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“Mischief Managed” as the twins said

It seems I was off to a rocky start and wondered if I was going to get pulled to the headmasters office (aka someone on campus but I had no idea who).

I pulled up to the Memorial Gates and who should be parked there but two University facilities management vehicles. Ugh. They were parked on the north side with the tail end of the last one just inside the gate. The two men stood talking by the light pole.

I had limited time and a mission and couldn’t find my invisibility cloak so I just knelt down and got to work. I was concerned that the pounding of the hammer on my little wooden crosses would alert them to what was going on but I guess the traffic noise muffled what I was doing. I snuck a peek as I moved from the left side across the front to the right and at that moment they were getting in their vehicles.

They turned drove out and then literally drove down the street right past what I was doing. But I guess their minds were on the fact that it was nearly quitting time and they needed to get back to the shop as no one glanced my way.

So “mischief managed” in the best possible sense and most of my crosses and poppies were in place. The red doesn’t stick out as much as I wished but one of my friends did make note of them as she drove home.

My next piece of “mischief” meant driving around the block and to park in front of the house of the ugly Santa sled. I left them a very polite note asking if they would please consider leaving Santa dark until after November 11th. I then came home from the city and put the same message on my small town Facebook page and my personal page.

So as the twins said “Mischief Managed” quite nicely all things considered. Will the crosses still be there on November 11th when we attend the ceremony? Probably will be because the left hand will think the right hand did it and the right hand will think the left hand did it and so no one will undo it. That statement makes sense to anyone who has worked for a university or health authority!

Positive mischief – the note to the town of Ogema is winding it’s way there. Nicely written out on a beautiful hand crafted Remembrance Day card that the same friend as above gave to me… seemed like a great time to use it.

Anyone else get up to any mischief today? The reverse of that is that I inspired the aforementioned friend to create a wreath to mark the occasion.



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

9 thoughts on ““Mischief Managed” as the twins said

    1. Oh yes that’s exactly me! Good trouble full of energy and enthusiasm! And now I am better educated as I just read who John Lewis was. Wow – 17 terms in Congress. That’s amazing and constantly on the front lines making a difference in the lives of black Americans. I guess that was one of his sayings Janis? Good trouble.


  1. Good on you for doing the honourable thing. Will be interested to hear if the sleigh display remains dark until the 12th. Thanks for sharing Bernie. Allan


    1. In Europe it is so common to see little crosses with poppies on them at all the sites. I am not defaming these areas just making a statement. You are welcome for the references. You are an inspiration to me on a regular basis and I sure miss seeing you in person. Take care. Bernie

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