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#Sundaystills Snow “leaves”

The leaves are long down and are now nicely buried under the first solid layer of snow. Bonus points for being both moisture and brightening up the world around as November can seem dull and drab here on the prairies.

The beauty of leaves

Lost beneath the snow

The beauty of snow

Lost in the minds of some

The trees are not forlorn and are merely resting out the season. They provide the wind breaks and the backdrops.The leaves have ceased their endless chattering and now become the mulch to hold the moisture in place. The snow becomes the canvas for adventures.

Ah such fun and games were had today. Toboggan, GT’s, snow saws, wet hands and hot chocolate with marshmallows. Not to mention wet boots and pant bottoms and dogs enjoying wild and free play time.

Fall has gone and I am ok with that. I look forward to the change of pace. Outside time becomes strictly just play time. Inside the harvest work finally finishes up and it’s time for Christmas projects and creative endeavours up in the attic. The darkness of the next two months off set by candles, the fireplace and warm lamp light. Perhaps more words will finally leave my head space and find paper.

Probably a different spin on leaves and trees that most who posted in response to Terri’s post Sunday Stills: #Leaves have Fallen from the #Trees.



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

21 thoughts on “#Sundaystills Snow “leaves”

  1. The Leaves have ceased their endless chatter was my favorite line. Beautiful to hear the rustling all through falls. It’s raining leaves here today with high winds through the day. We’ll enjoy Never ending leaf raking for the next few months!


    1. Steve and Cheryl. Nice to have new readers who engage. Sorry for the long wait for a response — found your comment in the spam folder this evening and then “lost it” when I actually approved it! It’s windy tonight but the leaves are safely tucked under a decent layer of snow. It’s the kind of night where the fireplace is a delight and the dogs don’t even want to venture out. Hope all is well with you in your travels. Take care. Bernie


  2. Hi Bernie, where I live on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia we don’t really have the four seasons and definitely no snow! I love your attitude that Winter can still have play outside in the snow and of course the activities inside such as preparing for Christmas, log fires and warmth offset the cold beautifully.


    1. Sue, I adore the four seasons and each has a place and time in our lives. Lots of winter activities to keep us busy if it’s not too too cold. We celebrated the granddaughter turning 4 with an outside party and it was -25. No one lasted super long but it’s a great memory. Thanks so much for stopping in to read and comment. Literally just working on the links for my “what’sonyourbookshelfchallenge”. Berne


  3. I have to admit I rather envy the prairies clear, dry cold, and soft white blanket of snow hushing down autumn’s last hurrah. The beautiful light in that big sky that reaches into eternity, and the outdoor shenanigans that involve toboggans, snow shoes and ice skating on a flooded field. Vancouver Island has its beauty for sure- constant rain and the diffused grey light for months on end also has its own beauty certainly- but when we do get snow on the off chance, then I am a very happy islander to have that burst of brightness and freshness in the air! Cheers!


    1. Ah how poetic you make winter sound! Yesterday it was a raging bull full of crazy wind and driving snow. I do love the “shenanigans” though. As I said to Pam winter outside time is for playing; one just needs to be hardy and wear good quality clothing layers. As to the beauty of Vancouver Island – while I love it in the summer there the endless gray light does me in as my personal solar battery goes empty and I get cranky!! I hope you get some snow to enjoy this winter Deb. So far winter is off to a crazy start everywhere it seems!

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      1. A tip of the hat to the will and tenacity of mother nature. Hope you didn’t get too buried under! While you had your snow storm we had the “Atmospheric River” (is this a new term the weather station came up with?)sweep through and flooded everything in western BC, I’m sure you’ve heard, including our basement -which is my studio. Can’t shovel rain! So that was an anxious few days. Three pumps going and all dry and back in shape now though- but another deluge is forecast on Thursday- sigh. Cheers, and regards from water world 🙂


      2. Yes the weather on the west coast has certainly been in the news. The only person I know who has downplayed it is my sister who lives in Qualicum. She says the media is over exaggerating it — I’m like really?? Many roads washed out and no way through the interior of BC to the other side of Canada??? Yes you can’t shovel rain and you can’t stop it from running to the lowest point. Hope this next storm does not turn out to be as bad as they are saying it could be…. Take care and good luck. Bernie
        PS we would take 10 times more snow than we have to help with the drought situation. We can always SHOVEL it!

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    1. It’s all work in the summer. Feels like very little playtime. In the winter , other than shovelling, it’s all playtime. We love snowshoeing and have the perfect location for it. Most people here dread winter and I try hard to embrace it Pam.

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  4. Hi, Bernadette – I love your creative takes on #SundayStills posts. “The darkness of the next two months offset by candles, the fireplace and warm lamplight” is reminiscent of Swedish hygge and is an excellent reminder for me to enjoy whatever the weather brings instead of (constantly) fighting it! 😀


    1. Ah thanks Donna. I am usually a smidegon outside of the box but that’s ok! As to hygge — when I first heard about that word I thought about how I embrace winter and try to lean into the dark and the cold. Candles for the win for sure and love our gas fireplace. Great spot to read and warm up after a snow shoe or a walk. Ah I might fight the weather if it brought me constant rain but then that’s why we left the coast! Take care and hope you get a respite from it. I understand it’s been crazy wet out there. Bernie


  5. I always find it amazing how much warmer it is in the forest than out in the open, even when the leaves are gone. I am with you. It is always good to see renewal and a slower pace. Happy winter Bernie. Allan


    1. We mostly have prairie with a few decent size bluffs but when the wind is crazy we walk in the ravine/coulee which is full of trees (technically it’s not on our property but we do have permission). The wind can make or break winter that is for sure. Take care and stay warm Allan. Bernie


  6. Beautiful sentiments, Bernie with wonderful images to match! As much as I love Fall I am happy to accept winter and its time of quiet reflection. This will be my second winter here and I’m looking forward to it in my own house this time. I love your idea of spending dark winter days in the attic working on creative ideas! Have a great week!


    1. I lived in Vancouver and really missed the colder brighter weather of the prairies hence our settling where we did. As to hygge and creative time — the best that winter has to offer! Thanks again for hosting. Take care. Bernie

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