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Silent majority no more

My mother always said “if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all” and my dad was a firm believer in not talking politics. Which means I should stay in the silent majority of Canadians, who at this moment, are all biting their tongues.

But…I’m not going to be silent. My voice has every right to be heard. And I am not the only blogger to decide it’s time to be heard. I am linking up to several writers who’s thoughts echo mine and actually, honestly, say it better than I think I can articulate.

First up is a first hand account of an encounter in downtown Ottawa in a post called So now I’m a Karen?.  The trucker convoy and their “so called” freedom movement are keeping regular citizens from work and life in general. Interestingly enough the very freedoms that they are crusading for aren’t even implemented by the level of government  that they are presently encamped in front of. Public health measures are set at a provincial government level. So their anti mask anti vaccination rumbles are knocking at the wrong door.

The entire convoy started with the message that was appropriate for the federal government as it was about vaccination requirements for truckers travelling from and to the USA. What failed to capture in the minds of those responsible is that the USA has the same requirements so even if Trudeau gave in to their demands it would not change a flipping thing. The 85% of truckers that are vaccinated are the ones doing those runs.

These thoughts and many more are articulate well here in Outrage from a Canadian: a rant. There is indeed the back story of the now frozen 10M dollars and the second set of funds that is now rising quickly again. It should make the average “Joe” nervous. it certainly has here and with the following article written for The Line amps that up a degree or two. In Dispatch from the Ottawa front line he talks about a second encampment, one that appears to not be evident in main stream information.

The other interesting fact is that in the recent dissolution of the Coutts blockade they found approximately 15 individuals with a significant amount of weapons and body armour. The leader of that protest states they didn’t know it was happening even though it was right in front of them. I believe, quite strongly, that the main protest in Ottawa, has the same element running though it. One that does not have care about the anti vax anti mandate at all and is using this for a front to help destroy the democracy that our country was built on. I feel like we should all be very concerned about the behind the scenes stuff that is going on.

As to the bouncy castles, hot tubs, open fires and parking in a no parking zone I am in the dark as to why the police have let this go so far. This is no longer a protest and they are breaking the laws right left and center no matter how “peaceful” they are. It was very interesting to note the departure of the Chief of the Ottawa Police Department yesterday in a surprise development.

I am not a political junky and so can’t offer much insight into why Ontario’s premier has not waded in sooner. I would guess he didn’t want it to be his responsibility so he faded into the background — not his style but that’s what he did. As to Trudeau’s actions — safe to say I am not a fan of him but… and it’s a big but he is now taking action. I feel like it is too late — he also hide his head in a bush for about 10 days too long. Maybe he just wanted to be the silent majority as well but when you lead a country in crisis you need to be front and center.

When confronted with it personally on a highway in Alberta I want to give them the thumbs down or the middle finger up. Cooler heads in the vehicle said that wasn’t an option because there was more of them than us and in bigger vehicles. I still disagree with that but I respected the driver’s opinion. Fellow blogger Allan wrote about encountering them entering Vancouver here at Truck You! I agree with him that we can’t stay silent. That makes us complacent and when it comes to my country I won’t be.

I am a proud Canadian and I want our flag back. I don’t want it used as a tool of disrespect. I don’t want it to be seen as a tool of anarchy. As I said I am not a huge fan of our Prime Minister but I agree with his words below. This debacle in Ottawa has long gone from a peaceful assembly and the situation is more dangerous than the average Canadian realizes. It also has very little to do with vaccination mandates which are being loosened across the country by the provinces. But that’s a whole different rant post about rights responsibilities and political choices.

I know there will be many who don’t agree with me. And that’s fine. We can have a difference of opinion and still be respectful. It’s all about choices, responsibilities and the fact that none of us live in a vacuum. Even if the last 2 years have made us feel like we do.

So I will end with hope. Hope that the resolution of this crisis can come without blood shed. Hope that our flag can once again be seen as a sign of pride and not tarnished.



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20 thoughts on “Silent majority no more

  1. I’m so sorry to see this happening in Canada. We have so much unrest, conspiracy theorists, and craziness in the U.S. but I was hoping that our neighbors to the north were immune. Although I realize that the vast, vast majority of the population aren’t supporting the “truckers,” they are the ones who are getting the press. In the meantime, those of us who just want to live our lives, be safe, and take care of our fellow citizens are quietly watching in horror as our society is being dismantled.


    1. Which is why, Janis, I felt compelled to speak up. To speak for those of us who adhered to public health measures, wear our seat belts and pay our taxes on time. As I said in another reply comment I had no idea our democracy was so fragile that a fringe group could have such an impact. It seems we aren’t immune. Stunning how much money came into the two funds from the USA and abroad. Makes you realize there is a much bigger picture here than a tiny percentage of our population being annoyed about one mandate. Bernie

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  2. LIke you, I’ve been very disappointed in both the governments’ (provincial and federal) and the police response to the occupiers. Well, maybe not the police so much – I had lost faith in the police decades earlier when I had to deal with them while I was being stalked and harassed by my ex-husband. The majority of the police I had to deal with at that time were misogynistic and victim-blaming. I didn’t receive any real help until a female officer responded to one of my many 911 calls for assistance. Anywho, I have been cheered by the peaceful yet effective counter-protests being conducted by the “silent majority” of us who don’t want the stupid, racist, and lawless amongst us to “win”. I do give the finger frequently to people protesting masks and vaccine mandates (well, they are asking for folks to “wave” 😉), but I would hesitate to do so to these so-called truckers, for my own personal safety. Thanks, Bernie.


