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The call came at an opportune time so I decided to answer it.

For about the 17th time it was Google about about Google ads. This was the 1st time that One of us had not just hung up directly. Because, you know, spam calls just are so annoying that one just does hang up promptly.

Indeed the 1st sentence out of the robot’s mouth was “please do not hang up”. So I followed the prompts and quite quickly got to a real live person. Which is where the call goes sideways.

I was now speaking with a younger sounding man with a very Southern Sort of accent. He asked if I was responsible for the Google account attached to the Friends of the Forestry Farm House. I said yes this is the non profit that I am the president of. He went on to inform me that we were not optimized for search words and that for a certain fee that could happen. To which I said no that’s OK we’d like to sign out of that. Apparently said no one ever?

I said we’d had like 17 phone calls about this and we just wanted them to stop. To which he said but if you’re not optimized people won’t find your business and I said it’s not a business it’s a nonprofit. She said well you need to optimize so that people can find you and I said well know we’re happy with how people do find us. To which he said “will after 17 phone calls you would think you could understand how this works about the optimization but it seems you can’t so you should check with someone else on your board who could understand it. To which I said I do understand all about optimization and big business trying to take money from non profits. I said it doesn’t matter if I check with the board we do not want to be optimized and have to pay for this. And I said furthermore your phone attitude is very condescending.

And as I waited for his response I realized he hung up on me! I was never rude and i totally understood what optimization for search words meant. In fact I never had time to be rude because he kept interrupting me.

So now, dear blog readers, let’s prove that young man wrong. Please type in Friends of the Forestry Farm House into Google and see what happens. Chances are very high you will find our website which is managed by a dedicated volunteer Bernadette. It might also direct you to our Facebook page which is managed by yours truly and a volunteer named Cyndi (who does way more on it than I do). It might pull up a Western Producer article that I wrote. Perhaps a thing or two about the City of Saskatoon. Pretty much everything about us is searchable with Friends of the Forestry Farm House. It’s not like there are a ton of businesses and groups with the same name. No money needs to change pockets.

But whether or not we will be removed from their phone call list remains to be seen.

And now that I’ve shared that fun encounter regale me with yours!



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

18 thoughts on “Really?

    1. Well apparently 17 times later I should have been smarter 😅. In my “defense” it was the only call I answered and I understood it totally! Thanks for looking up the site. Bernie

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  1. Found it at the top of the list. No issues, other than A-holes phoning to improve the site’s visibility. I have been getting harassed on WordPress by contact requests and by Spam comments wanting to improve my SEO for a fee or asking me for money for their pull at the heart strings story. I do not even entertain them any more. Everybody has something to sell, I guess. Happy Wednesday. Bernie. Allan


  2. As if they can batter you into submission by aggressively calling…and as if you’d engage at all after that rudeness! I found Friends of Forestry Farm House on the first try…


  3. I had one of the scam calls to ‘fix my computer’ that he could tell was broken. ..I said ‘sure…can I give you my passwords and my banking information too?’ which he responded ‘and your bra size’…. I was like ‘woah…that went sideways quickly’ and he hung up on me. 😂😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️

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    1. Exactly. No money needed and no need for him to be so condescending about “my not understanding optimizing”. Thanks for looking it up. I didn’t include the link as I wanted to see if it was as easy as I thought. Bernie


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