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#Sundaystills meets the 12 Festive BonBon’s

For several years I posted daily in December. My friend and I do an Kindness Advent Calendar and the posts tied into the activities. It was, I felt at the time, a chance to connect with readers and encourage them to see the season in a Kindness frame. It was fairly taxing pulling together a post every day along with the activities so this year I am switching things up. I am still committed to the Kindness Advent Calendar but I am attempting a multi blog challenge here with this one post that will cover “all bases”.

So my first blog challenge is hosted by Terri over at where you take the usual lyrics and give them a twist and add photos for a SundayStills. Mine is actually a riff off of the one that did called the “12 days of an Aussie Christmas”. I was inspired to do a Canadian animal version. I kept it to winter time animals and perhaps my stanzas don’t quite work but oh well. Then I skipped the whole repeat it a zillion times in between each line just because.

On the 12th day of Christmas my prairie view gave to me

  • 12 elk droppings
  • 11 mouse tracks
  • 10 chickadees flitting
  • 9 coyotes howling
  • 8 grouse a rising
  • 7 magpies squawking
  • 6 deer a leaping
  • 5 white weasels
  • 4 fleeting foxes
  • 3 moose munching
  • 2 hares hopping and
  • an owl in an aspen tree
An owl in the aspen tree (the only featured animal I have a photo for!)

Then I decided to do a second take on the same song using a different theme from Deb over at the and Donna over at highlighting the 12 most likely goodies to hit our plates (ok truthfully we just stand and eat at the tins but sometimes they are on fancy plates!). So here is that take. Again the stanza rhythm is odd off but hey it taste good! So here’s my #whatsonyourplateblogchallenge December edition.

On the 12th day of Christmas the baker gave to all

  • 12 dozen shortbread
  • 11 Nanaimo bars
  • 10 cinnamon twists
  • 9 gingerbread men
  • 8 butter tarts
  • 7 pecan turtles
  • 6 cookie dough truffles
  • 5 golden lefse
  • 4 tins of poppycock
  • 3 mini marshmallow squares
  • 2 peanut butter jewels
  • and a gingerbread house on a silver board
Last year’s (done just before the second lockdown) as this year’s hasn’t happened yet

And then, being Canadian of a certain age, I could not publish this post without adding a link for Bob and Doug’s 12 Days of Christmas. I watched 4 versions to pick the best and I chuckled each and every time. It’s dated but it’s still funny. Fancy that though I actually didn’t include any of those items in my own lists!

The last blog challenge is being hosted by a group of women (Donna, Jo, Sue & Deb) and it is called Festive Bon Bon’s. That theme of how we celebrate ties in nicely here. As you can see I get hugely into baking as I must make everyone’s favourites. Hopefully there will be a batch of ice cream churned up on Christmas Day as that is a tradition that dates back to when my dad was little and one we have kept going for many decades. There is always a real tree; the Engineer is very grounded in traditions and seems he does 90% of the decorating I am ok with it. I usually ante in with the outside decour. There are times when the Christmas music is going; usually the night we do shortbread. A favourite is Fred Penner’s Holiday Season (it’s an oldie) and more recently I fell in love The Hunter Brothers Silent Night (and I think they have a few more Christmas ones out now). As to reading -not so much until Boxing Day and then I tie into whatever book comes out of the stocking. But the party days are over – we used to host both his workmates (about 20 to a sit down meal) and my work pot luck that usually was around 40 to 50. Life is a lot quieter and simpler these days. We do hope to do a Christmas light tour with our grandchildren as one of the activities from our calendar (it’s a challenge to keep the youngest awake on the drive into and out of the city!)

The calendar I referenced above is the Kindness Advent Calendar . My friend and I saw an article about this several years ago and used that one as a template. It has a community focus and a self care background. Both so needed at this time of year. The expectations of the holidays can weigh heavily no matter the economic income. It’s supposed to be a perfectly magical time of year but it takes time, effort, some luck and money to make that happen and for many those items can be in short supply for many reasons. Which makes kindness and a helping hand so important which is why we create our own calendar to ensure that we are doing our part. So without further ado (I know it’s becoming a LONG post…)

On the 12th day of Christmas my blessed life gave to me

  • 12 acts of gratitude (24 really)
  • 11 gallons of “real” eggnog (with or without rum!)
  • 10 tins of baking
  • 9 games of cards (or more!)
  • 8 garlands hung
  • 7 strings of lights (x 13!)
  • 6 adults eating
  • 5 crazy dogs
  • 4 stockings hung
  • 3 gingerbread houses
  • 2 lovely “littles”
  • 1 turkey on a platter

So while the pandemic still rage on s the fourth wave has diminished here (although we now have our first case of the Omicron variant – oh yeah poop) so we can have unrestricted gatherings. Not that we are going to do that but we are definitely celebrating by being together as a family after we do rapid testing. No video links, real hugs. No outside visits, real hugs! Last year taught us not to take the little things for granted even if it means over salted gravy (inside family joke — my son once dropped the open salt shaker into the gravy as he was making it!).

