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Floundering in the Deep End

Monday’s I was on call, Tuesday’s I hit the pool, Wednesday was errand or appointment day, Thursday’s found me back at the pool for round 2 and Friday after work was drink time with friends. And now…

Well that’s the thing. My casual employment means I don’t always work the same day of the week nor do I finish at a set time. So it’s hard to plan the pool; especially if one must make a booking.

I’ve known for some time that I was missing the pool but the pandemic just made it super hard to do.

I am happy to report that I hit the pool today! Carefully planned so that I would only have 20 mins to swim before the swim time was up. The last thing I needed was to go crazy and over do it. Swam a steady 20 alternating strokes. Felt bagged at the end of it but muscle memory got me there.

Then… like that wasn’t enough for one day I also went biking in the evening with a friend. We did 15 km at a nice pace with a brief stop to enjoy the river view.

I also missed biking and that’s mostly my own fault. I let the wind and the gravel play in my head. Plus it’s always the same route; up the hill and then back down. Or down the hill and then back up. But again that’s just an excuse.

The thing about retirement or semi-retired is that the regular schedule isn’t regular any more. If you want something to happen you have to put it in place yourself and stay dedicated to it.

Of course I need to stop getting injured. That’s been the long term issue and that’s what derailed me again this time. I was focusing on core strength, conditioning, weights and added in balance. It’s almost embarassing to say I injured my back and leg on an easy repetitive balance exercise that seems so simple but there you have it.

I want to be hopeful that the multitude of recovery actions I’ve been taking will help me turn the corner and get back in the saddle. The bike saddle that is. The horse saddle for me left the barn a long time ago. That’s a whole different story!

Any tips or suggestions about keeping fitness going when you have no schedule? I’m all ears as I need all the help I can get. Pretty sure it begins with a goal but perhaps I am wrong. Maybe it’s just dedication and commitment.



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

15 thoughts on “Floundering in the Deep End

  1. Keeping fitness going without a predictable schedule is hard. For me, the key thing is knowing yourself and knowing what realistically works for you. I am a creature of habit so doing a fitness routine, no matter how small, each and every day works best for me. When I miss a day, it can literally take weeks for me to get back on track. For this reason, i have 10 minute workout videos that I like downloaded from Youtube. Even on the busiest day, I always have 10 minutes to spare. And I work out first thing each morning so that I do not get derailed!
    Then again, the complete opposite strategy works best for my husband. Opposites attract! 😀

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    1. As you said Donna it’s good to know yourself and figure out how to make it work for you. What kind of 10 minute video do you do? I hurt myself doing a 8 minute balance yoga one (heavy sigh there) but love quick intense workouts so it is over and done. I am not much of a morning exercise person though as my back takes a few hours to feel like it can even handle life let along exercise. A long morning walk is the best thing for my back, the dogs and my mental health. Then I can come home and do some weight lifting or core strength or balance yoga. The getting derailed is so easy though and I often feel “behind” if I do all the exercise in the am and don’t get to the other tasks until later. Still working on life balance after 2 1/2 years of semi retirement although the last 10 days didn’t feel like semi retirement! But now we are at the lake and I can catch up. Next up an insect post and then one or two food posts! Thanks for stopping in. Take care.


  2. It must feel great to be at the pool once again! Fitness, and I can say many things, can sometimes tricky to “schedule in,” I think even more so when semi, or fully retired. Since I retired I’ve learned I must be FAR more disciplined in my time management, or nothing will get accomplished. I told myself that I must walk at least the two miles around my island everyday- every morning, then do 30 minutes of yoga before I start anything else for the day. But as you mentioned, if injury could not be a factor… Hope your back and leg don’t keep you down too long. My latest knee injury has prevented my morning walks, and my yoga sessions for several weeks now and it’s driving me mad!
    I have an island bike, but I’d love to get a good mountain bike to take to town- we now have the Parkway Trail along with other great biking trails and I’m itching to ride them ~ Cheers!

