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Good things will happen

I check the calendar regularly. Below it sits the “to do” list, which even in semi retirement, I can’t seem to let go of. Today, for some reason, my eyes strayed to the words beside the pictures on the calendar.

Good things will happen

Custom created family calendar

Then my mind drifts. I distinctly recall a work chat one day when my friend talked about how they were predicting the fourth wave and we were like “well it shouldn’t be bad with the vaccination rates climbing”. Yeah so that’s not how it rolled out. At this point one doesn’t even need to go so far as to say the fourth wave of what it is we are floundering around in. I’d like to think we’ve got to turn the corner soon as the vaccination rates and the amount of people with Covid must soon equal 90. Please?

Good things will happen

My brother married late in life and so having a sister in law is still a new relationship for me. She’s a treasure and loves to garden and gifted me a pumpkin. I roasted it and turned it into puree. Then I pulled out the cookbook and made pastry. It’s never been my favourite thing to make or eat and for years my wonderful mother made pastry for me and put it in my freezer. My mother, at 95, is now settled into the nursing home. It was a rocky couple of months but things are settling down. As I made the pie I thought about the lessons I have learnt her.

Good things will happen

It’s fall and that means harvest time. Which means, with a big garden, a lot of work. I don’t do it alone and in the fall the Engineer becomes the muscles to all that digging and pulling. The grandchildren help with the hauling in their “semi” (aka our children’s wagon from 30+ years ago) and that actually saves me one more step. It also means joyous grandparenting time. Teaching them life lessons while filling up the freezers and the cold storage room.

We’ve also been helping their mama butcher up turkeys (chickens happened a few weeks ago and we were on hand those two days as well) as our son in law had hurt his back on the first turkey of day 2 (@ that point is was 7 down and 12 to go) so it was all hands on deck. I am not going to lie, I did all the easy parts and still I was exhausted. Our daughter managed to raise 2 kids, 19 turkeys, 70+ chickens, 5 pigs, a veggie garden and a fresh market flower garden this summer. All while her other half worked out of town 11 out and 4 back. She rose to the challenge. Neither she nor Young A or Little Man C spent much time on the 4 horses but she’s creating a lifestyle that suits their family. We are glad to be her extra set of hands when she asks. It’s amazing to see the growth of your own children and something we recognize makes us blessed; not everyone gets this opportunity.

Good things will happen

But, and doesn’t it always seem that life comes with a few of those, it comes at a cost. The garden, the helping out, even the beloved grandchildren to say nothing of the bigger projects. Or last week’s hiking and bloody long road trip. Right now my body, specifically my right hip muscles and lower back, hate me. Like really seriously hate me. I’ve been working away on trying to sort out what a 7 min yoga video and I did to my right hip area in February (the exact area that I hit on a full impact “dismount” from a horse named Tom a couple of decades ago). Some days I feel like it’s 2 steps forward and then the next day it’s like even a teeny tiny step hurts. To be totally honest, I am very discouraged. I am on a medication track that masks some of the pain but it’s been a challenge. I keep going and I remind myself it’s not cancer or MS or a stroke or liver disease or even Covid. The plus side is I’ve read a lot of books as I’ve iced and applied heat. I made a list today of what I’ve learnt and done so far and what remains to be figured out. I’ve also booked another massage, an acupuncture appointment and reached out to someone who does body talk. I’m trying to be proactive and not dwell on how hard it is to walk some days. One of those actions we just take for granted like thumbs that function, lungs that oxygenate our bodies or hearts that keep on ticking. It’s a reminder really not to take the body and it’s aging process for granted.

Good things will happen

Today was a grey cloudy day (if it rained cloudy days would be worth it but otherwise just go away and come again a rainy day) and feeling out of sorts I set to work to recharge my batteries with activities that fill me up. The last of the sunflowers, in a very freeflow (ok just randomly stuck into the vase to be honest) arrangement grace the kitchen table. I put country music on low and I baked. My timing worked out well and I had a loaf of multi grain bread, a batch of dad’s cookies (from those stellar Whitewater cookbooks) and carrot muffins out of the oven less than 3 hours later. The end product again a blessing. Good food and something to be so grateful for.

