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Hit by a …

I’d have to say 2022 has started with a serious bang here in our household. Not of the fireworks variety unfortunately.

Although our 3 guests (all with rapid test negatives “under their belt”) were fortunate enough to see rural fireworks on New Year’s Eve as they drove down on our road but somehow we missed them. We had our usual wonderful time together and saw the new year in as we have done together for a few decades.

Then the cold snap but whatever. We are hearty and even at -35 I still walk the dogs daily. It’s so much harder when the littles are around but we do want we can to take in fresh air and get some exercise even then.

My first shift back at work after 3 weeks off didn’t get off to a great start. A dark snowy morning and neither the SUV nor the deer were winners. Firmly wedged into a snow bank but only mildly (well sort of mildly) shaken. The SUV is more than badly shake and deer number 4 may be the actual end of it. Won’t know until the middle of February as I can’t get it in for assessment until then. It is drive able but “it ain’t pretty”.

Then, on the one nice day between two cold snaps, the tractor went to clean up the driveway. Only the hydraulics failed to work. Then the snow started and the wind blew hard and the driveway became impassable. 15 years ago we did it by hand. Let’s just say that’s not happening anymore. One text and about an hour later and our driveway was cleared. It’s nice to have good neighbours.

But then it snowed and blew again and the driveway was barely passable with the truck in 4 wheel drive. So the trailer to haul the tractor and plough for repair had to be left at the end of the driveway and the tractor driven through the snow.

To add “icing to the cake” it has now gone from -32 Wednesday afternoon to -3 and rain last night. So all that lovely snow is now ice covered and the temperature is now dropping again quickly. Isn’t climate change just lovely? Not.

In the midst of all these outdoor fun times (is there a sarcasm emoji?) The Engineer came down with a sore throat. Turned up a notch with a cough and runny nose. Daily Covid rapid testing commenced. He stayed home from the only commitment that he had. The negative line remained constant. But then (you knew this was coming) I got sick as did our grandkids. So they are here with us and we are weathering that storm together. So far I’ve tested negative 6 times, Young A twice and Little Man C once. Let’s just say that was NOT FUN at all. I’d forgotten how icky runny noses are in 2 year olds when they don’t get how to blow. The 4 year old gets that but can’t handle how “hot” the throat lozenges and coughed so hard today she threw up her lunch on the floor. Meanwhile I can’t talk or read stories for long as I end up with crazy coughing spells despite lozenges and my hot drink. Sleep has not been great for anyone and we’ve run out of rapid tests.

One of those “uphill both ways” stories hey? Still can’t decide on the title. Hit by a deer – well technically I hit the deer. I feel like I got hit by a truck but it’s just an “average” cold. The tractor and plough feel like they didn’t hit a snow bank at all. My wallet will feel that hit. See so many options! Feel free to leave your take on a title!

And into all that came hope. Like a tray of cinnamon buns delivered to the end of the driveway. Like caring text messages and phone calls. Like the sun shining for most of the day on my birthday. Like my yearly card showing up at my house, which I so love. Usually it’s a definition of the word but this small passage of words speaks to me, in a way I need to hear.



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

14 thoughts on “Hit by a …

  1. What a time you’ve had…and for your birthday, too. I hope that today you are all feeling better, the weather is workable, deer don’t dare, and life seems calm and smooth…


    1. Donna — I think I have moved on from sarcasm emoji’s to huge eye rolls. It’s a very trying time for our entire family right now and so I am appreciative of your HUGS! I sure need them. Bernie


  2. Sending hugs Bernie. It has been a bear of a year and we are just 21 days in. Sorry to hear of scratchy throats, coughs and sniffles but glad all tests were negative. Amazing, when we get any twinge these days, thoughts go immediately to Covid. And yes, the weather has been crappy. As one who has collided (in an auto) with a wolf, deer and a moose, I can empathize. Can we not just get some F’ing hope this year? 🤗🤗🤗Allan

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    1. A moose — oh man I hear those are nasty collisons. This, as deers go, was kind of “average” but it was the massive snow at the end that was as much an impact. But 20′ earlier and the incline was super steep so at least there was that blessing. Lots seem to think we have Covid but with 11 negative tests under our combined belts we must be negative. Our friend who is asymptomatic tested positive first try. ’22 is definitely going to be a challenge in our household as there have been some other major developments so I think my life in the blogging world will have to take a back seat for a while. Thanks for stopping in. Bernie

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  3. Wow, what a month (and I guess I don’t have to tell you that it’s not over yet). I’m glad the sun was shining on your birthday and that you all have continued to test negative. I can’t imagine what it must feel like to hit a deer – fright, worry, sadness, then relief that at least you are okay. We can all use a little more hope, I think.

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    1. Growing up here on the prairies hitting deer is a pretty common thing. Amazing how they always seem to scamper off unharmed and the vehicle looks worse for wear. Now they may go die in the bushes that I don’t know. We live in a hilly wooded area and so see lots and lots of them. Now hitting a moose is a totally different story — very scary and potentially fatal. As to the month — it’s the start of a challenging year for our family so I guess we will find hope in negative tests and sunshine and not coughing through the night! Yea for sleep. Thanks for stopping in. Bernie

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  4. What a lot has happened to you already in 2022. I sit here in awe. I like the definition of *hope* on your card. Happy Birthday! I hope the rest of your year goes more smoothly.


    1. Oh and this is only the public consumption part. There is lots more but suffice to say I will probably not blog much about it nor will I be able to blog much in the next few months. Now not anticipating a smooth year but holding out for hope that it can be smoother than the first 20 days.

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  5. Well, I can’t in good conscience hit the Like button on this post as I wouldn’t wish what you’ve been through on my worst enemy! I hope you are on the mend, Bernie…and that your spate of bad luck is firmly in the rear view mirror.




    1. Thanks for the HUG! Let’s just say that the blog part is the better part of 2022 so far. There are a lot of behind the scenes stuff that isn’t, definitely at this point, blog fodder. I also hope I am on the mend so that the rest feels less insurmountable. Take care. Bernie

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