I may go into blog withdrawal but I have bundled it all together into this crazy long post. So as we ease toward Christmas I will sign over and out until the New Year, allowing myself a lot more downtime. Which is good because I could probably do a blog post about the 12 handmade gifts of Christmas that I am still in the middle of creating.

Time to close off with best wishes for a happy holiday season that fills your soul. Whatever that is for each of you, for my loyal readers.



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

30 thoughts on “#Sundaystills meets the 12 Festive BonBon’s

  1. What a fun and funny post. I enjoyed all the versions of the 12 days of Christmas and all your yummy treats. I hope you have a blessed Christmas – all 9-12 days of it. 🙂


    1. Ah thanks Marsha. I had fun doing it. I still might do one more but I am “very behind” on the creative side of things so maybe not. Thanks for stopping in to read and comment. I am slowly making my way around the Festive Bon Bon circle! Happy holidays. Bernie

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I love to do that with challenges when I get the time. I read through all of Terri’s community last night, and many also submitted to the Bon Bon challenge. I don’t spend much time baking since I’m off sugar. It’s too tempting and I haven’t changed to baking with stevia.


      2. My husband would mutiny if I stopped baking! Plus I love the act of actual baking. Hope to have some time after Christmas to catch up on a few more of the Festive Bon Bon posts. Bernie

        Liked by 1 person

      3. My husband loves my cookies and begs me not to bake them. LOL. He’s pretty good about rationing his treats, though – not cookies. I am not good. I gorge on the ones I love, particularly cookies. 🙂


      4. Oh my — that’s funny. He begs you not to bake them. Mine is so lucky he never has to ration them! I try to just consume them on the first day as fresh cookies are the best but I must admit frozen cookies come a close second. So once I have finished baking them he packages them up and puts them in the freezer. If I am “lucky” I don’t find what container they are in because, like you, I am a gorger as well. Hm.. frozen chocolate chip cookies .. top 10 favourite things to eat! Glad to know I am not the only one with no cookie self discipline. Bernie


  2. Homemade ice cream on Christmas sounds delicious! Loving all the photos and reading about your favorite bakes. We used to do a lot of baking all December long but have decided to just bake 2 desserts this year.


    1. There would be mutiny from my tall skinny husband who has a high metabolism and loves his cookies! The ice cream is so amazingly smooth and rich. Just basic vanilla but oh so good! Thanks for stopping by and engaging here. Nice to met a new reader. Assume you came via the bon bon hookup. I am still reading my way through the posts. Take care. Bernie


  3. Oh Bernie you had me singing along with your 12 days of Christmas! It was a brilliant post full of all things Canadian and so much fun and love. I hope you enjoy your hugs (in person) and I agree we will never again take hugs for granted. Thanks for mentioning my post and joining in with us for our #festivebonbons linkup – I absolutely loved your post!


    1. Ah thanks Deb for all that love towards my post and my silly songs! It was inspired by you but took a life of it’s own! Long post so glad I didn’t put you to sleep reading it all. Yes to HUGS — I’ve always been on the hugging team and the last 20+ months have been hard that way. I was happy to do the link up and make it work! Yeah me (and Donna for giving me the link to the tutorial!).Take care and festive bon bons all the way to you and yours. Bernie

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  4. “Five white weasels!” Oh I do like that particular lyric. Your photos of your decorations are beautiful. We have yet to make any cookies, but our tree is up and decorated. It’s the two of us so a little bit of Christmastime decor goes a long way. Much easier that way, too.


