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Engagingly Interesting?

I set out with good intentions and hadn’t thought at all about doing a social experiment. Certainly not one based on a false dichotomy but I guess that’s what I did!

In follow up to last week’s Remembrance Day activities I did indeed make crosses and poppies and install them in two public locations. I wrote out a thank you card to my home town for diligently tending the Cenotaph and I dropped off a hand written note requesting that Santa and his sleigh (across from the Memorial Gates) remain dark until after November 11th. I even signed it with my full name.

Then once I was home from all that I popped onto Facebook and posted the same message in two locations: my own wall (or whatever that spot is called) and on the small local community that we get our mail at. This is key — same words on both spots.

I am respectfully requesting that the Christmas lights stay off until after Remembrance Day. Give our veterans and this day the respect it deserves. Thanks.

On my personal page I had one “cares” button pressed by a very supportive IRL friend who feels the same way as me. I actually tagged a IRL friend who spends her engineering work days in the environmental sector and is passionate about sustainability. I had tagged her when I added the comment below and wondered if she had any numbers about how much energy is spent illuminating Santa sleds etc.

In fact save the environment and don’t turn them on until some time in December. Radical idea hey!!

But overall, as per usual, Facebook is very underwhelming and either it never made anyone’s algorithm or no one cares. So overall it was just another flat Facebook interaction. One of the many reasons that I often think about deleting my account.

But back to the interesting part. On the small town page, where I perhaps know 2 people IRL who subscribe there, the page blew up with comments. 32 in total. Most of them not agreeing with me.

  • That’s the thing about a free country. We have the choice.
  • This seems like a controversial post, just here for the comments.
    • To which admin said they were keeping an eye on it
  • Sorry ((how Canadian!))just put them up for the kids on Halloween and now have them off..then someone gave her heck for saying sorry!
  • My street is very dark. I like to have light to come home to. It doesn’t mean I don’t respect the veterans.
  • Not sure what lights have to do with respect
  • With the type of years we have has I think putting up the Christmas lights and decorations would bring joy to everyone. If you have the feeling to pass joy around then do it
  • Yeah use your freedom to police yourself and not your neighbour
    • To which I replied I wasn’t policing just making a polite request
      • That’s fair BUT also you were setting up a false dichotomy where anyone who puts up Christmas lights up is disrespecting veterans. Perhaps a better way to phrase this would have been something like “I’m not putting up my lights until after the 12th to honor the veterans”
    • A lot of them actually enjoyed seeing Christmas lights and trees up earlier because they were usually deployed before Christmas and wouldn’t get to see them otherwise ((other than Afghanistan vets this makes no sense. Christmas lights were not even a thing until the early ’70s at least in Saskatchewan))
    • The whole point of Remembrance Day is to pay respect to those that fought for the freedoms we enjoy today so put your Christmas lights on or don’t but take a second to appreciate the sacrifice made thank a veteran visit allegian Hall or your local cenotaph take the time to remember and show respect. (((Hands down my favourite comment)
    • And a couple that had a 💯 agree but wasn’t sure if they agreed with me or the fact that veterans don’t think it’s disrespectful to have lights on whenever we want

Keep in mind I know none of these people. If I knew them personally do you think their comments would have been different? Is this how things escalate in the world of Twitter? It’s easy to say something when you never have to look the author in the eyes. I was happy it didn’t end up being really negative and the administer having to step in.

I guess if I was so inclined I would do a few more experiments on various platforms to see what transpires. But it’s unlikely I’m heading that way as I just found it an interesting aspect to engagement.

I did the other day go down a rabbit hole checking out comments on the RCR Fernie Alpine Resort Instragram post about requiring confirmation of double vaccination to ski the resort (not just inside aspects but outside chair lifts etc). Holy smokes – it was an eye opener to read some of the “troll” comments about being either sheep or living under a rock. It was extremely heated and while a few comments were funny and some supportive the vast majority were negative to the resort or the people who supported this movement. Again just very interesting but definitely not somewhere I want to spend my time.