    1. I too am glad that there are counter protestors out there and if I lived somewhere this was happening I would for sure join in. The governments on all levels, other than the mayor of Ottawa, have been hiding from reality. Of course in Sask the premier sent the truckers a thank you note but that’s a whole different rant and one that as a sideline health care worker I could sink my teeth into. Sorry about your negative experiences with the police. I love your finger wave! That sounds so Deb! Take care. Bernie

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  3. Hear, hear. As an American watching this unfold I have the sense that there’s more going on with this convoy than just getting a few jabs. I am with you when you say: “One that does not care about the anti vax anti mandate at all and is using this for a front to help destroy the democracy that our country was built on.” That makes more sense to me, not that I condone it, but at least it explains the extremes surrounding this truckers strike. What a bunch of ungrateful yahoos, huh?


    1. Did you see the news of what weapons they uncovered in Southern Alberta? That’s “redneck” country but still that’s just scary.
      We grew up thinking democracy was just how it was but it’s more fragile than I ever understood until January 6th last year. In the USA it was a “riggered” election, here it is a health mandate. No correlation but working towards the same outcomes. I used to think world war three was the obvious next biggie but now I wonder… Bernie

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      1. The convoy keeps saying it is a peaceful protest and I believe that was the original intent, before Diagolon, the My Pillow Guy and the GOP hijacked the message. Also, just because a protest is peaceful, does not make it lawful. The continuing protest is far from lawful and the thing that upset me the most was when Edmonton City Police came at the counter protestors in Edmonton with billy clubs and threats of arrest while they allowed the convoy honking to continue despite the injunction against it. Parents usually teach their children at an early age that bad behaviour does not get you want you want. With rights, come responsibilities. With choices, come consequences. One American commenter told me that my analogy of the fight against seatbelts had no merit, but many of the protestors to that law looked, spoke and acted the same as those in the convoy. People need to know that they cannot always get what they want or win and they need ( I mean, I don’t want Jason Kenney and the UCP). The right calls the left sheeple, because the left follows the political will of the majority. But are the protestors not also sheeple, with their Diagolon patches, Nazi, Trump, Confederate, American, Soviet and other flags? It is a S— show throughout the world, Tea Party, Yellow Vests, the Big Lie, etc. Trudeau should have picked two convoy spokesmen to speak with from the beginning, so they could be heard. He should not have inflamed it with rhetoric. He needs to go, but now all parties need to speak with one voice to end this mess.


      2. And guess where I found this comment?? In the spam of course. My guess is that there were too many “scary” words in it and somehow it got censored. Although it’s not the first time I have found your comments there — it happens to a few other ones as well. Not sure why. As to your comment I think you have read the situation very succinctly. And we as the silent majority do need to let our MP’s know what we thought even if it doesn’t have an impact. I am just concerned that these fraction side groups can somehow impact long term change in Canada by buying their way into a cause group. I don’t ever want any of them inside the Parliament Buildings. Now Kenney has stated the war will be good for oil prices and Moe continues to waggle on about Trudeau and the Emergency Measures Act meanwhile lifting all restrictions but leaving our State of Emergency in so he can control workers. The world is not a happy place right now. Hope seems in short supply. Time to put our head down and go bake bread I think Allan. Bernie


  4. Here, here Bernie. The truckers, like all of us, want Covid over. I get that, but just like a spoiled child who takes his toys and goes home when he has to share, their rights are only their rights as long as they do not infringe on anyone else’s rights. Protest yes, disrupt yes, but protest and disrupt politicians not people and do it peacefully and “lawfully”. Now, Diagalon is involved. I agree JT blew this badly by being the first to put the mandate in place. Why did he not wait for the U.S.? Bad behaviour begets bad behaviour unfortunately. Our politicians were elected to help the people, not help themselves and JT certainly will pay a price for his delay. Stay well and stay hopeful. Allan


    1. But will JT pay a price? Does anyone trust the leaders on the other side? Holy smokes they are a bunch of Yahoo’s. Also without electoral reform (that JT promised I and DID NOT deliver on) we are still left out to dry here in the West. Hence the huge level of dissatisfaction but yes you can be unhappy but you don’t have to be unlawful about it. Trying to stay hopeful on that front with a peaceful dissolution but it’s hard to say how it will play out. Bernie

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      1. We need to elect people not parties, just as Nunavut does and then those people elect the premier. The other solution is to have the provincial and federal governments combined, where the elected people serve in the province for 1/2 the year and in Ottawa for the other half. I am going to send a note to my MP, expressing disappointment they do not stand with the people or the other parties in stopping this mess


      2. Wow — I had no idea that Nunavut did this. How bloody smart. I wish we could do that. Here in Sask the rural urban split is pretty obvious and makes for some divisions. Perhaps the above way would make a difference. I am so “over” Scott Moe and know I will get no response from him but yes perhaps an email to my MP would actually get a response. Bernie


  5. Well said, Bernie. I want our country back, too. You said it all. I’m glad that those in charge have been cautious in their approach … to start. We don’t want violence, and I think that they hoped that cooler heads would prevail without having to resort to confrontation. But it appears that some parts of these groups, including especially in Ottawa are almost asking for confrontation. It’s not our preferred way, but it’s time. Thanks for writing.


    1. Jane, I was on the fence about whether to post or not but your post gave me the courage to do it. I feel like JT and DF were both MIA for a bit too long and now the action seems quite slow but better that than bloodshed. Take care. Bernie


    1. Thanks Donna. This group represents .03 % of our population so their voices should not be so loud. Unfortunately they have a couple of loud voices on their right side. Bernie


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