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The nuts made me do it

It must have been the nuts. Usually my memory is not that clear… or perhaps I worked more than my share of Friday’s hence the clear look back. Whatever it was I remember and today I paid it forward 40 years later.

Now Mabel’s husband is long since gone and perhaps the Laura Secord store they owned on Burrard doesn’t even exist. But every Friday for months he showed up with two trays of treats; one for day staff and one for night staff. His way of thanking us for looking after his wife.

Oh and Mabel was a handful indeed. I chased her down Burrard Street once. She was wearing nothing but a hospital gown and it was flapping in the breeze. A nursing friend remembers her taking a taxi home; head surgery bandages and hospital gown were what she wore that day. Oh she was a challenge.

She was my first, but obviously not last, code as a full fledged nurse. She was standing outside the nursing station and then she wasn’t. But this time she had not hit the stairs to escape but rather she collapsed. I called the code and started CPR. We were not successful. She was my first trip to the old morgue at St. Paul’s in Vancouver. Mr. R. gave us one last set of goodies on the day of her funeral. I was working nights and my partner didn’t eat cashews. I ate them all and was so gut sick @ 0400. It took me decades to get past that rich nut taste of cashews.

Today, on the Friday of a long weekend I made a phone call and spent some “spare change”. I am having the local Coop grocery store put together a tray for the health care workers in the facility where my mom now resides. It will, I hope, let the staff know that they are appreciated. Especially in this climate where anti mask anti vaccine protects are happening outside of hospitals across the country. Covid has been hard on all health care providers and it seems that the world has quit banging pots and pans. This is my applause for them seems I live too far away to make my noise heard at shift change.

So why this shameless self promotion that I did something nice? Well really it’s not about me. It’s that we all leave a legacy behind us after we go. Our choices and actions can outlive ourselves. My heart tells me my answer. Do you know how you want to be remembered?



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

12 thoughts on “The nuts made me do it

  1. I doubt you need it Donna as I am certain you do practise gratitude towards those who are on the front lines but appreciate the support. Take care out there. It’s becoming a real crazy Canadian world right now. Bernie


  2. A good reminder our words and actions, kind or not, have an impact on others.
    Thanks for the walk down memory lane, a chuckle and cashews are still not may favourite!

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    1. Ah the memory bank. I also remember those long nights with you and how you taught me to knit between call bells and the turning of patients and vital signs. As to the chuckle – Mabel was good for a few of those. Funny how I remember her name 40 years later; not too many patients that I do (which I think is a product of life in the OR). Yes words and actions carry weight and we need to use them all wisely. Take care dear friend. Bernie


  3. A timely story Bernie. We have to appreciate those who are doing their best to look after us and ours. If we simply take it for grated that they are “just doing their job”, we will miss the point of the dedication required to care for people who often do not even want to be cared for. Not everyone is cut out for the caring professions and all too often they only hear complaints and are heaped with abuse. I say “nuts to that”. I cringed today, when our Health Minister acknowledged all the efforts and hard work of the front line carers at the same time as he works to cut wage and benefits and hire contract nurses for twice the hourly rate. When will our votes get us people who give a S—? Thanks for the smile, as Mabel runs down the street with gown flapping. Gratitude is the attitude. Have a good weekend. Allan

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    1. Ah Mabel she was good for a chuckle and a few nursing lessons. As you say not everyone is cut out for these professions and the rate of burn out right now means we will be facing a severe shortage in the future. We must support and appreciate them and let them know or young professionals like your son will decide it is simply too demanding. Especially with the lack of support from the political world which is so evident in Alberta right now. Hard to find gratitude towards politicians and their choices right now whether federally or provincially. It feels all too much like every man (or woman or binary) for themselves. Glad here in blog sphere we are all civil too each other. Take care. Bernie

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  4. Isn’t it weird now that Covid has mutated to become seemingly deadlier than before (and for younger people) that the world has shifted from thanking front line workers to protesting in front of hospitals and businesses over vaccination and mask requirements? Somehow their freedom to infect themselves and others is worth more than our freedom to do what is necessary to prevent/protect from the spread. The older I get the more I don’t understand people…Their ignorance is equivalent or better to our knowledge, when it comes to science? How did that happen????



    1. And Deb if that isn’t bad enough look at the happenings on the campaign trail. An ill timed unnecessary election yes but you don’t throw eggs or rocks at people. Again it all seems to be over freedom to do whatever they want without consequences. What happened to the collective good and to the knowledge from those who’s area of expertise the protestors are stepping all over. Makes me sad and like you, it makes me shake my head as I just don’t understand people. Obviously we are on the same page. Thanks for stopping in and take care out there. Bernie


  5. A catchy title, Bernie. You do make me wonder where you are going with this. Burrard in Vancouver? As I read further, it must be Burrard in Vancouver. Tears streaming as I continue to read. Beautifully written and recalling first hand experiences of the dedication and care by health care providers. What has happened to ‘quit banging pots and pans?’ I do not see this as self promotion at all. I see this as awareness.

    I believe the pots and pans bangers are still here in great numbers although silent. Your/Our ‘voice’ needs to be heard again. An excellent post, Bernie!❤️

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    1. Erica, thanks for letting me know that this really reached your heart as that’s where I write from. I am pleased you felt it was awareness as that is what I was striving for. I feel for those on the front lines right now as the fourth wave is turning into the worst wave, in a now preventable disease. It’s like racism; we must continue to speak out and “agitate” for the collective good of all. I am quite appalled at the behaviour I see in Canadians right now and want to shine a light forward. Take care. Bernie

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