Here in the blog world there is a fair amount of silence, some like buttons and a handful of regular commenters who like to engage – positively. That suits me just fine. Well honestly I’d be happier if slightly more people engaged but I am glad no one rants at my posts or “yells” obscenities at me.

Have you had any negative social media interactions? Have you been trolled? Or are you like most people and just stay silent on most subjects and only expression opinions IRL?



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

13 thoughts on “Engagingly Interesting?

  1. I add my applause to voicing your respect for veterans. Seems we’re dealing with a lot more contentious behavior these days- folks will jump down anyones throat over any issue- but why for the act of simply holding off with the Christmas decorations until the 12th or the 13, even the 15- then go all out with the lights and the lawn Santa’s! Heck we can’t barley get past Halloween before the stores fill with Christmas decorations. Those that get all hot and bothered over someone who suggests waiting till mid November to deck the halls- to pause respectively, should get a lump of coal in their stocking. You did good ~


    1. Ah thanks Deb. I am not sure it really made anyone think but I guess it prompted some kind of discussion! Itam really is quite depressing who the commercialism of Christmas is so intense these days. I feel like it has snowballed in a huge way in the last 15 years and I try to turn it off as much as I can. We should keep the contentious behaviour for the issues that matter like climate change and indigenous rights.

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  2. For the record I agree with you about not putting up or lighting Christmas decorations until after Remembrance Day. Kudos to you for writing the people in charge to make your request. Facebook etc. has become far too toxic to put anything but the most banal information up there, and even then it may become criticized. No one’s mind has ever been changed for the better or enlightened due to a Facebook post – I am willing to put money on this! LOL. That said, I still pass on (what I consider to be) educational or positive quotes and memes, thinking it could cheer someone up. You do you, Bernie. And forget the haters.



    1. Ah the wise words of the Widow Badass! Forget the haters and do me. As I said to Ally Bean I found it interesting and not actually hurtful to me so good that I had thick enough skin for that. You are right about Facebook. I feel like it is just getting worse and worse with it’s negativity and spam and the damn algorithm that “controls”. Makes me happy to be a blogger and have OLF who’s interests I share so thanks for the support Deb. Bernie

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  3. I love you for doing this. I am laughing here, at the vitriol sent your way for asking one small politeness in this world. FB sucks, I left years ago, but it hasn’t changed. Your ‘friends’ ignored you, while strangers took aim.


    1. Fortunately I am kind of chuckling as well Ally Bean and not hurt or put out about it. I seriously limit my Facebook time as I find it very negative and not interactive at all for the most part. I still, and never will, understand their algorithm but it annoys me endlessly that I don’t get to see the info I want. I often think about deleting it but I like to be able to keep in touch with my family overseas. I like to think my friends “didn’t see me” because Facebook made me disappear. Glad my blogging friends were supportive. Thanks Ally.

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  4. Bernie Lynne, I agree that the blogosphere is a very positive space. I did a lot of un-friending and un-following on FB during the last presidential campaign and election and aftermath in the US; there was a lot of nastiness.

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    1. I would definitely say Pam that the blogosphere is supportive. Nice when you consider that a lot of other social media sites are not. I am just glad the post didn’t turn more nasty as you’ve seen. Hope you’ve found the “balance” needed to use social media but not be used by it. Thanks for stopping in to read and comment. Appreciate it. Bernie

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    1. I am still unsure how it became a “negative contentious” post but words can be perceived differently by everyone I guess. I have a friend who hates texting because she says you can’t tell what someone is really saying. Thanks for the support Donna – I felt strongly you would comment!


  5. And that is why I do not do Facebook. It seems that no matter what you post on Social Media, you will get the trolls coming for you. Your actions and requests were very fair and civil and if the opposing side wants consideration, you would think they would not get angry about your suggestions. People love to blame and shame, but few want to actually engage and discuss. That is too bad as discussion is how we all understand and move forward. I saw a good message today…There are lots of kind people in the world….if you can’t find one, be one! Thanks for doing your part Bernie. Allan


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