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    1. Deb, the pool was great and now this week I am going to try and swim a little bit each day in the lake and increase my fitness and my leg/back mobility. You are so right that being scheduled is important and I am still striving to find the balance between schedule and I am retired so I don’t have to rush. 2 1/2 years in I am not there yet. That applies to all of life but with fitness it is even more important to do those items regularly. I hope your knee feels better soon — getting older means longer recovery times. I hope you are using lots of ice on it as the knee can be quite swollen without looking swollen (oh gosh you can never take the nurse out of me and sometimes I seem bossy!). Life has been a bit hectic and I’ve certainly got lots done but at the lake now so finally catching up on blogging comments. Didn’t mean to leave you thinking i was ignoring my readers!


  3. Bravo for getting back at it, Bernie. If you enjoy the pool and have missed it then it’s probably worthwhile setting yourself a manageable/gentle schedule to stick to. Set yourself a goal of 1-3 times per week. Stick to it. Everything else can work around it. Or choose another activity that you really enjoy and do the same thing. If you have one thing that brings you joy/a sense of accomplishment, the rest is just gravy!

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    1. If felt SO good Jane — the outside pool really is my happy place and I am so glad I made it back there this year. I have 4 more pre purchased tickets from the summer before Covid so my goal is to use them up before the pools close the 3rd week of August. My biking has been pretty slack this year but it’s either been gale force flipping winds or 35 degrees and no wind so… not happening. I hope I am on the other side of this injury and can get myself a schedule set up again. Thanks for the encouragement and sorry for the late response. Sometimes blogging in the summer can be a huge time conflict!

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    1. After reading your comment I took the time out to look up what our Masters Swim club is up to and when they swim but alas they are still a Covid casualty — maybe in the fall. It is certainly one of my favourites but with it being a non weight bearing exercise it can’t be my only focus. I can tell you that if you want a daily “must walk” prompt — get a dog. They make you go out if it is -33 or plus 33. Every single day. They just don’t care about the weather and my mental health is always so much better for those long walks. I live rural and could just let them “head out the back pasture” but we go with them. Maybe try Deb’s gold stars for incentive?? Thanks for stopping in and if it felt like I was ignoring your comment please don’t be offended — we had some deadlines and some grandkids and just no blogging time! Take care. Bernie

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  4. I struggle a bit with this too. Why was it easier to work out first thing in the morning on a work day than now when I am retired??? LOL! I am starting out with small goals…like 10-15 minutes of Qigong in the morning. I mark it down in my journal so I can keep track of how well I am doing. It’s like the gold star method. There is something about seeing all those days marked off (or all those gold stars) as “achieved” that keeps me going.


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    1. Deb – I have never been a morning person so adding that in just never worked but I loved the right after work swims. Almost a destress energize thing. I had to look up Qigong — I have seen in on the river bank here in Saskatoon but did not know it had a name. Ah gold stars — like those little licky sticky ones that my kids had?? Perhaps you are on to something. I set goals in my FitnessPal and that certainly helps but I dislike it is one more digital thing to be on my phone for. Sorry it seemed like I was ignoring your response – just kind of had a full plate (and not necessarily food although 2 good dishes I so want to post about for your challenge!) Bernie


  5. No advice about how to keep fitness going, but should you get some good advice here I’m all ears. I do like your realization that: “If you want something to happen you have to put it in place yourself and stay dedicated to it.” Yep, so true. In many ways that is what it means to be an adult.


    1. Sorry for the late response — kind of “out of the office” for a few days. I truly have no real good advice obviously but this week I will swim a little each day in the lake and build up some strength. I am hoping fall comes with a bit more of a schedule and I can sort myself out of this injury. Ah being an adult — sometimes it is overrated hey?

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  6. I resisted scheduled exercise when I first retired, thinking, I will get enough with the walks and daily chores. Now, I would not think of missing our regular exercise workout. Walking and biking are still a pleasure, when it is not too hot and not too smoky. I know, I am picky, but at my age, I have earned that right. Stay well Bernie. Allan

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    1. You are absolutely right it needs to be scheduled in — so important that we keep strong and healthy as we age. I was doing so well until I derailed myself with yet another injury. I love swimming but it’s a challenge for logistical reasons so I need to work hard on finding a schedule that does work. Hope the smoke has cleared up for you – the heat wave continues here. Sorry for the late response – life was a bit hectic for a few days there. Bernie


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