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3 months ago…

3 months ago today seemed like it would be “the right day”. 3 months ago today seemed to be a long distance off. 3 months ago it all seemed like a good idea.  And now….

Time marches along like the sun in the midday sky. It sneaks through the hour glass in the darkness and upon rising another day is upon us. And suddenly, or so it seems, May becomes August. The spring gives way to the bright heat as summer descends.  Slowly the nights cool and 3 months have flown by.

It’s easy to look back and feel that time slipped away. Yet it didn’t.  I lived those months fully, chalk full of summer time obligations and opportunities. Pool time with the Littles and evenings at the soccer pitch. Reading time on the veranda interspaced with picking berries or making pickles. A huge big outside project that had so many phases as well as that never ending 12 yards of mulch. So the time flew by and today arrived.

I was asked to create a family treasure and today was the day that what I imagined and crafted was delivered. Definitely a #giftfromtheheart. There were moments throughout the process where I was convinced the gifts would not be ready but somehow they were. The last stitches were put in the day before while traveling to deliver them.

Stitching trees surrounded by trees!

I will do, in the nearish future, a post about the entire project but wanted to do this post today that speaks to hope, determination and living life to the fullest.



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

19 thoughts on “3 months ago…

  1. Hi, Bernie – When I am planning something, 3-months always seems so far away. And then BAM! It those 90-and-some-odd-days sneak up on me Just. Like. That!
    Your stitching is absolutely beautiful. I know that it will be treasured!


  2. Hi Bernie, You have a way with words and with creativity in general. The gift from the heart looks impressive and I am certain, even better in real life. Very moving words “…hope, determination and living life to the fullest.” You have amazing karma, Bernie, and it creates a ripple effect. I look forward to reading more about the entire project. 💕


    1. Yes literally and figuratively — that’s exactly what the post was about. Pushing through and yet living in the moment. Good to hear from you Ally. Hope that reno isn’t driving you crazy! Bernie

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    1. Thanks Janis. It’s kind of nerve wracking creating for someone else. I certainly feel less vulnerable when I share words that I create versus a lasting gift. Good to hear from you. Bernie


  3. Looks fantastic! I am sure that the two recipients of your latest creations will be delighted to receive (not only a piece of their late Mother’s work) but that their cousin was able to create these special pieces made with “Love”.


    1. Thanks so much for your encouragement with these pieces. At times I felt daunted but you reminded me of the bigger picture. There were tears when I gifted them! The best kind of thank you!


    1. I didn’t quite think I was going to make that goal Allan. Stitching right up until about 20 mins before we hit my cousin’s driveway. Good to have goals is so true. Hope you are having a good Sunday. I’m fortunate enough to be at a BC lake for my Sunday so you know it’s good! Bernie

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    1. Ah thanks Jane. That was just a sneak peak. When the actual post comes there is more to see. I really intended this to be more about the time and how it slips so quickly by.

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