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And for what?

Seriously you have to ask why we just paid $600 million for an election that  really became just a big cabinet shuffle. And in the middle of the fourth wave of the flipping pandemic.

$600 million. Imagine what that could do for poverty, child hunger, climate change, truly accepting the 94 acts of TRC report and acting on them, clean drinking water and the list goes on.

Weirdest thing JT is acting like he won. But in reality he sure the he – –  didn’t. Even weirder is that Maxime Bernier is in Saskatoon at a ballroom having an unmasked unvaccinated party. And no one seems to care despite the fact that Covid numbers here in Saskatchewan are unprecedented. Things are truly dire.

Jez – have we learnt nothing in the last 18 months? We gasped put loud that Italy was going to have to triage patients and decide who got treatment. Yet here we are and we don’t need to be. We now have a vaccine and know that masks and social distancing works. Yet we have forgotten that we are all in this pandemic together and the election has just helped polarization of the country even more.

My blog my rant and yet I don’t even really have the energy to give it the all. I suspect many across Canada are just as frustrated as I am with both politics and the lack of handling the pandemic.

Yet here we are. Stuck in the flipping middle of it and all we can do is look out for ourselves and thank those on the true front lines.



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

10 thoughts on “And for what?

  1. JT, the photo op waiting for a place to happen knows only how to help himself. Too bad, he seldom thinks about the people first. In any case, the election was ill advised, the cost was a horrible waste of money and there were probably no good choices. I wish our stupid Premier would call a snap election. I would like to vote his sorry A– out. Even a puppy could run the province better than he has. Stay well and stay ranty. We all need to speak out about the crap that is going on. Allan


    1. Yes Allan we could both rant for a long time I think. Sadly it changes nothing but at least he did not get the majority he was after. Hopefully there will be enough pressure that the government can actually address some items that really need to be dealt with. As to our provinces — Moe did call one and got in but not sure he would now. His approval rating is at 26% so that must be the 26% that don’t want any kind of action to stop this madness. More will die and those of us that were cautious to begin with and are double vaccinated will just continue to be cautious. Take care. Good that we can both find outside time to restore our minds! Bernie

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  2. As an American, I don’t quite understand your system of “calling for” an election (as opposed to regularly scheduled ones). I like that your campaign season is very short but it did seem odd when JT decided it was time. Just like the recent recall election of our state governor (a $300 million cost which failed, like anyone with a brain knew it would), spending $600 million on an election that didn’t need to happen seems like a tremendous waste.


    1. Imagine the good that could have been done if that $600 million had been put to causes that needed it. A few issues on the TRC report, homelessness and the list goes on. In the end JT did not get what he wanted which was a majority and is ruling again with a minority. Time will tell how it all falls into place but we will have endless spending but not much real action on items that need addressing. Thanks for dropping in Janis and sorry for the late response. Take care, Bernie


  3. Thanks for voicing what the rest of us are thinking. It’s a train wreck, hurtling down the tracks, and only picking up speed of discontent and horror.
    Covid numbers are awful in Saskatchewan. We are so desperate for leadership, in the SHA, the provincial govt, the federal govt – we need leadership to survive this and as a front line worker in health care, I feel like we are being failed by all.


    1. And now a week later all the train has done is pick up steam. We NEED a circuit breaker but Moe has once again disappeared after telling the doctors to educate more (which many have done from day one) and the northern communities to smarten up and get on board. Yeah dude that was NOT helpful. I know we are all ready to be done with this but it’s not over and we need people to get on board. Although Ron read yesterday that the 4th wave subsided in England with no forced interventions (more deaths of course) and their vaccination rate is lower than ours. I am dismayed that we as a province have the second lowest rate in the country. Stay safe out there and thanks for continuing to provide quality care as I know you do Sherrie. Sorry for the late response. Life just kind of got crazy for a bit. Take care. Bernie


  4. I agree with you completely and with all that you didn’t say. Words fail at the stupidity that we are living with these days. So tired of the ignorance of ordinary people and of the governing people.


    1. Prairieblueyes (aka ClaireBear) thanks for the comment and your succinct words that align with how I feel. Appreciate your stopping in to read and engage here with a comment. It’s nice to connect with readers even if I was rather late with my response. Take care out there. Bernie


  5. Hi, Bernie, it’s Ok to go on a rant once in a while. The COVID-19 pandemic is a public health emergency — but it is far more. It is an economic crisis. A social crisis. And a human crisis that is fast becoming a human rights crisis. More than ever, governments must be transparent, responsive and accountable, and when it is not happening, it is completely normal to get frustrated with the current situation. Sending you positive energy all the way from rainy Ireland 🙂 Aiva xx


    1. Aiva, It is becoming as big an issue as climate change and once again the politicians and bureaucrats don’t always respond how citizens want them too. And yes as it’s my blog I can do a rant. Sorry for the late response. Kind of lost my mojo for a few days. Take care and thanks for stopping in and engaging here. Take care. Bernie

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