    1. I was looking for an animal that could be described with a colour to match the stanza five golden rings. Now we have weasels and they are white in the winter but we’ve never seen five of them!
      The baking goes on for like 12 days here and Mr. Tall and Skinny eats it up. But it’s in exchange for him doing all the decorating and he goes big there! Even last year when we were in lock down and it was just us he didn’t really scale back. Heavy into tradition that guy but seems it means I don’t need to dust until Jan 3rd then I am ok with it!
      Thanks for stopping by Ally. Have a festive season. Take care. Bernie

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  5. Hi BernieLynne, I didn’t know you had linked to Sunday Stills until I happened on your Bon-Bon post in the link up! I just added your link. I love the baking theme for the song lyric–just perfect! Still chuckling over the “12 elk droppings” hoping you didn;t really count them, LOL! VEry well done and I enjoyed all of your festive bon-bons. Enjoy a fun Christmas season and all my best!


    1. Oh gosh. Probably means I did the link wrong (one of these days…). Ah yeah the 12 days of this and that. Glad you got a chuckle out of it. Thanks for stopping by and engaging. Best wishes for your holiday season. Bernie

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I enjoyed your 12th day of Christmas versions! Your baking and Christmas prep looks amazing. It must be fantastic for you to be able to plan real hugs and celebrating with family – I hope nothing will change in that sense before Christmas. The kindness calendar inspired me – perhaps I’ll create something like that!


    1. Susanne. Thanks for stopping by to read and comment. Glad you liked my 12 days versions. As to Christmas our provincial government is so so slow in making any changes that I seriously doubt they would even be thinking that Omicron means we need to change things. We will be careful and keep it super small. If you are inspired to do a calendar I will be thrilled to think that I’ve paid it forward in that way so thanks!! It’s very gratifying to do these acts. Take care and happy holidays. Bernie


  7. So much here that resonates, Bernie! But I do want to say that growing up on the shores of Lake Erie, pretty much across from Hamilton, Canada, Bob and Doug’s version of the Twelve days was an Advent imperative for us, too…


  8. Kindness and gratitude begin at home – and your home has both in abundance. It is a pleasure to call you our friend. Merry Christmas!


    1. Ah what a wonderful thing to say dear friend and collaborator in the kindness calendar. The same is true of your place. Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful family. Hope you got that job done! 😉 HUGS Bernie


  9. I think you have covered it all Bernie. Good renditions on the 12 days theme. If there was not so much opandemic around still, we could do the 12 days of Covid….Enjoy your break and tiume with family and friends. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Allan


    1. Ah thanks Allan. I still might do one more of the 12 gifts we created. The post made me realize how much I’ve changed in blogging. The “stats” don’t matter anymore and I do it to connect. Thanks for stopping by (you’ll still see me over at 365 until the end of December and then I will re-evaluate that as well). Hope you have a safe and relaxing holiday. Take care Allan.


  10. I got a lot of memories flash back of our Christmas traditions here in Australia and over the decades in my family. It was so lovely to read and view yours. Yummo to some of the foods I saw too.

    Take care and have a wonderful Christmas season!




    1. Denyse. As I wrote about our traditions I had a flash back or two to our Christmas in Perth in WA. So unusual and fun for us. Ah the goods here or there — all good! Thanks for stopping by and engaging here. Adds to the festive cheer! Take care and enjoy the season on the beach! I will be out tobogganing! Bernie


  11. How lovely to meet you over Christmas traditions Bernie. Thanks so much for linking up – I adore your take on the 12 days of Christmas & can’t believe I’ve missed Deb’s Aussie version…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jo – Deb had so many awesome photos of all the Aussie animals. Alas I only had an owl in a birch tree although I am certain I could have pulled up a deer photo. It was a super fun post to do and very very different than my usual December posts. Thanks for hosting and for stopping in to read and engage here. It’s nice to met the mastermind behind the plan and the writer of the books they keep all talking about (but which my library doesn’t have). Enjoy your holiday season now that you’ve done your share hosting this huge bon bon party! Bernie

      Liked by 2 people

  12. Hi, Bernie – I love the different ’12 Days…’ that you have written. Very creative!
    When I read the Deb’s World post with the ’12 Australian Days of Christmas’ I immediately sent her this link to a Bob and Doug McKenzie version (
    A Kindness Advent Calendar has my interest. I did a quick Google check and saw several articles on this theme. Thank you for this inspiration.
    And thank you for linking up to #festive_bonbon.
    Enjoy the holidays, and the REAL hugs.
    See you in 2022!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s so funny that you also sent along a B and D version for her!
      Yes the original kindness advent calendar was created in England and every year she does new ones. We very much personalize ours.
      Thanks for co-hosting Donna and the help with linking up. Enjoy your holiday season and hope you also get real hugs. Bernie

      Liked by 1 person

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