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This & That

I’ve been “off the wagon” so to speak in blogging. Honestly I am not sure why but we shall see if the thoughts and words can flow. It truly will  be some of this and that. Remains to be seen if I can tie it all together at the end.

The multitude of greens are a feast for the eyes. The wind ripples slashes the grasses that are benefitting from the small dabs of rain we have had. The garden is finally in. It took days seems we worked s l o w to accommodate my cranky back. It’s early yet so nothing is up yet, not even the nasty weeds.

But the best spring harvest stuff has progressed nicely. The long wait for the asparagus was so worth it. This year we’ve already had four dinners worth of that marvelous spring veggie. It’s so amazing to watch how quickly the stocks grow. I started 8 plants from seeds plus added 4 purchased root stocks so expanded the patch significantly. Done with the help of Young A who was amazed that she would be 8 before we could eat any of what we were planting.

Harvesting rhubarb has also begun and that’s so so exiting. Yes definitely worth two “so’s”. For a plant that is hard to kill my original rhubarb plant was super unhealthy. We were gifted two plants the spring we went to Scotland. I predug holes and my lovely cousin deposited  plants from her original acerage garden into them. And now rhubarb galore!! I’ve already started filling the freezer with it plus making a favourite; saskatoon rhubarb compote.

Delicious and good for you. No sugar, no fuss, minimal work and tasty with yogurt +/- nuts or granola.  So that’s the #whatsonyourplateblogchallenge for June but honestly the grandchildren and I eat this year round. The limiting factor has always been the lack of rhubarb and I often harvest at various friends gardens but not this year!

I took to Facebook for help this year in what to plant in the planters. Last year they looked absolutely ghastly. Loads of suggestions for sun and wind tolerant plants. I took off for the nursery and shopped. I freshened up the potting soil, planted and watered. And then the wind blew and blew and blew and blew some more. Nope not exaggerating at all. It’s been gale force for days and only dies down at dusk and starts again at dawn which means only a few wind free hours.

May was as hectic as I anticipated. The days literally flew by with commitments and the to do list. There was, finally,  some volunteer work commenced (it’s a cornerstone  of  Younger Next Year) as well as swim lessons with the Littles. That’s been an adventure all right and it’s amazing how tired 30 minutes in the pool trying to wrangle a 3 year old and helping a 5 year old can be! Lesson learnt that next time it will be one child at a time. There was a trip south and some time spent on construction. Add in work and a couple of pails of weeds most days and boom. The month is gone.

I strove hard to stay focused on good healthy choices and a decent amount of activity.  I’ve biked more already this year than I had biked by mid July last year. Ready for the outdoor pools to open so I can hit my happy spot when the timings coincides with a city trip. Swim bag is repacked and already in our new sexy SUV.

As per usual I also spent some time reading; the best byproduct of spending time with an ice pack. I just finished The Beekeeper of Aleppo. A book of despair and yet hope. I also read The Lilac Girls which carried the same message. Patience were also woven into the story lines. I’m next in line for Bluebirds and the first chapter carries all those themes forward. I’m back to reading Scattered Minds as I didn’t finish it in the first loan period. Reading for enjoyment is a lot more fun but I will get through it. Guess I also filled in the #whatsonyourbookshelf.

May was full of gorgeous sunsets. I’ve zip clue what sunrises are like because I am not into getting up at 0455. I can tell you though that dusk hangs stound till well after 2300. There have been a handful of warm days and some cold windy days but alas not enough rain. Although the hay field looks 10 times better than last year and the walking paths through the prairie are becoming overgrown so those are good signs. The gardens have been watered and I am so thankful we can do that. I remember my mom talking about hauling water in pails from the Coulee for their garden during the dirty thirties and how so little grew. We are hoping to expand our lawn area just a little but the underground sprinklers are creating a real challenge for the engineer. There always seems like there are so many top priority projects and we don’t make much headway.  I know it’s not true and you can check out how I know this at 1918 Eaton’s Eager

Perhaps there is the theme for this post. Patience is required in life. I know I did a post before about it called Patience grasshopper and one can sense my impatience reading the words. So here’s the question; does patience come with age or are some born with it?

Some of this and that alongside patience and hope.



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

16 thoughts on “This & That

  1. Rhubarb and Saskatoons? That sounds wonderful. I have to figure what’s wrong with my Saskatoon berries though – next year it will be hopefully in my to do list!


    1. Gosh — found this comment in spam… sorry. I suspect your saskatoons either got frost or the pedals blew off. They are a finicky little bush so don’t provide fruit every year. Bernie


  2. You ask: does patience come with age or are some born with it? I answer: both.

    Your May looks like it was delightful. Rhubarb is hard to come by around here, so those photos almost made me jealous!


  3. Patience is a virtue learned through life’s challenges! You are coming along just fine, Grasshopper! Hugs!


  4. Good synopsis Bernie. That asparagus looks yummy and good for you on the rhubarb harvest. WE have carrots, beets and cilantro up. Chives and rhubarb have been up for since the snow left, but no rhubarb harvest yet. I split one plant last fall and now have 4 other places where it is growing, but will likely take a year or two to hit full stride. The dust and pollen is cloying and no rain on the horizon. Stay well. Allan


    1. Allan, thanks for stopping in to read. Good to hear about your garden update. Helps me to realize I am not alone in the “it takes time” department like with the rhubarb. Yes the rain seems to be heading away again. It was not as dry a spring as last year but we certainly need moisture again. Bernie

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I think there’s a season or a rhythm to blogging, as there is with any pursuit, and you shouldn’t feel bad when it’s the ‘take a little break’ season!

    Beautiful produce shots…yum…

    I have read (and enjoyed, even through the sadness) Beekeeper and Lilac Girls, but I don’t know Bluebirds. I’m going to go look that up!

    Have a wonderful week, Bernie!


  6. Ah – I think patience is something that gradually comes along!!
    I love rhubarb – I wish I could just reach in and grab a jar of that compote Bernie!!!


    1. Well if/when I get back to Ireland I could bring you some! I suspect saskatoons don’t grow there although you probably have rhubarb. As to patience I also think like you that it is something that increases as we age. Thanks for engaging here with the comment. Take care Marie. Bernie


  7. This sounds similar to our spring. The onlu difference is that our rhubarb has been getting thin and so have the products we can make out of it.


    1. Glen, this is the first year I’ve really had rhubarb. In my experience, mostly from the farm growing up and my cousins acerage, once it starts growing it doesn’t stop so wonder why your patch is thinning out? I am feeling pretty fortunate this year. Thanks for reading and commenting. It’s always nice to hear how other gardeners are doing. Bernie

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