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Linking to Hope

If I should ever sit down to write all the words in my head I am quite certain I will become a confirmed insomniac. It seems to me that the words flow inside my head in the dark. The ideas glimmer and then seem to gel into place. But… the second I get up to write them down they vanish. That’s the gist of this post. I had it in my head but now it seems to be a bunch of fragmented spotty segments that won’t tie together.

It started with Donna over at Retirement Reflections borrowing my idea about a travelling book (I should link to hers and mine but the energy to do this escapes me tonight) and then my realizing her idea about the WOTY books was brilliant. Because somehow my commitment to the word is too passive. I am mildly seeking it but not somehow embracing working towards it. So then I used my Libby app to find, easily, a dozen books that jumped into my lap all centered around HOPE. Which then lead me to thinking I could tie this all up into a LInkz post about the my WOTY.

And while I’ve done that in 2 paragraphs I haven’t done it with any finesse that’s for sure. Not an iota of flair or a harmony of words that build. It’s a 24 piece puzzle not a 1000 piece puzzle. And perhaps that’s ok. Perfection at all costs can take the fun from life. Pretty sure there must be a message of hope in there but I’m tapped out. Too much insomnia, too much concern about a world (large and small aspects of it) gone array. I watched the northern lights spin and dance as minutes ran into hours the other night. So there you have it. A short update on how HOPE seems at this moment — tantalizingly vague.



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

16 thoughts on “Linking to Hope

  1. There are many times in life when I’ve had to find a way to be hopeful again whenever life got me down. Perhaps that’s just the journey of life. Maybe we’ll all encounter moments where we have to find the strength to pick ourselves back up and move forward. A good way to break your sense of powerlessness is doing something outside of your normal routine. You can cook dinner, talk to friends, or just simply make your bed. You can take steps that are easy for you to do and see how the actions improve your life. Thanks for sharing and have a lovely day. Sending you lots of love and virtual hugs your way! Aiva 🙂 xx


    1. Thanks Aiva for the virtual hug and encouragement. We are indeed doing something outside our normal routine. We are away at Fernie BC skiing for a few days. Trying to put things in perspective and let go of our worry for the choices of others. I think you are correct that life has these moments that make us dig deep. Thanks for the thoughtful comment. Take care. Bernie

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  2. Hi Bernie, hope is something we all need right now and I wish you well. I’m really hoping that one day I can see the Northern Lights. Take care x


    1. Things are a bit rocky here at this moment in my small world space but I keep hoping that the roller coaster of someone else’s life will quite rolling me over. Thanks for stopping by and good luck with the Northern Lights. As I said to someone else pick your month wisely as some months they rarely show up. Bernie

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  3. Hi, Bernie – This post makes great sense to me. Hope is so important to all of us. In our current times, it can be tantalizingly vague and exceedingly fragile.
    I’m glad that you’ve searched out some writing on this topic. I’d look forward to reading your reviews on the ones that you choose. BTW – I am now 2/3rds of the way through Annie Freeman’s Fabulous Traveling Funeral. More on that soon! 😀


    1. Glad it made sense – it just lacked the “icing on the cake” words and the links. My personal life and Covid and the world news are just so heavy right now that I decided posting without perfection was better than feeling like I couldn’t even manage that. Thanks again for hosting the link up for the WOTY and for the idea to read about it and really embrace it. Had no idea your word and my word would be so timely to the entire world. Bernie


    1. One does not have to be as far north you would imagine. I grew up just 30 mins north of the Canada USA border and saw them all the time. Now we live outside of Saskatoon and see them regularly. What one really needs is a dark sky and in that way we are really lucky with our location. It’s hit and miss but some months are better than others so if you are venturing north keep that in mind. Bernie


    1. And what a display it was! Too cold to go enjoy in my pj’s but we have a ton of windows that face north so at least I was comfy as I gazed. And ended up melancholy but I didn’t blog about that! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Bernie


  4. Hard to find hope right now Bernie, but we need to keep looking. The perfect is the enemy of the good. Small steps, gestures, thoughts, etc. are better than waiting for perfection. Stay well and keep the hope. Allan


  5. I am lacking in hope these days, Bernie. I think I get what you are feeling. It took everything I had to crank out a blog post tonight. I’ve been unable to write anything for days over worry about the current state of the world we live in. And because it just seems so inappropriate and fluffy to write about my privileged life, when even more people are dying and being displaced. But I can’t change what is going on in the Ukraine (and other areas where violence is happening around the world) so I might as well post about something people were asking about…Hope does seem tantalizingly vague for me too, at the moment. Stay calm and keep on blogging, I guess?


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