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Glass half full? Pick me.

How many topic changes can I hit in one week? Just keep reading and find out!

My dad seemed to be a glass half empty kind of guy. In his defense maybe life as a farmer had got to him by the time his youngest (I was born when he was 44)  was old enough to recognize personality traits. Perhaps my older cousins and my mom would disagree with my assessment. But that belief has shaped my adult life in that I want to have a positive energy. In essence the glass half full kind of person.

Half full/half empty but it’s beer so it’s 👍

This is probably not the tangent that Terri, who hosts Sundaystills, was thinking when she set the theme as glass.  It seems I often go off on a tangent with these. Now let’s see what else I can find in my archives for pictures and how I can blend it together to create a #Sundaystills post by say Throwback Thursday?

A different kind of glass but a fairly iconic one really. Mason jars have been around since 1858. In 1884, Ball Corporation began manufacturing glass home-canning jars and although the lids have changed the concept is the same. Fill with something you have grown or purchased and enjoy later. Glass stands the test of time in this application as does the preserves in the winter. It’s like opening a piece of summer.

Fruits of my labour – literally

Of course Mason jars have many uses and they make a perfect carrier for flowers. What a wonderful way to keep your glass half full is when it’s got water and flowers. Do you know that flowers, like hugs, have been scientfically proven to reduce stress? So these jars represent love and joy.

A flower gardener’s produce use of glass

The green looking jar brought sadness to our family when young Jura drank from our slough water and caused it to be a Bittersweet supper. The fluid in the jar can definitely represent the burdens we carry around with us and how sometimes they seem solid around us. Resiliency is important at all ages and stages and not just for work issues.

Not the usual fridge contents 😔

The jar below represents to me work. Hard work. Daily work. Always fulfilling your obligations. Even if my dad was a pessimistic person the biggest life lesson he taught me is to keep going. Even when it’s hard. Evĺen when you want to quit. You just don’t. Perhaps the reward is porridge with cream on it or a special treat like home made ice cream but it is all obtained by a commitment to completion. This so applies whether it is finishing up 4 trays of tomatoes for the canner or sewing a costume. Do one step, do the next, keep going so thanks Dad for that personality trait.

How can it not be good for us?

Ah the appearance of beer in the glass again but this time it represents partnership and an adventure.  I guess in essence every partnership is in itself an adventure and one can only hope they nailed it with their choice. But it doesn’t always happen that way and it makes me feel so blessed that we’ve survived a few storms and crossed a few borders both literally and figuratively.

Beer (again) but with a castle view!

So even though this set out to be a Sundaystills blog challenge I think perhaps it’s a ode to my word of the year hope. A glass full of hope please bartender.



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

20 thoughts on “Glass half full? Pick me.

  1. That post is a Glass Act Bernie. I always recall mason jars and canning times. Mom would be canning non stop for weeks. We still have some jars here, but do not can much these days. Our kids use them as drinking glasses. Hope all is well. Allan


    1. Yep it’s a glass act all right! You are so punny! Drinking glasses hey – another vessel for my beer! Almost finished the last of the garden produce. Just one tray of tomatoes left and 1 squash and 1 pumpkin (both from my SIL). Things are good here Allan. Hope they are for you as well. Bernie

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love where you took this post! I’ve never canned anything, but I love the idea of opening one up and “tasting summer” in the middle of winter. Best of all was your last reflection on partnerships. They can be challenging at times, but (hopefully) the good far outweighs the bad.


  3. I like jars and think your idea that mason jars represent love and joy is spot on. I also like your word of the year and hope you’ll allow me to say that my word of the year is *enjoy* which brings me back to the jars. Which I am enjoying.


    1. Thanks Kirstin. It felt like a good use of the prompt. Love milk in glass jars! While it harkens back it also gives me hope that mankind is shifting their mindset to less waste. Good to hear from you. Bernie


  4. I just love this post, Bernie! A glass of hope is something we can all use these days. I love all your analogies and wise words gleaned from your life of going through the daily grind as we all do. A glass half full is a healthy attitude indeed. I’m sorry to read about Jura. I know too well about losing sweet pets unexpectedly.


    1. Thanks Terri. I always have fun with the prompts. I find enough to write about regularly but like the challenge of them so thanks for hosting. Not sure I have that many wise words as I screw up regularly but thanks for the compliment. As to losing pets it was so jarring as we just never realized blue green algae happened so quickly nor did we see it. It was a tough one for the kids and we both felt a heavy share of responsibility as it’s our land. Bernie

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We had heard of it and of a Rancher losing like 60 cattle to it. Apparently up here it has to be the perfect storm. Hot hot and no wind. Which would explain why we don’t have it lots around here. If it’s hot it’s usually windy.

        Liked by 1 person

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