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D’s to S’s

Dawn – Dusk

Dipping down

Dismally dull

Depressingly dark

Dreary & dingy

What time is it Mr Wolf? Who knows in the constant cloud cover.

Sunrise – Sunset


Stunning & sweeping

Simply sensational

Soul satisfying

Moments of pure outstanding beauty

November slays me

Eyes blinded like a falcon hood

Dragging me ever down

Bring on December

Cold clear blue skies

Reignite my brain

There is some very serious weather s*** going on right now from the atmospheric rivers and devastating flooding to the Atlantic whopper storms. To mention nothing of heat domes and drought, crazy tornadoes and hurricanes. There is no doubt in my mind that climate change is real and that we all need to do our part.

Which makes it seem like my complaining about the incessant November cloud seems petty. But every year November just gets me down. Never mind that we had hours and hours of gorgeous sunshine and a beautiful late fall in October. The shortened days and the cloudy sky make my seasonal affective disorder hit overdrive.

So I challenged myself to have a “good” November. One filled with all the things that I need to keep me inspired. I have definitely managed on several levels such an increase in exercise and physical creativity (ie quilting and sewing). I’ve had a LOT of playtime with the Littles, a lot (says tired Nan happily). I’m working hard on phoning and connecting with people to counteract the isolation I was feeling. And every last time the sun comes out I stop and enjoy it.

Sadly though I can tell you that the two short stories that I was inspired to write are still inside my head. The only pen to paper I managed was the above poem inspired by Alan over at PictureThis. He does quite a bit of poetry and I decided to do my own take on the D’s and S’s of November. Finding my silver lining.

So here we are on just another Thursday 😉 in November. Where I wish I was in Palm Springs for the sunlight while enjoying those gorgeous blue skies.

But I am here enjoying sunrises and sunsets and those glimpses of blue skies and sunshine that taunt enliven my day. But in the big picture of things seasonal affective disorder, for me at least, is manageable. Anyone else out there getting the weather “blues”?



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

15 thoughts on “D’s to S’s

    1. Found this in spam this am — weird. Yes November is always a challenge for me. I prefer it to get cold and white instantly and that doesn’t happen. As to the flacon hood — our neighbour has falcons and he uses our land to hunt with them so I have seen them hooded a few times as he is coming and going hence the inspiration. Thanks for reading and commenting. Sorry for the late response!! Bernie

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    1. Ah thanks Donna. The words flowed out and yet they sit stuck inside on my short stories. I’ve tried hard to stay positive and spending a lot of time with the “littles” is definitely that. Yeah to sunny days ahead!!


  1. This November has me seriously considering going to Barbados at this time of year instead of February. February on the island can be more pleasant than November, in my limited experience. However my Ontario Barbados buddy might disagree with this plan, as their November has been pretty good, I have heard. And I haven’t been in BC long enough to forget what an Ontario February can be like 🥶.
    So for now, I’ll keep doing what you are doing – catch the sun while I can! And have lots of indoor activities lined up for the bad days.


    1. Ah Barbados – never been there but I am certain I’d like it in November! In February I’d rather have ski boots than beach towels. As to now – let’s just keep on doing what we are doing. Are you spending any time painting? Reminds me, once again, to go find that link and order paints. Hope the next set of atmospheric rivers isn’t as bad as they are predicting. Take care and stay dry Deb.

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      1. Oh yes! I am painting a lot these days. Thank you, bad weather!!!! Yes, I hope so too…we have patched up the roads from the last one…hopefully they withstand the next deluge. You take care too, Bernie.



  2. Good message and alliterative poetry Bernie. Fall is both uplifting and depressing. I think we are all just waiting for winter to hit, so we can progress towards spring and renewal. Freezing rain here yesterday made for some great car curling and unfortunately some fatalities. +6 yesterday and today, +9?? tomorrow. We will be walking on thin ice all winter. Happy Friday. Allan


    1. Thanks Allan for the inspiration. November made the subject matter easy. I prefer winter to be more constant and consistent with colder temperatures and clearer skies. Ugh to plus 9. I seriously disliked the chinooks in Calgary. Didn’t realize they happened that far north. Thin ice no fun at all so take care. Bernie


    1. Thanks Jane for the compliment about the poetry. Glad you aren’t affected. I didn’t know I was until I lived in Vancouver and that did me in. My husband would have stayed but I just couldn’t. I needed the sunshine. November is often our month for travel (pre Covid) and there are reasons for that (escape the dark cloud but be home for Christmas, winter and the ski season). Thanks for stopping by.

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  3. November envelopes me completely and tries to suck the life out of me. Hasn’t won yet, but has been awfully close . Almost over though 👍🏻


    1. Ah like a Dementor. Good analogy. Yes the cold hits in December and I look forward to it and the blue skies. Hang in there – we’ve got this! Good to hear from you.


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