Just like Thanksgiving dinner. The food was all home grown except for the apple salad. The real blessing though was that we got to sit together as a family around the table. We took extra precautions to make sure that the little ones were safe. The turkey was a little extra brown (but oh so tender) and the potatoes not quite spot on (someone — anyone — forgot to watch them and they seriously overcooked) but really who cares. Part way through the meal our son said “look Mom” and pointed out the window. The clouds had parted and the golden moment was upon us. How thoughtful that he had noticed as my back was to the window and he knows how solar powered I am.

The view from the veranda

Good things will happen

Sometimes 2 hours or 2 days or 2 weeks or 2 months can seem like such a long time. And yet when we look at the bigger picture of our lives we recognize that these trials and tribulations will pass along. And indeed we just need to remember that

good things will happen


I know it is word heavy and photo light but that’s the way this one rolled out. Perhaps to make up for all the photo heavy hiking ones.


I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

12 thoughts on “Good things will happen

  1. That golden photo is superb Bernie! I love reading about how things are done on the other side of the world, so thanks for your wordiness!


    1. Like you I am blessed to live in a rural area where photo ops are endless and fall has that “golden hour” of light that just makes the world feel better. Glad you appreciated my sharing and my wordiness Deb! I appreciate your reading.

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    1. Pat, word heavy has often been used to describe me. Glad you enjoyed it. It certainly wasn’t all gratitude as there is much wrong in my part of the world with Covid and our health care system. Plus I am struggling with my own health (a minor issue but pain is still pain) but perhaps that is starting to get sorted out. I am glad my ramblings filled your heart and thanks for the thanksgiving wishes and the comment. Take care. Bernie

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  2. This is beautiful, Bernie. Imagine being able to say your whole meal was produced at home…I think that’s amazing.

    I am semi-retired too, but my calendar and to-do list are still essential.

    And I hope you find something that helps with your hip pain very soon!

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    1. Pam, we have a lot of meals that fall into that category. Our daughter and son in law raise chickens, turkeys and pigs and my brother has beef. Not much that isn’t covered except for fish and we try to get those as local as possible. Our garden is HUGE and a lot of work but I love being able to pull veggies from the freezer or the cold storage room. I’d say it keeps our grocery bill down a bit.
      As to the hip pain — as I mentioned to Donna I have a couple more things I am going to try in the near future. It’s on the never ended to do list! I know I am not the only one!! Thanks for stopping by to read and comment. So nice to connect. Take care. Bernie


    1. Thanks Donna. I feel like I need your warm vibes. It’s been a real challenge but I am hoping that I am turning the corner. I have a few more options I am exploring. You are right though — good things will happen. Each and every day. We just need to recognize it — think it comes down to practising mindfulness and not getting buried under the every day details. Thanks for reading Donna and sending along the warm vibes and the comment. Take care. Bernie


  3. Love the message Bernie. Indeed, if we all put in the effort and attend to the little details, good things will happen. We have to realize that life is not all sweetness and light and that there will be bumps and bruises along the way, but that the little moments of pleasure can at lease dull the aches of old age from time to time. We are still playing catchup after being on the road for 23 days and trying to keep up hiking, biking and kayaking with our kids. I guess there stamina is payback, in a way for the times their tiny little legs tried to keep up with Mom and Dad on our early walks. But, I would not trade a moment of it to eliminate one ache, one bruise or one bump. Time is precious and it is always a good idea to stop and take stock from time to time. That is when the smiles come back. Cheers and may good things continue to happen for you Bernie. Allan

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    1. The pandemic certainly taught us how much we cherish our family time. I am so glad you had some of that despite the heavy toll in driving and some aches and pains! Taking stock and living mindfully is so important as sometimes we get lost in the day to day of life. Take care and thanks for stopping in Allan. Bernie

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