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#WOYP “Sea” food edition

We did the “sea” food and eat it tour of Prince Edward Island. Not a bad choice on thoe menus.

We love where we live and we eat well from the land but let’s be honest we don’t have a sea. Therefore all seafood is frozen so when we get a chance to eat it fresh…. heck yes.

And eat it we did. Every… single…day!  Mussels, lobster rolls, crab cakes, fish and chips, lobster, salmon and fish tacos all played staring roles. Suppers were so delicious.

Which is a good thing as the continental breakfasts were pretty meager! The first 3 places were out of yogurt so basically it was toast and peanut butter!

Lunch was our standard ‘take a cooler pack a lunch” which is buns, meat, cheese, veggies, cookies and apples. Good thing we were self sufficient as loads of time lunch was had in the middle of nowhereish.

Even supper was hit and miss on whether or not the one restaurant in town would be open. Lots of Monday Tuesday closures so that got us two weeks in a row! Some nights we biked a further 2 or 3 kilometers to find somewhere to eat. But trust me we never starved but we did plan ahead.

The one other local delicacy that everyone raves about is as good as they day! The province has a lot of dairies and process their own products. So the butter, milk, chocolate milk and ice cream are local. World renowned ice cream apparently and it really is very very delicious. While they don’t have a ton of flavors what they have are so unique and rich and full of added goodness. It’s probably a good thing that it was closed in 2 of the locations we went to. They had a very small self guided tour so we saw the vats and the t-shirt production line.

There are 3 local food groups that PEI is known for and I am sure no one here needs me to tell them that potatoes are a BIG deal here. I talked about the farming of them here at Seas the Day. It’s a big industry and I really enjoyed the time at the potatoe museum.

So there you have it. The Prince Edward Island addition of what’s on your plate blog challenge. Worth the trip! Thanks to Donna and Deb for hosting the challenge.



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

8 thoughts on “#WOYP “Sea” food edition

  1. I can totally relate to needing to plan ahead on your meals. But we never had a meager continental breakfast. We must have stayed mostly at different places (although I believe we both stayed at Bishop’s Rest).
    Your food pics here are delicious and have successfully made me very hungry!


    1. Oh the breakfast at BIshop’s Rest was the BEST one we had. Some were meager but as I said we didn’t starve. So glad my photos made you hungry and want to hike more of the trail. Thanks for hosting and for following along on the trip. Bernie

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    1. We had been warned so were able to plan ahead Janis. I hope you managed not to go hungry any of those nights and did eat well. It’s always fun to travel for that reason. Thanks for reading along on the trip. Bernie

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  2. Yes to all the fresh seafood!!! I stock up when the fresh wild-caught salmon is available on the island, and I eat fish twice a day when visiting Barbados. I haven’t had Cows ice cream in decades, but I remember it well.
    Sounds like a pretty yummy vacation, Bernie!



    1. It definitely was a good vacation for food but hey we biked a long ways so it seemed like it was ok. Also consumed a few beer but no one has a beer challenge!! Hm….. Thanks for following along on the trip. Bernie

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  3. Looks like you ate pretty well Bernie. I am with you. There is little point eating seafood in the Prairies. But, when you are on the coast, you can’t get enough. Stay well. Allan

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  4. Sea food certainly, ice cream probably, but I don’t care how long PEI has been doing potatoes because a potato is a potato. It might taste a little different because of the weird red soil but that’s it. I stand by what I’ve always believed and that is that the only thing that makes a potato good or bad on your plate is how well it was cooked. I’m definitely with you Bernie in that travel and enjoying the local foods go together. I love to discover new dishes and new flavours wherever we go. Except maybe for potatoes.


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