriously overcooked beans from Sunday, that didn’t make the #whatsonyourplateblogchallenge, exchanged places with today’s walk for #walkingsquares. The list of thankful items goes on. What’s top of the list for you?



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

26 thoughts on “Marvelous Moody Monday

    1. I will have to bundle up today and tough out that wind as we didn’t walk yesterday and the puppy tells me she knows that! It was so windy they didn’t even want out to go pee! As to the wise words – occasionally I get it right. Often I get it wrong but try not to beat myself up about it. Take care. Bernie

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  1. I marvel at your snowscapes as you seek out the sun … such a different view from what we see in Singapore. Here, we hide from the sun in order to enjoy our outdoors. So, I tend to be an early morning walker/runner – too humid and hot otherwise. Different strokes, right?


      1. I am definitely an evening owl but not really a night owl. Try to keep a regular schedule to help sort out sleeping issues.


    1. I feel like sometimes we forget in the daily of life how much gratitude we should have. And, thanks to you, I am working on a post about overcooked beans! Bernie


  2. Lovely collection of snowy images and those golden rays of sunshine. It’s currently snowing here, which I’m pretty excited about. It’s our first snowfall of the year, so the novelty of it hasn’t worn off yet. My least favourite thing about this time of the year is just how it gets dark so early. We certainly have a lot to be grateful and thankful for. And it’s important to remember that.


    1. I never seem to grow tired of snow until about late March or during April but by then the sunlight is returning and I am just happy with that. I try to remember to practise daily gratitude even when things are less than perfect. Take care. Bernie

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  3. I deleted FB years ago. A good decision. I am, however, thankful for IG & Twitter. I find IG encouraging, all the happy pretty photos make me smile. And as for Twitter, I laugh all the time when I’m there. There are some brilliant people on Twitter who get to the essence of things.

    Of course, I’m not on my phone every hour of every day so I’m seeing these things occasionally, not a constant deluge. This might be why I like those social media.


    1. Ally, I have Twitter in case the power goes out (which is does fairly often) so I can get the latest updates. I like seriously don’t get it. My daughter probably spends 10 hours a day on it, maybe more. I worry about that, quite a bit actually. I spend too much time on IG and so have set a limit of 24 mins per day. FB is just an occasional thing – within 2 minutes it annoys me and I am off. I like it because I can keep in touch with family and friends that live in England and Australia as they like it better than emailing me pictures. So no limit needed there as the algorithms drive me nuts. IG is also starting to do that. WP is my real one and is it social media? I guess so but in a different way.

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      1. 10 hours per day?!! I might stay on Twitter 10 minutes, but that’s about it. I cannot imagine. IG is fun, but again I don’t get drawn in and don’t go there daily. I don’t know if WP is considered social media. I consider all blogging [anywhere] to be a step above social media, more like memoir lite.


      2. Memoir lite! That’s a good one Ally Bean. Yes 10+ hours per day. She is addicted to it. It does something for her ADD mind I guess.


      3. It seems that’s the “place”. WestJet (Canadian airline) announced cancelations on there and Facebook. I am still waiting for my email to tell me I’m not going to Mexico.

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    1. Perhaps gratitude is easier as we age? The heavy lifting of life is done and it’s just age that becomes the issue? Enjoy your Tuesday. Hope you get some sunshine. Doesn’t seem to be happening here. Bernie

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