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Sea and Sand

Sea and sand

Sky so blue

Pretty land

Such a view

Today we hit the 200 km. marker. It felt momentous enough to stop and record it. We’ve done well over that number as we’ve been “rogue” off the Confederation Trail for a couple of days.

Glorious days that sent us alongside the ocean. The smell and the sound never far away with lots of opportunities to stop and explore. It’s hard not to love a place that seems to have more beaches than people. Plus lots of it is National Park so one knows it will stay that way which is a great thing.

The waves were crashing today as apparently the tropical storm Earl is pushing water around. But the skies have remained cloudless for days and the temperatures hover around 22. The nights cool off quickly, a reminder that it is after all September.

Interesting though that as close to the ocean as we are the sounds and sights of harvest are never far away. We’ve seen combines, balers and hay haulers regularly. We’ve also seen fishing activities on the docks that dot the shore line. We’ve seen big dairy barns in a province where you can only own 3000 acres. We’ve seen a lot of corn, soybeans and potatoes still in the field. We finally saw 2 small herds of beef cattle, both today. It feels weird to talk about crops and seafood in the same paragraph but here they coexist quite handily.

We got to our destination today fairly early which meant we had a relaxing time sitting on the front veranda enjoying a brew. Or two… while overlooking a cemetery.



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