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#Sundaystills rural mural

My granddaughter is hugely into rhyming these days so I think she would like the title of today’s post. I rather wish she had been with me during my drive-by shooting that inspired this post but alas she declined to go on a roadtrip with Nan.

So off I zipped alone down the highway southward. Past small towns and tiny villages all the while watching the various stages of harvest and arriving last in ranching country. Travelling definitely still has the same feel as Covid in the Rearview mirror and indeed numbers are even worse but still I carved out the time and made safe choices. Once again our premier has made terrible choices so we must all do our best to keep safe.

I could easily turn this into a rank against our premier and the anti vaccers but I can’t summon the energy. So back to the subject on hand; the blog prompt.

Visit with my momma completed, now settled quite well into long term care, I set off home. Blogging and the mural challenge not really even in my thoughts.

But driving into Avonlea I did a second take. Then I stopped and backed up on the highway (zero traffic) and did a rural vision of a “drive by” shooting of this mural on the side of the skating rink.

And maybe this mural has the message I needed to see. Time moves and we put one foot in front of the other. Minutes become hours, hours days and days years. Our choices define how we spend that time.


I think I missed the link up with natalietheexplorer Sunday Stills prompt. What’s the saying “a day late a dollar short?” Yeah that’s me lately.

Late breaking addition to the post. We went to vote this evening in an advance poll. It was an extra 13(26) kms away but there was zero line up and it felt like the best option (as in a mail in ballet would never have reached us in time from when we would have applied) from a pandemic point of view.

So adding in another rural mural to the post. It’s always amazing to find these murals and marvel at the art work people can produce in the most unlikely spots.


I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

16 thoughts on “#Sundaystills rural mural

    1. And I am even later replying!! I kind of let comments slide (which is a titch rude but that’s the way it rolled out). Ah Avonlea. Rural life fills my heart and I am glad you enjoyed my Sunday Stills share. I often look at your blog but it refuses still to let me comment… Take care Kirsten & I hope you had a good holiday season. Bernie


  1. So great to see this post, Bernie–you may have posted originally when I was on vacation in 2021! It works perfectly for this “in your town” theme in 2022! I had to chuckle at your “drive-by shooting!”


  2. Love your ‘rural murals’!
    And I’m super jealous that your voting experience was quick and painless.
    Ours was sssss—lllll—oooo—-wwwww, painful and frustrating. Parksville residents waited in the hot sun for 45 minutes, when out-of-town vistors were able to breeze in with no line up at all. Aaaaarrrgggghhhh!


    1. Donna that makes no sense at all. The line is the line. There is no gate crashing in an election process. Imagine coming early to vote and being 85 and waiting 45 mins in the hot sun. Crazy.
      Thanks for loving my mural photos and the comment. Take care and rest now that you’ve done your civic duty.


  3. That’s a very beautiful mural and I love the rhymes in your blog title 🙂 Now more than ever, with health care in the spotlight as we navigate a global pandemic, mindfulness and self-care have become essential to our overall wellness. And what better way to maintain your mental health and find inner peace during times of unrest and uncertainty than going on a wee trip, Bernie 🙂 Aiva xx


    1. Aiva – my mental health would have been better could I have stayed home – but I felt compelled to visit my aging mother before the nursing care home potentially goes into lock down again. The numbers being what they are here it feels crazy to go anywhere but I am trying to manage risks and still live life. Thanks for stopping in and checking it out. I’ve added another rural mural picture late last evening. Funny how once I started looking for one to blog I found more!


  4. Such a nice mural, Bernie. I like the colours on the mural and how you present the mural with a couple of colour blocks in your post. Stay safe and well. Thank you for linking up with #SundayStills.


    1. Ah thanks Natalie. A bit less striking that your amazing capture of all those fab garage doors but it’s what I found in rural Sask. Then last evening we went to an advance poll and I found another one so added it. Thanks for stopping by and engaging. It’s nice to hear from new readers.


  5. We all need a distraction from the chaos of the day Bernie. A nice drive and a visit will fill the bill. The mural was the icing on the cake. Stay well. Allan


    1. And then I added another rural mural to it after posting! The drive – well it just is – but it was good to visit with my mom. I am concerned they will go into lock down and my brother and his wife are on the list as they live locally so trying to get down as often as I can before that happens. Take care Allan.

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