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One step closer

With a few sentences and a click of the mouse I am one step closer. Just that easy.

Except it kind of wasn’t. I called it the Encore Act and I really truly enjoyed the teaching. I am quite surprised that I didn’t last longer. Truth is I found it exhausting this year. I did as well last year but thought that was just the Covid dance of Pulling Back & Busting Out.

There is no doubt I love to talk and to teach but I came home feeling like whipped melted butter. Just .. so.. tired. On paper it seems like an easy enough gig. 25 minute drive 10 minute walk 15 minutes to set up 4 hours to teach 15 minutes to take down 10 minute walk 25 minute drive. The weeks where I did that three times felt very lonnnng.

Yeah it’s not a long distance to walk. 4.48 km and 5 hours to be on your feet is not much for a seasoned OR nurse. I think it was the constant “being on”. Every minute of the 2 hours with each set of students was filled with teaching. Then repeat it again. There was no dead space or downtime in the rush to impart as much knowledge as possible in such a short time.

Then of course because it’s fall there’s lots of garden harvest to do. There’s grandchildren to hang out with. The never-ending jobs of watering trees and setting the yard right for winter. Try to add in some creative time whether that was writing or sewing or decorating. And it all added up to one tired Bernie.

So now I am one step closer to full retirement. I will hang on a while in my other job because I can pick and choose the hours there. It’s also “in my wheelhouse” and so I find it easy.

So indeed just like that I am one step closer to a more relaxed less hectic life style. Oh I know I will still keep busy but it’s busy of my choices. It’s writing, cuddling, creating, fitness, baking, visiting time. It’s becomes a chance to be more mindful in daily choices of how I fill the time.



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

18 thoughts on “One step closer

  1. Congratulations! We can only decide, for and by ourselves, when a task becomes a burden and no longer brings us joy! Trust me, you will never run out of things that bring you joy and fulfillment! Hugs Cuz!


    1. Oh I know I will keep busy and while I am still enjoying the other job I feel like it won’t be long before it disappears as well. More time to spend with those cute little ones in our lives! Thanks for stopping in and commenting. Nice to hear from you here. Take care and sending you a HUG. Bernie


  2. As we enter into this next life journey, this time should be ours to do with what makes us happy and complete. Everyone is different, and everyone takes their own time sifting out their choices. Life is good – share your smile – share your love!


    1. Ah thanks — my smile and my love go out to all my family and friends as much as I can and now that I’m not teaching there will be more to share! Yes it is another journey isn’t it — just one more job to “go”. I hope to be retired about the same time as Greg. Thanks so much for stopping in to comment — it’s nice to hear from you in this space. Hugs. Bernie


  3. After being fully retired for over seven years, that sounds completely exhausting. I once thought I might do some side gigs “just to keep busy” but I’m busy enough with day-to-day stuff. I’m glad you’ve decided to give yourself permission to fully enjoy your freedom.


    1. Janis, what surprises me is that I didn’t last longer. When I was working this seemed like a dream job but in reality my voice and my brain ran out of energy. That being “on” all the time is draining and so I am glad now to have a chance to focus more on other things. Yeah I can keep busy like you. No issues there. Thanks for reading and engaging here. Bernie


  4. Congratulations on being one step closer to full retirement, Bernie. I have been fully retired for over six years and have not been bored once (at least not often enough to remember).
    I absolutely LOVED my job (school administrator). But if I had to do it now, I”m not sure that I could. Besides, there is so much to do in retirement when would I find time for ‘work’?!


    1. Donna, I know when I get there that I won’t be bored either. I have a variety of interests and projects and of course my sweet little grandchildren to spend time with. Yea bored is not a word in my vocabulary. I am looking forward to the change for sure. Thanks for stopping in to congratulate me! Just one more job to “get rid of” and then I can join your ranks. Bernie


  5. I’ve always admired teachers and wondered how they could keep up their energy that long. I think it is a job for extroverts. I know I couldn’t do it. Good for you Bernie, for sizing up your priorities and taking the appropriate action.


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    1. Deb, I taught in my main OR job for 15 years. There were days when I just didn’t want to talk at the end of the day. I needed my walk on the prairie to return my brain to functioning. I am not sure how my teacher friends last 30 to 40 years. They need that summer to disconnect from “being on”. I am an extrovert but the older I get and the longer the pandemic goes on the more introverted I become. I like your words “sizing up priorities and taking appropriate actions”. And trying not to get sucked into the phone and life on line. I want to focus on some other aspects for a while but let’s just say that Libby and I are spending a lot of time together! Bernie

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  6. When I came back from teaching my art-journalling workshop in October, I told my husband — I don’t think I’ll do that again. It’s so tiring.
    And yet…. I love it!
    And so, when the studio called and asked if I’d do more in the New Year as several people wanted to give it as Christmas gifts… I said Yes! 🙂
    I am not good with those boundairies — and the fact is, I too love teaching — and you are so right! It is the ‘being on’ that is most tiring!

    Thanks for the beautiful insights this morning Bernie.

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    1. Louise, I do love it and I know I will miss it. I will also miss the chance to hang out a little in my old stomping grounds were I spent 38 years. I hope they find someone else because I can already feel how easy it would be to slide back into the job. So I totally get why you would say yes again. I hope you enjoy it. Glad you enjoyed the “insights” — interesting that for you you’ve stepped back into working after being fully retired. I suspect that is a challenge as well. Bernie


    1. I am pleased to be down to just 1 job now and it’s pretty laid back and easy to flex the hours as I want with it. I know that within the next year I may step back from it as well and enter full retirement. NO excuse then that I can’t find time to write! Glad you have been happy with your choice Allan — you and Patti certainly stay busy, fit and active. Take care. Bernie

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  7. You put in a lot of exercise, unexpectedly it’d seem. I like your last line about being “more mindful in daily choices of how I fill the time.” That’s an excellent way to envision retirement. Well said

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    1. Ally, I have become guilty of way too much on line time. I feel like I really need to find a better balance and so am trying hard to be mindful of why and when I pick up my phone. It will be a delight to have more time to enjoy fall activities without feeling the pressure of 3 days a week talk talk talk. Take care. Bernie


  8. We have been discussing this week that our retired job is,,,
    To eat well,but just enough,
    To move daily,
    To be creative,
    To learn. listen and share,
    And to love… especially the “littles”


    1. Elaine, what important words you have shared here. I will think of them as I plan and evaluate what comes next. the last one is so easy — love the “littles”. It’s such precious time that we get with them that it always ranks number 1 in my things to do. Take care and thanks again for stopping in and commenting. Bernie


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