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#Sundaystills Bee Kind

That didn’t work out well at all. I didn’t manage to accomplish either of my goals in any kind of timely fashion. So… now do I just scrap it or hit publish rather late and without it being “perfect”?

This last week’s Sundaystills blog prompt is was insects, which for the most part, really isn’t my wheelhouse. But, there are a couple of insects I am quite “fond” of. I mean it’s not like a cuddly puppy or a cute kittie fond,  more like they are of an ok sort for being an insect.

And in no particular order the list of insects I don’t like are ants, ticks, mosquitoes, horse flies, deer flies and house flies. I am sure there are more but those pop to the top of my mind when I think annoying insects. Oh and no seeums although I have no idea what the real name of those annoying lake bugs are!

As an aside I spent about 45 mins looking for the blog post, one of the cautionary tale versions, about deer fly bites and allergic reactions. Alas no luck and no photo. The moral of the story is always have some Benadryl and tag your posts better so you can find them.

I’d also wanted to include a picture of a grasshopper. Not because I like them, which I most certainly do NOT, but because we on the prairies are being plaques by them. And because my home town has a giant metal one. It’s huge and stands as the entrance to the museum. I’ve now walked past it twice a day for the last two days and never quite remembered to snap a new photo. And yes, I’m certain there is one here on WP in a post but …..

Oops. I am now hijacking my own post. Between grandchildren, finishing up camper reno’s, camping at the lake and then my elderly mother’s health crisis I don’t need any additional help being sidetracked. So back to the program, she says to herself sternly.

Always a good reminder.

The list of ones I like is a lot smaller. Dragonflies, bees and ladybugs. Oh and I guess some kinds of butterflies but not that white one that eats my cabbage. Although perhaps it’s a moth. Oh add moths to the list of ones I dislike.

But back on the plus side which is a much nicer focus than those other insects. Dragonflies are super cool. Not only do they eat a ton (well ok not a real tonne) of mosquitoes but they have these fabulous iridescent amazingly neat wings. They are expert fliers but they only beat at 30/second which is astounding considering that the bee beats it’s wings 300/second. It’s really neat when they come down and land on or near you.

Not the best quality but hey I actually got the dragonfly in the frame!

Ladybugs are these cute adorable insects that are great at keeping plants healthy. They eat all forms of pests and have a crazy long life span of 2 to 3 years. Which might explain why I found one on my hiking boot in my locker at work one winter day. It certainly wasn’t alive outside at -30 but it was surviving either in my boot lace up area or my locker. I really wanted to include that picture as I was sure I had it in my WP media files but the looking 10 years back for a single photo meant the post wasn’t going to be timely (which it still wasn’t) or enjoyable for me to create. After having already spent 45 mins looking for the other one 1 I was done. Obviously this paragraph was written much earlier and now seems a titch repetitive. Anyone falling asleep yet?

This ladybug wall hanging photo was only 2 years back so it won the place of honour

I left the best for last. Bees. Such fascinating creatures and they produce honey! They have no desire to sting you, don’t want inside your house to poop everywhere, they don’t fly around your face and they pollinate fruit for us. I think it would be better as the queen Bee rather than the drone or worker bee. Their life expectancy is about the same as a runner on the front lines in the First World War – 15 to 28 days. Although (and this is hard to believe right now) I found the blog post called Between the crosses, row on row and it turns out the usual time span a runner lasted was 5 days but the story we heard his great uncle lasted 28 days before dying. Oops squirrel!

As most readers know I spend a lot of time in the gardens during the summer. My most constant companions are not my dogs (gardens are no dogs allowed zones) but rather the bees. One of the two cats will wander in for a while but the bees are always there. They work as long and as hard as I do. Are there any other insects that produce food? They are a hands down winner in my book.

I have my fingers crossed that the above video actually worked and that you saw and heard the bees working away. If not, well I tried hard.

My “goals” for this post originally were to finally get a video uploaded properly and to use the schedule post function. So lie to me if the video is sideways or doesn’t even load!

Once again a thanks to Terri over at Second Wind Leisure Perspectives for hosting. I think I’m like only 5 days late this time and considering the hectic twists the “vacation” time has had and the WP issues and the squirrel moments I suppose it’s a minor miracle I finished it.

Anyone have any “favourite” bugs or bug stories to share?



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

14 thoughts on “#Sundaystills Bee Kind

    1. Yeah I am with you on not enjoying some. Some I’ve learnt to live with like ticks. We have so many here it is common to pick them off. Thanks for talking the time to read and comment Kirstin. Did I read your are busy moving?


  1. The video played well Bernie. I have a love/hate relationships with bugs. Love bees, dragon flies, ladybugs and butterflies. Hate mosquitoes, wasps, grasshoppers (in my yard). Still in all they command respect for their ability to survive. Stay well Bernie. Allan

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Nope. Our deck is enclosed with a roof and screen. Anything that breaches that barrier gets swatted. Summer is too short to stay inside or slapping. 😀


  2. A great commentary on our intentions and how the annoying flies of our lives get in the way and move us off track as we swat away, Bernie! Your dislike list matches mine. Your post is right on time as you have all week to link. I glimpsed the video but my loser internet shut it down after 2 seconds. Thankfully our world has bees, butterflies and yes, even the annoying bugs. They are all here for a reason.


    1. Although technically I was on time I really wanted to schedule the post so that goal didn’t work. But hey I swatted all those bugs aside and actually completed a post and linked it up. Sorry about the internet issues – I can relate that’s for sure. Thanks for stopping by to read. You must be a busy bee reading all of the linked posts!

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  3. Dragonflies, bees, ladybugs, and butterflies. YES! All the other insects you mention that you don’t like I don’t like either. One must be discerning. Even if one understands they all serve a purpose. Happy gardening.


    1. I’m hard pressed Ally to figure out what purpose grasshoppers serve other than to eat crops and pastures and gardens. But as you said we can be discerning about our liking of them. I must say that the drought is rather taking the happy out of gardening. It is making me super appreciative of what we are able to harvest. Thanks for reading and responding.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I like all the buzzers and have not ever been stung by a wasp. I respect their space and they respect mine. All of them have an important job to do and I love that. All the bees and wasps are very happy when I put out fresh water in the bird baths and they come around to take a sip. It is fascinating watching them work over a flower. Ths summer I was absolutely fascinated by the pair of crab spiders – the boy in the peony and the girl in the lily. When the flowers were done they disappeared. I will watch out for them or their offspring next summer.


    1. I wondered if this post would get my zoologist friend to comment. It was already getting lost and long but I almost mentioned you! Well wasps and deer fly bites are just way too harsh on my body for me to like them. I fear that the next one might send me to ER. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Cool about the crab spiders. Trust you to know the boy from the girl in a spider!


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